Private Tales The Soldier and the Spy

A private roleplay only for those invited by the first writer


Shadow Ascended
Character Biography
The Last Chance Inn was full of wonder and surprises. Enough so that Virdan knew a certain kind of magic, perhaps ancient and powerful, was at play. And while that put her on more of an edge than she normally tread, it was keeping her and Virdan safe from the Jarlax for the time being. So, she'd stay within these walls. For now.

Ennio mentioned something about the Inn not staying long in one place. So, she wouldn't be surprised if by the next morning she woke-up to entirely new surroundings.

Be my guest. If you wanted to harm me, I dont think you would have knocked.

Staring down at Alyx's back, she frowned. One of her knees pressed on the bed behind him. Her other hand moved forward, fingers brushing his hair away from the angry welts and over one of his muscled shoulders to clear the way. If she'd wanted to harm him, he would already be dead. But the sentiment was not said aloud, kept locked behind lips that held a thousand other secrets.

"This will hurt," she warned, as she prepared the Irubu anti-venom. It would feel like a thousand bee-stings before it got better. But without the antidote? He'd be doomed to a long, slow, and agonizing death. "Brace yourself." That same hand that brushed his hair away, fell to his shoulder as she encouraged him to lean more forward over his bent legs. Hovering over him, she quickly and efficiently began applying the anti-venom to his angry welts.
Character Biography
Alyx winced and leaned further forward as Virdan set about applying her medicine to his wounds. There was the quiet sound of a hiss through his teeth, but the military commander was nothing if not tough-- He'd endured far worse pain. That he'd successfully managed to ensure no harm had come to his soldiers, or this strange woman who'd arrived greivously wounded hours earlier, was a comfort that made this discomfort worthwhile.

Once the initial shock of pain passed after a minute or two, Quellchrist let out the breath he'd been holding in a deep sigh, relaxing to dull the persistent ache coming from her hands across the hardened muscles of his back. "Yeah, that does sting like a bitch. You aren't a liar, Virdan."

It was... awkward. The two of them were relative strangers, but in the span of one night they'd both saved one another's lives. Aside from what little had been shared in the heat of the fight though, they knew relatively nothing about each other. It was difficult to find a topic appropriate for idle conversation.

Difficult, but not impossible.

"You're from Malakath, aren't you? I've heard fairy tales about the dragon cities there... My father used to read them to me when he still had half a mind."
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