Harrier Wren

Harrier Wren, born Malina Coreil

Biographical information
Elbion Working toward middle age
Physical description
Human Mixed Female Average Average Dark Blue Pale, with a few blotches from chemicals or ink
Political information
None The Maesters of Elbion (former) None
Out-of-character information
Jon Raymond Swanland

The traveling necromancer Harrier Wren is an exile from the College of Maesters in Elbion. She generally goes around in a hooded cloak and the clothes of a traveling pedlar or tinker. Harrier makes decent money under the table, but there aren't many who'll take a necromancer's coin, and her lifestyle isn't conducive to the accumulation of worldly goods.

Harrier studied for years at the Maesters' College in the Free City of Elbion. She was acknowledged as a Maester of the First Order (a midgrade rank normally requiring around ten years of study) before her abrupt and comprehensive fall from favour. She is a well-rounded, competently educated magician, though you wouldn't call her a great power. She is a highly skilled necromancer.


Harrier was the child of a minor noble family in the Free City of Elbion. She was accepted into the Maesters' College, with aptitude, locality, blood, and dedication outweighing her gender in terms of admission factors. Not long after she reached the rank of Maester of the First Order, the increased scrutiny intrinsic to the position led to discovery of her dabbling in some especially pernicious necromancy. She hadn't studied black magic out of any real malice or ambition, but rather a sort of casual arrogance: she believed she could explore such things theoretically without ill effect or discovery. She was comprehensively wrong.

Stripped of her rank, she was exiled from the College and from Elbion. The magic that she'd dabbled in became almost an obsession, bound up as it was with bitter resentment and worthiness. Her love for Elbion, and desire to return someday, kept her from striking back at the Maesters' College. Instead, she went in search of the sort of work that a competent but unaccredited magician can find. In her travels across the continent, she became a sort of consulting necromancer. On behalf of the living, she gleaned treasure and knowledge by passing messages to and from the departed.

Skills and Assets

She's decent with a knife or a staff, but nothing more serious. She's known to be accompanied by shades and skeletons on occasion. They tend to do her fighting for her. Harrier isn't what you'd call a front-line combatant. She's a competent, educated mid-grade magician with a talent for necromancy. In a battle, she would play a supporting role in almost all cases.

Her most prized possession is a jade pen containing the soul of a cryptic scholar named al-Kaateb. Also, Harrier wears a plain ring that holds a bound spectre called Mathquil, whom she uses as a scout and messenger.

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