Caliane Ruine

Caliane Ruinë

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Thyasari 242 Thyasari
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Avariel Female 5"11 100lbs Red Emerald Green Olive skinned
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Caliane has waist long fiery red hair. In direct sunlight a keen eye can pick out the subtle strands of magenta, russet browns, coppers and golds that go into the illusion of making her hair appear like a living flame. Naturally her hair is curly, especially when cut short, though in it's longer state the weight means the curls have dropped out and instead appears wavy. Her eyes are a dark emerald green, a startling contrast to the hair. When she is using magic, a good indicator of the level of energy it is taking for her to produce it, is the slow flame that consumes her eyes. Starting almost as a mirage against the green when exerting very little magic, when she is reaching her upper limits her eyes can turn completely red to match that of her hair. Cali has a naturally olive skinned complexion, however due to her recent years in captivity it appears an unhealthy paler shade, more ashen.

Like all Avariel, Caliane has a slender figure, though before captivity it would have been described as muscular from her work as a hunter. She is slightly shorter than others of her kind, which in her past has been the subject of much gentle teasing from her peers. Cali only has one pair of wings, despite having a father who had three sets of wings. They begin at her arches as a snowy white, but they fade into a startling scarlet red once they reach her primaries, making them often appear blood-dipped. A few of her other feathers closer to the arches occasionally have a splotch of red also.

Due to her experimentation Cali also has a few scars. Most notable are the marks around the base of her wings where experiments were carried out to determine how the race got their wings.

Skills and Abilities

Hunter Skills
Previous to her abduction Caliane was a trained hunter for her people. As such she was trained in the traditional hunting skills of bow and arrow. She has a naturally good ability to track and extensive knowledge of animals and the environment - of the Spine in particular. Most of what she learnt is limited to things in the Spines, though she has read extensively of creatures and environments beyond. Cali has exceptional skills at trapping and snaring and is very good at ensuring they do not leave a mark on the natural landscape. It was this skill that resulted in her managing to save her fellow hunter on the day she was captured.

Basic warrior training
As her fathers only child, and he a renowned veteran warrior, it should be unsurprising to know that Caliane knows her way around a variety of weapons. Her lack of appetite for the hard warrior life limits her skills in these areas, but she did take a natural liking to the use of throwing blades, and is known for her collection of ornate and deadly throwing knives. She is also what her father would describe as "adequate" with a sword, shield, spear, and javelins.

Magic & Species traits
Healing: Like most of their kind, Cali has the ability to channel her energy to heal people. This is a energy cost spell and cannot be used by Cali on herself. She was taught this spell by her mother, who is a scholar. Her ability with this spell is not great and she uses it to heal minor injuries, or reduce the severity of them. For example a broken bone might become instead fractured. A deep cut, a shallow one.

Fire: Caliane's main ability is a rare one amongst the Avariel - an ability to control an element. Fire is oft described as one of the unruliest and requires a strict mental discipline to wield without hurting others. After an accident as a young angel that nearly cost her friend their life, Cali dedicated herself to learning rigid control over her power. However, Cali is still young in the eyes of her race, and often she finds her emotions will override that discipline. Cali can both take the fire around her and manipulate it, or she can produce her own. Producing her own is a greater drain on her energy than taking it from her surroundings, however it is not as limited if she creates it herself.

There is a risk when she uses too much of this power that it will consume her entirely and at these times she needs to release that energy in a contained fashion or it can explode and cause damage to herself and others with its violent nature.

Flight: Like all of her kind, Caliane has a beautiful set of wings which enable her to fly. The drawbacks are how clumsy these can be on the ground and require a constant amount of energy to lift off the ground so they do not drag - similar to that of a human holding their arm slightly out to their side. Due to her hunter training Cali has a greater ability than most to hold and use her wings on the ground.

Voice: Another species trait, Cali's voice is very melodic and to those not of her race can stir emotions in the listener. Caliane often uses the harmonious nature of her voice to mimic the calls of certain animals during her hunts.


Growing up, Caliane was always a happy and curious child, until it became obvious that inside her lived a wilder power than she could control. During the first few years of uncovering her affinity with fire, Cali retreated into herself and separated herself from many of her friends. Her curiosity turned to the shelves of the library her mother looked after, and she was noted by many as becoming a rather introverted child. As her powers grew, she was forced from this state by her need to train to control her powers. Feeling as though there was finally a way for the fire not to consume her, the training changed Cali into the quietly determined and courageous young adult her friends and peers knew her to be.

As an adult, Cali was very much at peace with the place she had carved for herself in society. She was not afraid to speak her mind - and oft she did - and neither was she afraid to do the right thing, even if it was against the rules. Cali always accepted her punishments or reprimands with a humbleness that struck many of the elders. With her inner circle did Cali ever reveal the more playful and daring side to her. She was often the first one to take up a dare, or suggest a dangerous game amongst her group. Her loyalty and love was a precious gift when given. Cali is extremely friendly and her curiosity has only grown as she has aged. She has a big heart and has great empathy for people, which leads her in her convictions to help others.

Biography & Lore

Caliane Ruinë was born to Scholar Aleanor and General Nevarth Ruinë in the later years of their life. Births amongst their kind were rare and difficult due to the wings, but a celebrated one. Caliane was received into a family of love and raised with two adoring parents, even if they might disagree with things later on in life.

It became obvious from a young age that Caliane was going to be different to many of the other Avariel children. Once, left unattended, she stuck her hand into the fire than burned in the families central dwelling. Her mother snatched her child from the flames, burning herself in the process, but found Cali untouched. As she grew older and the natural tantrums that come with a toddler followed, small fires would erupt near her. At first they were dismissed as coincidences - elemental powers were more myth and legend now. It wasn't until she was in her teenage years that an explosive argument with her best friend, Zandeer, set the whole of the classroom on fire. Trapped in the heat of the flames, Zandeer would have died if their teacher had not risked her own life to rescue the other young elf.

It was no longer questionable - Caliane had an ancient and rare affinity with fire. Horrified with how out of control the power was getting, for years afterwards, Cali shut herself away and refused to speak to anyone. Hearts breaking for the happy and outgoing child they were losing, Nevarth pleaded with the Elders to give his child a teacher to control her abilities. There was only one other with such an ability, an outsider called Ralnor. It was Aleanor who went and begged this man to help her daughter. Moved, Ralnor once again entered the society he had spurned 700 years previously to teach the young Cali how to control her abilities.

Cali was an eager student and surpassed the lessons Ralnor gave her, to his surprised. Slowly, Cali began to trust herself and her abilities and began attending school with the others of her age. She would visit Ralnor twice a week for the rest of her life for further lessons and to hone her skill, despite his assurances she would be able to now control her ability.

As the question of her place in society grew closer, her father began to train her in the skills of a warrior. A young soldier with the powers Cali possessed would be a tremendous asset to the society. Despite her skill being good with the variety of weapons her father trained her in, fighting was not something that interested her. She longed to adventure beyond the confines of their home and the job that would allow her to do this most readily was that of a hunter. Turning from the path of a warrior was an argument that saw her not talking to her father for many years - all the way through her training and her first few hunting trips. It was the praise from her tutors, and then her commander, that finally won her father over, and he admitted that this was indeed her calling.

It was on one of her beloved hunting trips that the life Cali had known and loved came to an abrupt end.

Cali had been with her partner and age old friend, Zandeer. They had been on a simple retrieval, checking their traps for any fresh game to take back to the settlement. It had only been a glint of sunlight at the right angle that had caught Cali's eye a second before the trap sprung. With a cry she hit Zandeer, sending him sprawling and trapping herself in a golden net. The material it was fashioned from must have been woven from magic for it contained the power of lightning, and each rope was a razor. The shocks from the electrified netting made it almost impossible for her to concentrate well enough on her fire to call it to her aid. Almost as soon as she was entrapped, a group of roguish men appeared with weapons. At her plea, Zandoor fled, but Cali was stuck. The pain from continuous electrocution soon meant that she blacked out.

What followed was months of similar agony. She found herself the possession of a strange group who were experimenting on different races of beings to discover their magical or unique abilities. Of particular interest to begin with to this group, were her wings. The experiments where she had to endure them nearly chopping them off entirely were agony and passed by in fitful bursts of consciousness but mostly darkness. One day, whilst the group were travelling between one location and another, Cali assumed to stop them being discovered, one of the other prisoners made an escape attempt. It had been days since they had experimented on her, and Cali was finally strong enough to use the fire at her disposal and attempted to get away in the confusion. Unfortunately for her, the escape was short-lived, and she had now also revealed her other powers. Her torturers ensured from then on that she wore a special pair of bracelets that sent out a constant painful flow of lightning - apparently harnessed from another creature, one of her fellow inmates told her - into her body. It meant that she was only able to ever call on her fire in their controlled prisons.

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