Well hi!

Feathered Dragon Mistress

aka Ruvsá/Seteta
Hi everyone! Just... sliding in here. I've been eyeing Chronicles and reading threads the last week or so and I've decided I quite like the world and stories you all are creating and want to play around too! I am a writer/author by profession, but I'll be keeping that part of my life separate from this one for... reasons. I am not new to forum RP, but I haven't done a ton of it, and I picked up the hobby again during the pandemic after several years away.

I've got at least one solid idea for a Nordenfir character, and some more less-solid ideas for some others, so hopefully I can jump into some RP soon! I will definitely be a bit of a slower RP-er, though, and probably only able to devote 5ish hours a week to writing posts.

Oh, and the 'Feathered Dragons' thing is because I raise chickens.


The Bear Queen
Character Biography
Welcome to Chronicles. Always happy for more Nordenfiir, please let me know if you have any questions about the race or where we can fit your character in. We have a channel on the discord server for the Nordens, stop in and say hi. :)