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  • Name: Pyromancy
  • Type: Arcane Discipline/Concept

A Tome written by Maho Sparhawk in the year 376, Winter, during the Age of Chronicles.

My name is Maho Jerik Sparhawk. I am a Sorcerer, born in bonds. If you are reading this, I am either dead, or you have found some other way of obtaining this tone. In any case; I made a deal with the Fire Of Lions, Imamu, that gave me knowledge of Pyromancy to a depth i'd thought impossible. I have killed many hundreds of innocent people, and I hope, for whoever finds this tome will hold knowledge forbidden to even the most astute sorcerers, that they will keep their loved ones in their hearts when using this knowledge. To destroy is to undo what makes us human. Do not repeat my mistakes. I hope that you, whoever you are, can pass on this knowledge to the next generation, whether or not I live to see it. And I pray in my heart, and hold the dream in my soul, that I would've done the world some little good in writing this, and would have paid some small debt to the atrocities I have committed.

You have been warned.

A History on Fire Magic:
Fire Magic, usually referred to as Pyromancy, is a Facet of Elemental Magicks, generally believed to have been mastered around the same time the College was founded - about 100 years before Elbion was created - and has writings about it's applicabilities and uses going back thousands of years. It is a vital part of College Magic, usually taking up a large section of a young Sorcerer's education, if they choose to study at the College of Elbion. All Sorcerers have to become Adept in it's usage before graduating as a fully fledged Mage. Among the Elemental Magicks, it is the quickest to learn, but usually the hardest to master. It takes many decades of intense study to understand it's nuances and power - as is the study of all Magic - But it's usage outside of an educational space is generally frowned upon. In fact, in the Falwood, Fire Magic (which i will from now on simply refer to as Pyromancy) is banned from use, as - despite the trees being enchanted - they can catch fire, which led to the great Fire of the Falwood over 100 Years ago, killing hundreds of Elves.

It is rumoured that Pyromancy was first practiced by Kremamu, the creator of the sun. He passed this knowledge onto his apprentice, Imamu, now more commonly known by his Alias, 'The Fire of Lions'.

It is widely agreed that Pyromancy is not inherently dark in it's application, but is more naturally suited to destruction than it is to creation. Among the other primary elements of Elemental Magicks; Water, Air and Earth, it is widely seen that students take a shine to Pyromancy first before many of the others, due to both it's practicality, and impressiveness at an early stage in the training Sorcerer's skillset. Many Sorcerers can make their first flame before they can create their own ward; this comes with two disadvantages however;

  1. Pyromancy is very well studied, meaning that almost every Sorcerer has some counter to it. Many can nullify Pyromancy with simple wards, even the most rudimentary being sufficient at times. Through personal experience, I found a large group of basic wards can weather almost any storm.
  2. Pyromancy, by nature, is easily manipulatable. This means that, though you may conjure your own fire, it doesn't necessarily mean you can keep it under control. This can lead to many Pyromancers being the makers of their own demise; many Sorcerers have been scorched by the 'back-burn' of their own fire, where opposing Sorcerers and Mages decided to redirect fire towards their opponent.

However, the advantage linked to Fire, is that it can be created from many things. The greatest misconception around Pyromancy is that is is purely creating fire out of arcane energy. This is not wholly true for all situations. For example, well-trained Pyromancers can use physical fuel, such as coal, wood or steam, to create fire from actual elements rather than creating them from energy. This often means that most Pyromancers can keep using fire for much longer than other elements, excluding perhaps the Element of Water, which - in essence - has more to do with the art of Telekinesis than elemental magicks.

I even found that one can drain their own life force to increase the potency of their Magic, specifically Pyromancy. Of course, this led to my physical state degrading, and my mental well-being to spiral. But, if you must, you could increase your magical potential ten-fold by using some of your life-energy, also known as Ki by some martial practitioners, some of whom I learnt from before I came to teach at Elbion.

One of the greatest things I found however, was that Pyromancy is a far calmer element to take a hold of than first percevied. Most think Pyromancers to be angry, fuelled by destruction and strength. This is true to an extent, but to use your anger is foolish, as you can very easily stretch yourself beyond the rules of magic, and badly hurt - or even kill - yourself in the process. Keeping a calm and peaceful perspective whilst using the Element of Fire seems to be a far greater resource than that of fury - at least from my personal experience.



Practical Usage:
Most - if not all - Sorcerers understand the offensive capability of Pyromancy. By it's very nature, it is suited to destroy things. However, it is a simplification to think that it's practical applications lie only in it's power; it's utility is useful also.

Many Sorcerers have proven to use fire to heat and clean water sources, thaw food sources for villages, and some have even proven to bring people back from the brink of the death from freezing by heating their blood from the inside out.

In any case, it has been proven time and time again, that Pyromancy is a far more complex art than initially perceived by most Maesters and Sorcerers. Although I haven't been studying it for long, the knowledge bestowed upon me seems bottomless in my mind, and I feel it wisest that these techniques be noted, before lost to time.

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