Maho Sparhawk

Maho "Sparhawk"

Biographical information
Cerak At'Thul 31 Wanderer
Physical description
Human Male 5"11' 173 Pounds Ash Brown Brown A tan, muddy colour
Political information
None Sorcerer
Out-of-character information
MorrisonJericho 20/10/18 Default



Maho has a naturally dark, but paled skin complexion, due to the lack of natural sunlight in the 'slave-bay' It is rough and scratched, having scars covering his torso from years of toil, tears and sweat. His hair equally stained, even in his young age his hair begins to show signs of greying, his eyes however, still carrying the look of someone who has seen too much in too little a time. The wind hitting his skin like a gale crossing a plane of sand, brushing off it's fragile and fleeting surface. He stands at a reasonable 5" 11', usually being dwarfed by most of those he comes across, orcs and elves alike. His robe usually covers his height - or lack there of - naturally making him seem even shorter.

Apart from his tall staff, his main feature is the great, blindingly white scar on his face, covering from his nose to the left side of his face.

Skills and Abilities

His physical skills are severely lacking. Having worked so hard from such a young age, his bones are stunted, his muscles worked, and his skin raw. However, he has been conditioned to live with such surroundings, being a little rough around the edges. In a one-to-one fight, he is sure to lose every-time, his strength limited to lifting moderately heavy objects, usually being outmatched by the average teenager in terms of brute strength.

However. from where he lacks in raw power, he more than makes up for in magical attunement and intellect. When he was bought by the mysterious traveller Jerik, he was to be taught in the infinite mysteries and complexities of magic and it's many facets. His head being buried in books, he developed a wide and broad knowledge of the elements, illusions, manipulations and Thaumaturgy that made up the arcane arts. He also learnt the many languages of the world, specifically what his mentor referred to as the "Old Speech", an ancient and complex language that held names that were attributed to every element in nature. It originated from the Ancient Primordials, who came to the land to teach the realms of Men of their immense power. This language allowed the user to learn the true nature of an object, allowing them not only to replicate and manipulate these objects, but to create and replicate them. This skill is a life-long commitment however, taking decades of study to use, something Maro has yet to master.

This language was an origin language of the Kavosh people, passed down by the Ancients in the oldest age of men. The language that gave the ancients their extreme power was lost to time, but the language of Oskavosh survived. Some Scholars believe that they taught this language to them due to their strong magical affinity, having a respect for them, seeing them as equals.

This means therefore, his arcane skill is of a very high calibre for his age, despite having no particular genetic disposition to the arcane.

Nevertheless, he is not a true Sorcerer, far from. He studies endlessly to make up for his severe lack of raw talent and strength, which is both to his credit, and is to be one of his most fatal flaws.

Maho also has a very solid knowledge of the histories and culture of the world, due to his incessant thirst for knowledge and mental strength.


Very broad magical knowledge: Maho has studied many of the arcane arts even in his young age, and this serves him well. He can adapt to most situations, and even if he isn't a complete master in all of these arts, he can call upon the skills that may be needed for many different situations.

Essence: Considered by many Maesters to be one of the hardest magical disciplines, mastering the art of controlling pure essence is an art that Maho took a particular shine at. He could use his entire magical energy and convert it into pure essence, firing it from the end of his staff. It is very powerful, but very draining on the person, meaning his power is great, but must have a source to be collected from.

Languages: He has learnt many of the languages that exist within the world, specifically Oskavosh and the 'Old Speech', which is rarely known - and even more rarely spoken - in the whole world. This serves him well, as he can use it to improve his magical knowledge, and do all sorts of tricks, and also to fundamentally change objects in his vicinity, rather than just illusions of such change.

Biography & Lore

Maho was born to a slave whore in the slave fortress of Cerak At'Thul. He was taken from his mother, being presumed a bastard child - as many of them were - and was given to village nurses to care for. In there care, he was given very little food and drink, and forced to do very basic labour, having to move rubble in small bags, carry water through the village, and forage for food. He however, wasn't destined to be a commoner, he was destined to be a slave, and that was, and is, his ascribed title. When he reached the age of 9, he was forced into the slave mines underneath the stones of the fortress, to toil from early in the morning, until night peers it's head over the horizon. The days were long and excruciating, his small stature, smashing against the minerals with the burden of the pick, blistering his small hands, and cutting his young fingers. His fate was shared with countless others, of all races. Orcs, humans and even elves were in the mines, working so they could eat. working so they could survive.

There he would work until he attained 14 years of life, for henceforth he would be cattle, bought and sold to the highest bidder. He was carried out of the mines by slavers into large, pen-like carriages. He and countless others were hauled to the centre of the lower village to be sold, as without slavery the fortress would lose it's only source of income, and their greed and want came before the children's wellbeing. There he'd stay, without food and drink, waiting for someone to take a fancy, or maybe just because they needed another whipping boy. He'd watched on as rich merchants would coerce the slavers into bargaining and dealing in bulk, buying 15 slaves, 25 slaves, however many they needed. Slowly the drive and fight in the eyes of the slaves would simply fade with time, knowing they would live the rest of their years out as they had.

As Property.


However, a faithful day came when someone odd had entered the town. There would be whispers of him in the wind, the breeze would speak of his presence, as he entered the borders of the slavers-bay. A robed man stepped into the merchants quarter, the various traders becoming nervous and agitated by his presence. He looked into the cages, and his eyes peered into Maho's. They seeped through the mist and ash of the town, a prevalent light in an abandoned cave. They soared through Maho's mind, seeing into his deepest thoughts, searching for the hope that was still in his soul.

Next thing he knew, he was on the back of some creature, with the robed man sitting in front.

This man was a Kavosh. An ancient and almost extinct sub-species of human.

This would be the beginning of his long journey that would take him to places unknown, The Wizard Jerik taking him under his wing, teaching him the fundamentals of magic. He was also taught the ancient language of Ozkavosh, the dying language of the Kavosh people, slowly reaching fluency as he grew older. Maho began to build an obsession with knowledge, being taught to read was an exciting activity for him. Jerik forever supplying books for the young warlock, the information being absorbed constantly, with Maho peering over them long into the night.

However, slowly but surely, Maho began to become tired of the slow learning methods used by Jerik, and hungered to learn more. Knowing he could not stifle his hunger for knowledge, they travelled to Elbion. Known across Arethil for it's famous college, calling to all those in the world who hunger for magical prowess and knowledge. It was many months travel, but they eventually arrived. Jerik had made his disdain for the college very clear; giving Maho a very important piece of advice that he would carry throughout his life:

"You thought, as a boy, that a mage is one who can do anything. So I thought, once. So did we all. And the truth is that as a man's real power grows and his knowledge widens, ever the way he can follow grows narrower: until at last he chooses nothing, but does only and wholly what he must do. . . ."


From there, he was left to his own devices. He entered the college, and asked how he could apply. Slowly, but surely, he found his way into the college by showing basic skills he'd been taught many years prior. And officially, he had started his term at the College of Elbion.

It wasn't long before he began to make a name for himself; he could pick up magical concepts far quicker than many of the other students could, much to their disdain. The concepts of the elements and the arcane came to him like breathing came to a newborn, it was simply instinct. He began to be introduced to Advanced Maesters at a young age, being introduced to very advanced concepts, being believed to be by most as a magical prodigy. He found his newfound skills very empowering, the change he'd made from when he was once a slave astounded him, and he hungered for that feeling. He couldn't help but brag to his new friends of his arcane ability.

Soon, he was introduced to a member of the council, known as the 'Name Changer'. He sat in an isolated section of the academy, studying how magic could be used to permanently change objects in existence, a concept outright disbelieved by all scholars. He taught him what was known as 'The Old-Speech'. Maho was told that this was what gave the creators of the world their power, allowing them to alter objects for good. For the next 2 years, he would sit day and night, learning the names of the various objects and elements in the world. It was a long time for a boy to sit in a room, doing nothing but mastering a dead language.

His new found power (along with his knowledge) was all too much for him. He thought he could do the impossible, and permanently change the matter of an object, in essence, magic that would never fade, more than just an illusion. In front of all his fellow students, he boasted of this ability, only to be challenged to do that which he claimed. Clearly he could not talk himself down, and vowed he could. In front of the whole faculty, he attempted to lift the entire college from it's foundations. He surged with the thought of his attempt, and began to stream energy forth, shaking the ground beneath him.

He didn't realise, however, the price that came with the Herald of Fate.

All magic has a price.

The energy he had called bounced back, his experience and confidence failing him, the energy discharging him into the air. He felt a mighty crack as he hit the floor, and everything went dark.

Floating in an out of conciousness, the pain was unberable. Nightmares of dark figures and ravines that spanned for miles. When he came to, he woke up in the medical ward, with experienced Maesters watching him carefully. He was being channelled by several mages, for the wounds he had sustained. It has been 4 weeks since his attempt. He had broken both his arms, and sustained a bloody scar on the left side of his face. It had been healed however, but left a great white mark where it was. A reminder.

From that day, he wasn't so eager. He wasn't so bright either. He would go through lessons with fear and contempt, too afraid of what he might do, to himself or those around him. He resided himself to his books, hoping he could fill the gap with information and wisdom. He should have headed his Master's advice, for when a candle is lit, it leaves a shadow.

The council of Maesters decided to let him continue his Arcane Education at Elbion, depsite his abhorable behaviour and conduct, and after many years of hard study (and therapy provided by healers) he had finished his formal education at the College of Elbion, earning the title of Mage and Wizard, after distinguishing himself for his control of energy and pure magical essence. He was provided with a robe, and a copper ended staff. He decided to carry the nickname he had been given by his 'friends', Sparhawk, after the bird native to Elbion, that carries a striking white mark across it's wingspan.

He was told to head for the great cities of Arethil. While initially accepting this, he thought he'd started smaller.

He began to visit the many towns and villages that made up Arethil. It's many ranges, plateaus and fields. He met the people that farmed these lands, their families, their small, quaint, and happy lives. As he travelled, he learnt, and he began to realise that the World's reliance on magic and technology has made it forget the simple things in many parts of the world. Simple things, fixing a man's boat and enchanting it, towing land, picking vegetables, planting for the spring season; these things were truly what the kin of mages and warriors were protecting from the realms of those that would do terrible in the world. He decided to dedicate his life, not just to magic, but to the people of Arethil, to travel and help, and to live out his days as a Man, as the greatest under-appreciated skill in Arethil, was kindness.

He occasionally visits the College in Elbion, mainly for extra reading, as Elbion has a great library including hundreds of tomes. The Maesters know of reputation, but tend to try and keep away from him, in fear they'll encourage his behaviour.

And as he travels, From island to island, people learn of his name through rumours and hearsay.

The Slave Sorcerer from Cerak At'Thul.

Arc 2: What must be done...

Many goings on have happened in Maho's life thus far. Some good, many bad.

He met Gerra, a half-Giant orc-spawn who leads the Blight Orcs, known for their visceral nature and lack of remorse, making their way across nations making a name for themselves. He opened up ideas to Sparhawk, revealing the possibilities of his power, after taking the Necromancy book from their benefactor. He found he could use his power to take back what he had been thieved, and right the wrongs that he had been dealt.

They travelled to the Orc holds near the Spine, meeting several ruling Orcs along the way, letting them know of their power and might, offering them to fight in their cause. Usually to failure, but results were common, and often ended in a beneficial deal being made...

Soon, he met his would-be apprentice, Myles Widogast. He attempted to teach him all he knew about the practical forms of magic, and the dangers of over-utilising it. He gave him to the elves so he could be taught more effectively, and in the great mysteries of the Arcane.

He then did something he thought he couldn't. Something he vowed never to do, as most Wizards often do.

He sold his soul...

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