College of Elbion

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College of Elbion

Magical boarding school Foard of Maesters Elbion
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The College of Elbion, sometimes known as Elbion College, is a boarding school dedicated to the study and teaching of magic. Located in Elbion, the establishment of the College predates the formation of the City of Elbion. It is one of the, if not the, most prestigious magical institute in Arethil.



Just prior to the establishment of Elbion College, magic was heavily outlawed across Arethil via the influence of the Templar Order. Lord Ganfritz Elbion owned a castle in the mountains just north of the Cairou River. During this time of magic oppression, he took in those with magical talent that fled from persecution and gave them stay at his estate.

Lord Elbion was a talented and educated wizard himself. He taught magic to those that sought refuge within his walls. Eventually, this was established to be the College of Elbion.

Within Lord Elbion’s lifetime, he taught many students to the level of Maester. Word of the College’s existence spread across Liadain. A number of magically talented families moved to the college to learn. Non-magical residents began to move to campsites around the College for the purpose of earning money from the students and Maesters. These campsites eventually became the City of Elbion.

When Lord Elbion passed away, the College of Elbion was bequeathed to his greatest proteges while the City of Elbion to his children. This was the start of the independence of the College from the City that has been maintained to the year 369.

The students that inherited the College formed the Foard of Maesters.

The Templar War

The Templar War affected the College when the Elbion Templar garrison emerged to attack the City of Elbion.

With the College being a former castle and there being only one entrance from the City, the College was able to stand as a bastion against the Templars. This proved to save lives as the College was able to take in refugees pursued by the fanatic Templars.

Eventually, the City and College were able to band together. They soundly defeated the Templars and forced the Templars to surrender to the City itself.[1]

Age of Chronicles

By the Age of Chronicles, the College of Elbion was known world-wide as one of the, if not the, most prestigious magical institute in Arethil. The College of Elbion also developed a formal, legal independence from the City of Elbion. In effect, the College was like an enclave within the City of Elbion.

For the first time ever, the College participated in a friendly tournament with the Dreadlords of Vel Anir. Students from the College were pitted against Dreadlord apprentices. [2]

Maho Sparhawk, once a professor specializing in pyromancy, attacked the College. He inflicted heavy fire damage in several parts of the College and massacred a number of students. [3]


The College of Elbion is situated on top of a hill at the northernmost corner of the City of Elbion. Its roof is the highest point in Elbion and is easily visible from most areas within the City. The architecture of the College is the oldest of its kind within Elbion. Much of its construction is ivory in color and made of marble.

Located within the College District, the College has only one entrance out to the city with a gate that can be closed if necessary. Only students and faculty are allowed to freely pass this heavily guarded gate. All others require either an escort or pass from the College in order to enter the College.


Elbion College is governed by the Foard of Maesters - which is the collective body of all Maesters within the College.

To become a Maester, and thus join the Foard, one must have studied or practiced magic for over ten years. After that, the candidate must have been chosen by the Foard and pass five preliminary trials. Once this is complete, the candidate becomes a Maester of the First Order.

After another ten years experience, one may become a Maester of the Second Order and repeat so on every ten years. After over fifty combined years of study and practice, one reaches the highest level within the Foard as a Maester of the Fifth Order.

The Foard normally selects candidates based on how unique or arcane the candidate's studies are. This bias results in delayed promotions to the Foard for those that primarily study conventional or practical magic.



Potential students must be at least aged 16 to apply to the College via the normal process. Applicants must submit a written resume of their knowledge, background, skills, prior education, and goals for attending the College. If selected, candidates are then interviewed by the College and either accepted or denied based on the results.

The admissions process normally takes a year. This is due to the travel time required to take the interview. However, the admissions process has decreased recently due to the revived portal stone west of Elbion.

The majority of candidates are accepted into the College. Those that donate to the College have almost guaranteed success. However, the College does deny candidates based on race, gender, family history, or other political reasons. The reasons given for the denial would be on the grounds of over-enrollment.

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