1. Gannis

    Shivers Event The Price: part 1

    Wherever you arrive they will praise your deeds. When you have left, and when the darkness falls, those deeds will be undone. Six miles from the town of Orrenfal Gannis tugged each finger of his leather glove in turn before pulling it off. He dipped bare fingers into the scratch marks and...
  2. Victoria O'Connor

    Private Tales To make unclean

    Victoria looked over those that had gathered before her in the small sitting room. It was nice enough, with wooden bookshelves, an old but ornate rug, and a fireplace that was so clean it was doubtful a fire had been lit within for decades. She had requested a small group, one that could slip in...
  3. Matias

    Fable - Ask Monsters In A Cage

    San Siveia - Walls "Seventeen days." Matias voice was ornery, angry, and outright pissed off. "Nine fucking days we've been trapped behind these walls." He let out a huffing sigh as he sat himself down against the parapet, sliding until he was on the ground and then reaching to rub at his...
  4. Matias

    Fable - Ask Monsters In The Streets

    La Torren Felice Harlowe It was quiet. A city was always quiet after it had been conquered. The people who were left alive made themselves scarce. The Soldiers who had had their fun were sleeping off a night of pillaging, and the nobles were busying themselves with the signing of treaties and...
  5. Nazara

    Fable - Ask The Blooding

    Yrial - Central Savannah Nazara hated the sun. It wasn't the sort of hated born of weather, the kind you complained about because you got sweaty or because you tended to over heat. It was hatred born of the fact that the sun could fucking kill him if his flesh was ever marred. That was why he...
  6. Nazara

    Fable - Ask Rebirth

    The Bloody Meadow Harlowe "I ain' even sur' ther' enugh to bargain wif." The words were like a sharp razor scraping over the ear, Nazara looking down at the massive Golem for a brief moment as he gestured to the dozens upon dozens of corpses that lay spread out in a field before them. Some...
  7. L

    Open Chronicles Monsters On the Pyre

    Strahlvel - The City of Monsters Levat watched from a roof top as the city burned. Beyond the walls Trebuchet still tossed heavy stone and fire urns across the already tumbled walls. Every time a piece of rubble struck the earth itself seemed to shake, a building falling as another fire was...
  8. TTamark

    Open Chronicles Sea of Monsters

    Steve a certain he had once heard an artist say something along the lines of: 'Channel all your negative feelings into your art,' and right now Steve was feeling quite hurt after all this time and still no letter coming back. This caused Steve to once more horrible paraphrase in his memory...
  9. L

    Open Chronicles The Pale Plague

    Allir Reach - Lirrien Lia wrenched her blade free as the pale man went crumpling to the ground. He landed on the forest floor with a sickening crunch, his body rolling over to his back. The odd features of his face came into better view under the light of the moon, his elongated canines, the...
  10. Karl von Stehlen

    Open Chronicles Just Another Adventure

    "At first, dreams seem impossible, then improbable, and eventually inevitable." -Christopher Reeve *Clang* *Clang* *Clang* He was clanging his sword as hard as he can against his shield, the echoing ring of the metal would soon spread on through out the nearby vicinity. Moments later, the...
  11. denheim

    Open Chronicles A Feast for the Crows and the Carrion

    'I need to get away from this place!' Easier said than done, he thought, cutting down another slaver with a well-timed riposte with a dagger he'd nabbed from the Inn that now lay burning at his back. The village, whose name he'd now forgotten, lay in ruins and flames at the sudden arrival of...
  12. Tzuriel Alanthis

    Quest From Alliria To Elbion

    The call had gone out. Adventurers looked at the postings and mercenaries had grown an interest in the notices. A merchant caravan needed protection on its journey, from Alliria all the way to Elbion. It was a commonly used but dangerous rout through the forests, savannahs, grasslands, and the...
  13. Vanya Valentine

    Quest Of Monsters & Men | Questing Campaign

    "What? Trouble? In Falwood? Darlin, nothin ever happens out in these woods~" The Old Mill Innkeeper Enigmatic hell hounds croon havoc, vexation upon the sands, while the predatory, apex of the beast remains nestled within the safety of sovereign jungle walls. They suckle, drink heavily at thee...
  14. Tera Lynx

    Open Chronicles Swarm - The Birth of a Race

    Deep in the ruins of the Forbidden Kingdom... Through the uncounted miles of mazes, toppled towers, scattered rubble, ruined stone houses, decimated structures... Underneath the heart of the city, miles below in the all but destroyed sewer systems, through the myriad of twists and turns and...
  15. Tera Lynx

    LFG Extermination or Expansion

    Something strange is happening to the animals around the Forbidden City. They are... changing? normally solitary creatures are now moving in groups. Minor alterations could be seen on even supernatural animals and creatures, bears with chitin armor plates, horrifically large bugs with strange...
  16. Gilbert Goblinson

    Open Chronicles The Monsters Dioltas

    Dioltas flag The monster-folk from the City of Dioltas have stopped many raids be them from lionfolk, or any other who would attempt to raid the merchants who passed near the city, each soldier wearing the flag of their city, on their breast plate. Each time a diplomat from the city would talk...
  17. Gilbert Goblinson

    Open Chronicles There are too many Adventurers

    Rock, Hill, Hob, the three goblins tribes all lived in constant dispute, but everything changed when the adventurers attacked. Only the Goblin King master of all three goblins could stop them, but when the world needed him most he was also under attack by adventurers. A few days have passed, and...
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  19. Core Lore Lycanthrophy

  20. Monsters

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