Biographical information
Halzeth 126 years None
Physical description
Draconian Male 7'5" (2.3m) 350 lbs (159kg) None Black (including sclera) Silver scales
Political information
None Bounty Hunter
Out-of-character information
Szesh August 22nd, 2019


Draconians bear a mixture of traits from humans and dragons. Their bodies are humanoid, albeit very large and muscular, but they possess a dragon-like head, wings, and tail. Their feet are elongated and they walk on their toes, giving rise to a ”doubled knee” appearance and increasing their already formidable height. Their heads are often adorned with various patterns of spines and crests, and they sport dangerous claws at the ends of their digits (including the fingers and thumb of their wings).

Szesh's entire body is covered in silver scales while his claws, spines, and teeth are jet black. His eyes, the inside of his mouth, and his tongue are also black. His eyes are so dark that it is very difficult to see any sign of their movement, or to tell exactly where he is looking. His wingspan is around 25 feet (~7.6m).

On his back, directly in between his wings, is a large, intricate, symmetrical scar. It was clearly carved deliberately into his flesh.

Szesh wears nothing but a belt holding up a leather loincloth, a small pouch for supplies, and a weapon holster if necessary.

Skills and Abilities

Flight: Szesh's powerful wings allow him extended flight at significant altitude. While his size affords him great power, he is not nearly as nimble in the air as lighter beings.

Fire Breath: Szesh can produce a jet of fire from his mouth. It cannot typically reach more than 15 feet and is most useful in close to mid-range combat. This fire burns hotter than a wood fire, but is not nearly as hot as dragonfire.

Weapon Use: Trained from birth to be a soldier for his people, Szesh is proficient with many common melee weapons, though he prefers spears and short swords

The Emblazoned Sun: After an encounter with Trajan Meng, Szesh acquired his enchanted warhammer: the Emblazoned Sun. He received no information about the hammer and is slowly figuring out its abilities (almost entirely by accident). Through an enchantment the hammer gathers and stores energy from the sun's light, creating a reservoir of magical power from which Szesh could draw if he had any magical abilities. Much like the sun traveling across the sky, the charging process is slow and gradual, and it can only hold so much energy. The enchantment must also be renewed by the original enchanter, Crassus Silvermoor, in Vel Anir every 1-2 years, depending on usage. Szesh is unaware of this mechanic and its requirement for re-enchantment, and likewise knows nothing of Crassus Silvermoor.

  • Bulwark: With the Emblazoned Sun charged, Szesh may slam the head of the warhammer into the ground and create a dome of shimmering protection around himself with a radius of five meters. The dome deflects magical energy akin to how shaped armor deflects blows, and expels magic already inside the dome. No effect on physical projectiles or forces. Will also expel the magic of Szesh and his allies within the dome. Szesh is unaware of this ability.

  • Iron Skin: With the Emblazoned Sun charged, Szesh may touch the head of the warhammer with his left hand and instantly turn his skin into a magical form of dark gray metal. While it does not make him impervious to physical attacks, it offers an incredible amount of protection without loss of mobility (though it is tiring, like wearing plate armor). Lasts only a short time. Less effective against blunt weapons designed to crush armor. Szesh has used this ability and is becoming more familiar with it.


Szesh's imposing appearance causes most people to keep their distance, and this suits him just fine. His past has made him naturally distrustful and closed off, but he secretly enjoys the company of the few true companions he has found throughout his travels. Raised as a warrior, he prefers to solve problems through brute force and readily resorts to violence.

Szesh feels deep shame and disgust towards himself because of his past. However, he has a strong will to survive in a desperate attempt to prove he is worthy of life.

More recently, Szesh has begun to open up just a little bit more. While still intensely guarded and standoffish, he has begun to see the merit of forming closer bonds with others. This began when he was forced to interact with a small group of travelers on a ship for several months, and it has continued to develop over the course of his travels.

He likes cats.

Biography & Lore

Szesh was raised in the high mountains of the Spine, in a small village called Halzeth, nestled beneath a large rock overhang. Draconian eggs are incubated in predetermined clutches, and Szesh’s was assigned to the soldier caste. Since birth, his life was dominated by harsh training and a strong emphasis on honor, glory in combat, and protecting his people. Though the conditions were harsh, Szesh excelled in combat, reveled in victory, and deeply loved his brothers and sisters.

Szesh betrayed all of that when he killed a fellow soldier. No one knows what started the fight, and Szesh has remained silent on that point. He was brought before his village elders, for trial and sentencing. Two sentences existed for murder in his village: death or exile. Szesh asked for death, by far the more honorable of the two, but his request was denied. Because of the severity of killing not only a villager, but a fellow soldier, he was banished from his village and his mountain home.

Before his banishment, however, he had to be marked. The mark of an exile is a deep, paradoxically beautiful design carved into the back of the condemned. Its pattern was conceived by ancient scholars and healers, and is based on draconian physiology. By cutting through specific areas between the wings, it ensures that while the cut will close and scar, the pain will never cease. It is meant to be a constant reminder, and is a loathed and shameful symbol to bear.

In the decades that followed, Szesh found work in the one thing he knew: violence. He found easy work bringing in bounties (less easily bringing them in alive), and occasionally took up mercenary work. Having already lost all honor amongst his people, there was no job too dirty. His spartan upbringing meant he was comfortable sleeping in the wilderness and hunting for most of his food. The work kept him busy and distracted from the pain, and the coin kept his weapons sharp and allowed him occasional indulgences.

The events of the Shattered City destroyed his home village. He is still dealing with what that means for him as an exile, but cannot avoid the intense feelings of loss and anger associated with it.

As the decades of exile wear on, Szesh has met many people and experienced many things. He is beginning to come to terms with his banishment and the actions of his past. He is beginning to allow himself a small semblance of self-acceptance, and he is beginning to adhere more strongly to a code of ethics based on his former life.

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