Telemachus is a Sidereal Elf conjurer hailing from the lands around the Gulf of Ryt. He is a mercenary-sort, frequently selling his arcane expertise wherever he finds it may profit him.


Biographical information
Gulf of Ryt Questionable Elbion
Physical description
Sidereal Elf Male Medium Medium Black White Grey
Political information
College of Elbion Conjurer / Instructor
Out-of-character information
Khalul October 2018 Elf Dude


Telemachus presents a tall and severe visage. Like many Sidereal Elves, his eyes are white and devoid of pupils, and his skin is a dark and ashen color.

He is always clean-shaven, and his dark, black hair worn long in the tradition of Sidereal Elves. He tends to keep it tied in at least one place to prevent it from falling into his face. He is not known to be a particularly expressive person, the most one manages to obtain from him being slight quirks of the mouth and eyes.

As with many Elves, he prefers loose-fitting and comfortable robes. His attire is very plain, but not cheap. While he does not appear to have expensive tastes, he is not terribly stingy either.

Skills and Abilities

Telemachus is quite talented, and the Sidereal Elf tradition of raising polymaths is well-embodied within him. He is skilled at keeping accounts and the handling of money. He has also been observed to be quite skilled in sketching with graphite, producing detailed representations of the many creatures he has summoned or encountered in a small notebook.

In terms of education, Telemachus possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of the Antikathri art of Conjuration. He can list, off-hand, the domains, portfolios, and histories of the most powerful Gods-from-Stars and dozens of the more obscure ones. The servants and monsters that lurk in the private realms of these Stellar Divinities are also well known to Telemachus - there is rarely one more well versed in calling and binding these entities around than him.

His knowledge of the rituals and incantations needed to commune with the Gods-from-Stars is similarly vast; enough so that he was sought out by the College of Elbion to teach on the subject, despite their general resentment for both non-humans and Conjuration.

In terms of magic, Telemachus has also been known to employ spells from the schools of Evocation, Transmutation, and Enchantment as it serves his purposes. He is far from a specialist in any of these forms of magic, of course.


Telemachus presents a reserved and chilly demeanor at all times. He is not particularly given to humor and is rarely observed smiling - or expressing any sort of amusement at all. As a matter of fact, people have found him to be emotionally implacable in just about any situation.

He moves through life with the sort of stiff precision and formality one would expect from a stuffy prince. Similarly befitting his royal demeanor, Telemachus is utterly self-assured of his arcane abilities. Any possible problem, he believes, has an appropriate magical solution. He considers other methods, no matter how clever, crude and unsophisticated.

Biography & Lore


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