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"I heard she took down a whole legion of Jarlax."

"I heard she can fly the skies without a dragon."

"I heard she's not even human. At least, I'd believe it if I hadn't seen her finish off the dinner rolls."

-A collection of musings from student dragon riders


Almond-shaped eyes set on a canvas of high cheekbones and sharp angles. Four scars decorate one-side of her ordinary skin. Her countenance remains unreadable as if obscured in shadow save for the very rare, indefinable expression on her lips.

Skills and Abilities

+Able to disappear from sight quite easily, some would say this was from magic but the more observant would see Virdan just knows how to use an environment to her advantage; she is also found to wear clothing that blends in best with her surroundings (if at a fancy event, she wears fancy clothes, if in the Merchant's corner, she wears merchant clothes, etc.)
+Hand-to-hand combat
+Hitting small targets
+Survival skills
+Can speak and write many different languages, including those that have no sound
-Battles constant headaches and pain from old scars
-Fear of being discharged
-A social moth who prefers the cocoon
-Reticent at public events


Quiet, observant, and nigh unapproachable.


A Moon Dragon who is rarely seen.

Biography & Lore

What most know:

Virdan is a woman who gained much, as evident by being Ascended, but at great cost. The details of her origins are known only by a scarce few. Many do not know her family history, if she belongs to a house, or is a commoner. Most assume the latter since it would be unheard of not to claim a title or right. Especially since she Ascended. Her loyalty and service to the Kingdom is not in question. Beyond stepping in for some trainings and being a keynote speaker in some classes for the up-and-coming riders, it's hard to keep tabs on her role. She does not spend as much time as Vhagor in Ōmeyōcān.

Nor at the Hatchery.

She seems to be everywhere and nowhere at once.

And while she is known to be a dragon rider, it is rare for anyone to see her on or with her dragon. Few know what her dragon looks like or her dragon's name.

What most don't know:

Virdan was born a noble daughter and is the oldest child of House Solherre, unknown sister to Leovold. Her father was disappointed he was not given a son. Impossible standards and expectations were placed on her shoulders the moment she took her first breath. And Lord Solherre showed his disappointment with his fists and verbal abuse. At the very young age of six and seeing that her mother, nor anyone else within the household could protect her, Virdan fled to the Outer City.

The family searched for months. Though abusive, Lord Solherre mourned his daughter's loss and assumed her dead after searches turned fruitless. He mourned the prospect of marriage, political ties, and control Virdan could have brought, had she been found. Virdan altered her appearance around the same time she became bonded to an illusive moon dragon.

Which would only add to the scandal if her true identity was ever discovered. The bond with the moon dragon altered the sun magic that runs in her Solherre veins, though, she still has the marking made from the pact with the sun dragons long ago, on her lower back.

The Shadows

The Shadows is an elite spy group that serves Thanasis. They serve for the betterment of the kingdom and while assumed this means for the agenda of the royal family and nobles, as it often is, only those in the Shadows know the ultimate authority is the dragons themselves. Shadows are recruited at a young age, typically from those without family or other ties. Though rare, nobles and those with family can serve as Shadow members.

Recruits are often plucked from the Outer City or up-and-coming bonded students training at Ōmeyōcān. Some are even found within the rankings of Thanasis' vast Army. Hopefuls and potential recruits are put through a series of tests and vigorous trainings and special classes in addition to the standard training dragon riders go through.

Each recruit is assigned a Shadow partner. Most Shadows will never know the extent of the organization, for their own safety, as well as the other members in case of capture. Only the two Shadow Masters know all Shadow recruits and current missions. And even that knowledge is split down the middle in case one is compromised. Virdan is one of the Shadow Masters.

Missions include scouting, reconnaissance, and infiltration. A lot of activity is currently centered around Thagretis and the growing colonies of Jarlax. Though there are also missions out across the seas and to the mainland. Many Shadow members retain their current posts or jobs to keep up appearances and report their mission updates to the Shadows.


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