Alyxander Quellchrist

Alyxander Quellchrist

Biographical information
Dornoch 28 Dornoch
Physical description
Human Male 6'3 210lbs Black Brown Fair
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Alyxander has brown eyes and long jet black hair, usually groomed to one side or tied behind his head, and sharply groomed facial hair to match it. He's tall, muscular, and exhibits just a tad bit of narcissism, priding himself on his state of dress whether it be armor or military garb.

His forehead sports a very unusual marking that resembles a closed eye, a tattoo he received from an old wise woman as a child who claimed it would bless him with good luck. There does seem to be something arcane about the marking, as it has never faded in the years since, and Alyx's light-based magic is quite powerful for a man with his lack of age and experience.

Skills and Abilities

Alyxander is extremely proficient with a great many weapons, and his rank of Commander has earned him the status of a respected tactician and leader. Alyx also enjoys racing horses, and is a very skilled rider in that regard as well, though he is only at his best with his personal mount, Second Saint.


Quellchrist is an extremely determined and passionate individual, placing all of his effort into everything he does. Occasionally this borders on single-mindedness, which can lead him into trouble. Alyxander also exhibits a need to be recognized for his abilities, and frustration when such recognition never comes. Nevertheless, he is an overall friendly and good-natured person.

Biography & Lore

The story of Alyxander Quellchrist begins in the Erdeniin Capital of Dornoch. In a small shanty building barely held together, wedged between far more impressive estates in the outer section of the city, a man named Kristoph Quellchrist operated as a fence; by night he would steal valuable gems and furs from Dornoch's market, and by day he would discreetly sell the goods at a slightly lower rate than was normally offered by the real merchants of the city. It was a dangerous trade, and the profit he made was negligible, but Kristoph was a man stuck in his ways. What little he did make was spent on liquor and the company of women.

It was one of these women that would eventually become pregnant with Kristoph's child. In time, a boy would be born, whom Kristoph would name "Alyxander".

Kristoph was not a heartless man; he cared deeply for the boy, though Alyx's mother wasted little time leaving the two of them after she had recovered from giving birth. Despite his affection for his newfound son, Kristoph continued to drink and would leave Alyxander on his own while he left to booze and steal whatever pittance of product he could manage for his trade. As a result, Alyx would often leave his home and wander the city of Dornoch on his own. The city's culture, architecture, and rich history served as Alyx's education, and he was molded slowly into a young man with a deep respect for the Dynast.

In time, the people of Dornoch accepted Alyxander as one of their own, and Alyx would often return with extra food or trinkets gifted to him by generous (and legitimate) merchants and people of distinction from the town. At one point, the young Alyxander assisted in the reconstruction of a library that had been destroyed in a great storm several years earlier. The library held many books celebrating the history of Dornoch and was held in great significance. Alyx quickly became a young boy that even the most matriarch-minded regarded as a good egg amongst his peers.

Only weeks later, Kristoph decided the time had come to take the now-of-age Alyxander on the job with him for the first time, and this time he had taken his thievery to another level; He'd managed to steal a sizable amount of fur during one of the Tributes held by the city a few days prior, and it was far too dangerous to hold such a large amount of stolen material at his home for long. They needed to sell, and they needed to sell quickly.

Unfortunately for Kristoph, the risk he took in trying to fence stolen goods in the heart of the city he'd stolen them from did not pay off. The authorities of Dornoch had been onto him for some time, and they discovered and apprehended him, posing as buyers for the fur. It was decided he would be jailed for his crimes, and this left Alyxander in an odd position; He was not guilty of the crime, as he had refused to participate while his father peddled his wares. At the same time, he could not simply be ushered out of the city. The young man was questioned by the Erdeniin, prodded for anything he might know about his father's illegal trade. Alyx had little love for his father after how distant they'd grown, and he divulged what he knew. There was little that he could tell them that they didn't already know, but what was instead discovered was Alyx's intelligence, charisma, and respect for Erdeniin and the city of Dornoch.

It was decided that should Alyxander prove himself capable and trustworthy, he would be allowed to stay in Dornoch and serve the Dynast in a low-ranking capacity. He was put through extreme tests both physical and mental, trials that stretched the limit of his mind, body, and ability

Having shown great physical promise in his tests, he was accepted into Dornoch's military. It wasn't a particularly splendorous position, but he would no longer have to worry about whether or not he would have a roof over his head each morning. Alyx had grown up being raised by the environment around him, and in his transition to adulthood he did much the same; he absorbed all the wisdom he was offered, and devoted himself to building his body to become the prime soldier. He spent weeks upon weeks practicing the use of blade and spell alike, and quickly rose in the ranks among his peers, at least as much as he was able to behind the more favored females of the army. Still, he managed to secure command of his own group of men as a Commander. His promotions ultimately came as a shock to nobody; he'd long since mastered all of his weapons, and he practically lived in his camp, honing his body to its peak performance.

All is not as it seems with Alyxander Quellchrist, however. For once again, his destiny was about to be twisted. This time, by his own hand.

This position, of a soldier bearing the Dynast's banner... it was not one that Alyx had chosen. It was a mantle that had been thrust upon him by those who had taken his previous life from him. Alyxander did not enjoy battle. He did not crave to fight. He merely did so because it was his only option. He would often try to make excuses as to why he desired to serve, saying that he served the Dynast to protect the city that had raised him. In reality, though, Alyx had begun to feel quite strongly that no matter how much devotion or loyalty he displayed, the Dynast would never see him as anything more than a petty footsoldier. Even as Commander, he was commonly dismissed and mistrusted by his female peers. Often, his best soldiers would be plucked from his control under the request of others, without any warning or reason given.

And usually, it was done without any authority. The upper echelon of the Dynast was becoming less of a government and more of a clique of the most popular women of the city, all vying for the attention of the Matriarch.

Alyx continues to lead his soldiers and follow his orders without question. In what little free time he does have, however, he spends less time honing his skills and more time seeking change. How long will it take before he sticks his nose under a stone best left unturned?


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