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  1. Marianne Seyorio

    Fate - First Reply A Bite to Drink

    Centuries pass so slowly in a tomb, especially when one is not truly dead but simply asleep, trapped in this inanimate state unable to move, breath, or even think. There are no dreams in death, the aestivated sleep of vampires deprived of blood to the point that they cannot move and essentially...
  2. Marianne Seyorio

  3. Markus Xentai

    Fate - First Reply On the First Moon

    Prologue: Disaster struck. A raving band of monsters were terrorizing the country villages... And this village happened to be the only one with a wall in the entire valley. Refugees from the other villages and outlaying farms began pouring in on wagons and carts for safety and protection...
  4. Gideon Varnay

  5. Sharon Trask

  6. Chaston Brayer

  7. Teshara Elvin Cardinal

  8. Helia Glacies Kyxo

    Roleplay OOC The Kingdom of Mardania and the Ice Princess

    An ailing king, a princess with a frozen heart. A city with an uncertain future and uncertain people. The royal faction, the noble faction, city guilds, and the citizenry. An open court awaits the bickering, plots and scheming of cunning politicians and clever representatives. A king with no...
  9. Helia Glacies Kyxo

  10. Christian Vide

    Fate - First Reply Blades Crossed

    Once an assassin always an assassin... Or so they say... They say that once you're in with a guild, or born into it, you can only get out by dying. Those who do get out by some miracle are rarely left alone and are few and far between, those who survive or escape their influence to become...
  11. Christian Vide

  12. Klor Bishop

    Fate - First Reply Silence broken

    Villages burn... Why do they burn? Because they have to... Why? To increase our strength... Why do we need strength? To make them see... What do we want them to see? That they were blind all along... The village was all but destroyed... Mere pockets of resistance were all the remained hidden...
  13. Tyrone Kystal

  14. Markus Xentai

  15. Alexandria Viacian

  16. Erza Kord

  17. Lacuna K'atun

  18. Elijah Khalo Celasaer

    Elijah Khalo Celasaer Biographical information Birthplace Alliria Born Died Age 33 Home Alliria Physical description...
  19. Selina Altas

    Selina Altas Biographical information Birthplace A village near Alliria Born Died Age 21 Home College in Elbion Physi...
  20. Dehyan

    LFG 1x1 Looking for Adventures!

    Hi everyone! I have finally decided to make my own request thread to search for potential roleplaying partners. I'm looking for all sorts of pairings to be honest. My character is currently located in Elbion where he lives. I'm mostly looking for adventures, maybe some love interest or just...