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  • Name: Pyromancy
  • Type: Arcane Discipline/Concept
A Tome written by Maho Sparhawk in the year 369, Winter, during the Age of Chronicles.

A History on Fire Magic -
Fire Magic, usually referred to as Pyromancy, is a Facet of Elemental Magicks, generally believed to have been mastered around the same time the College was founded - about 100 years before Elbion was created - and has writings about it's applicabilities and uses going back thousands of years. It is a vital part of College Magic, usually taking up a large section of a young Sorcerer's education, if they choose to study at the College of Elbion. All Sorcerers have to become Adept in it's usage before graduating as a fully fledged Mage. Among the Elemental Magicks, it is the quickest to learn, but usually the hardest to master. It takes many decades of intense study to understand it's nuances and power - as is the study of all Magic - But it's usage outside of an educational space is generally frowned upon. In fact, in the Falwood, Fire Magic (which i will from now on simply refer to as Pyromancy) is banned from use, as - despite the trees being enchanted - they can catch fire, which led to the great Fire of the Falwood over 100 Years ago, killing hundreds of Elves.

My writings here are pulled from the College Library, tomes i've picked up from Travel and trade, and personal experiences i've witnessed whilst adventuring throughout the breadth of Arethil.



Categories: Magical Discipline

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