1. Axel Sterix

    Open Chronicles Demon Hunt

    Hurricane like winds whipped against the body. A spray of moisture mingled from the clouds. It smelled amazing, and felt more fantastic. Why must the fun be marred by the sadness of the moment? Through Mental Acuity, Zoress Mannik had contacted him across the miles between them, his mind...
  2. Iliris

    Open Chronicles Sea of Blood, Sea of Mercy

    *** They came just past the midday. The sun was barely visible through the clouds, and even now, in its highest point, it shone with a sad bleakness to it, that could always be found this far north during the winter. It wasn't that cold here per se, the sea air was a lot milder than that in the...
  3. Iliris

    Completed What mountains hide

    Iliris raised her hand, to shield her eyes from the freezing wind at least a little, drawing her gaze up the narrow mountain pass. She was still in the familiar surroundings of the Spine, but far more north than her travels would usually bring her. A lot closer to Molthal and Blightlands than...
  4. Sathirena

    Fable - Ask When the old great ones meet

    Wide wings carried the great blue dragon across both sea and land. Months of fasting throughout the flight significantly slimmed down the visage of the broodmother of Eretejva. Perhaps in luck, for so much fat was not required to protect the vitals from the harsh weather in the lands of lasting...
  5. Weylin Kyrel

    LFG - Quest Do You Want Hunt a Dragon?

    So I had an idea of having either a single thread or a series of threads involving the hunting of a dragon in the Spine. I was curious if anyone would be interested in this idea or not. Please let me know if you are and if so if you would rather do a single thread or a series of them.
  6. Dragons

  7. Malachi

    Private Tales They Gave to the Sky

    Before, there was no time, no earth, no dust, nothing. All was forgotten. And what was falsity became a verity... A long time ago, in the ages of Monsters and men, our lands were set upon a curse. People knew no happiness. They had tears where their eyes should have been. They had fear where...