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Wilhelm Anireth

Gap Year Prince
Character Biography
The King looked as though he had just eaten something rotten.

"You... volunteered?" his mother asked, clutching at a locket around her throat as though it might bring her some small comfort. Wilhelm kept his face perfectly smooth but his eyes fixed on the figure at the other end of the table. His bag sat on the table in front of him and the King seemed unable to take his eyes off of it as his grimace grew worse. Oh it was so hard not to smile.

"Yes, mother. Lynus and Kezzie maybe content to flounce about the castle doing luncehons and picking out tapestries, but I am not. Our family need to stop walling themselves up in here and be seen."

"But this voyage--"

"Is a perfect opportunity to prove to everyone we're not weak puppets," he said firmly and his mother flinched as though he had slapped her across the face. He regretted his choice of words but the truth was harsh. The Anireth's appeared like nothing more than pretty dolls that could be paraded about when the Kingdom needed a shiny figurehead. If he was going to be forced to be a part of this family, then he was going to change it. The King said nothing and after a strained silence he picked up his bag and marched from the palace. When nobody tried to stop him he took it as his fathers blessing.

The docks of Vel Luin were a hive of activity. Once, when he had been a small child, he had uncovered an anthill and sat and watched for hours as they frantically went about their lives. It had seemed chaos to begin with but after a while he had worked out there was an order to the frenzy. He was reminded of the memory as he watched the men and women scurry over the docks now. The Dauphin was a beauty with with six sails, a bowsprit, foresail, mizzen, spritsail and two topsails, was one of the newest advancements in ship building technology. Whilst not designed primarily for speed, it had enough cargo space to be a good transporter whilst not sacrificing room for weapons to defend it from pirates. With war on the horizon not only with Cortos again, but this hulking Empire, the Guard were sending more supplies to the West such as weapons and food so that the barracks were well stocked when the time came.

The General of the West had mentioned the need for someone to oversee the voyage which would include some initiates and other guardsmen, and Wil had leapt at the chance to be away from his family for a month.

"Your Highness," Wil half turned to the voice, still uncomfortable with the titles that had returned upon his arrival back to the city, and offered the Captain a sure smile. "We're almost ready to leave. The initiates should be arriving soon."
Proctor Gamble looked at Lumen over the top binding of the book he held. He seemed as affronted as she was at this meeting. Though, she maintained the correct air of respect and humility for any Proctor addressing an initiate. Even if she strongly disagreed with the orders.

A light clear of her throat. "Proctor Gamble. My scores and training might indicate that I would be better suited-"

"Initiate Adagio," he barked, agitation flaring in his eyes set on retirement. "You will make it a priority to stand by Prince Wilhelm's side and protect him at all costs. Do you understand me?"

Lumen saw the order as a slap in the face. And her mind raced for what she might have recently done wrong. She'd been sent on a lot of missions recently and viewed it as a good thing. But now she was put on 'babysitting a royal' duty? Even after the Revolution, the royal family seemed like they'd always been. Just...there. Puppets to be used by whoever was really in control.

Tawny-eyes dropped for a moment before her shoulders squared as she swallowed any sigh of resignation. "Yes sir."

The next day, she was at the docks. This was the second time she'd been here and the first she'd seen The Dauphin. A quick glance around at her fellow initiates. "Do any of you get seasick?"
Eventually, Proctor Gamble would have spoken to Aelita to give her the same mission as Lumen.

Rather than attempt to protest as her peer did, Aelita replied with a cheerful, “Yes, sir! Anything else I may know? Before departing?

Such was Aelita’s usual response to her superiors, be they Anirian Guard officers or Academy Proctors. While she complains to her fellow Initiates about moronic Proctors such as Proctor Palahniuk, she attempted to keep things neat and professional in front of their faces.

But rather than the Falwood, or podunk redneck towns, or journeys with malevolent peers, this was a cruise with the Party Prince.

Not bad.

Though in the back of her mind, she knew she would most likely just be treated as the help and stuck dealing with insufferable nobles.

Along with the other Initiates and Lumen, Aelita arrived at the dock. Her eyes widened at the sight of The Dauphin. Undoubtedly, this was the most impressive ship Aelita saw in person.

Looking to Lumen, Aelita asked with a smile, “Ginger drops again?"

She assumed before seeing if that was what Lumen offered.

"Awesome, taking care of us all the time.

Moving ahead of the group, Aelita walked up the gangplank to the ship’s deck. She came dressed in her typical armor, staff strapped to her back, and a rucksack containing what she (thought she) would need for the mission.

Once onboard, Aelita would seek out the Captain and approach with a salute. She would recognize him by the appropriate signal for rank in the Anirian Navy.

Since accurate images of even infamous nobles were few and far in between, Aelita would not immediately react to the Prince’s presence if he still remained at the Captain’s side.
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The Academy had encountered none of the resistance exhibited by Aelita and Lumen in assigning Silas Artesto this mission. The hungry young warrior had been passed over on some assignments as of late that he felt he would have been perfect for, and anything that they were willing to offer him up now, he intended to execute with flying colors. If nothing else, that should show them the talent they were sleeping on.

Now that he was actually here on the dock though, it looked as though he'd suddenly became uncomfortable in his own skin. The blonde initiate squirmed and shifted beside Aelita and Lumen, his lips twitching with the soft, nearly imperceptible bob of The Dauphin on the water.

Why did he think he'd be okay with this?

"I wouldn't say sick. I just... really don't like the ocean."

He wasn't about to tell two hot blonde women that he couldn't swim, or that he was afraid of sinking. He wasn't trying to impress them but... well, he knew how rumors spread. It wasn't just the abundance of water that bugged him though, but the lack of running room on a boat. Reaching up to pull at the collar of his bodysuit, he bit his cheek.

"Plus it's so cramped on boats. How am I supposed to spend any energy? No room to run anywhere up there..."

Still, he followed Aelita as she ventured on, attempting to ignore his own worries. They were supposed to watch some Prince right? Help him get the ship from point A to point B? Seemed easy enough, but he doubted it if the Dreadlords were involved. No, they had to be expecting trouble, right?
A muscle in Captain Iroh's cheek pulsed and Wil smothered a smile. From what little he knew of the woman she was a noble herself from some minor house connected to the Weiroons and had joined the Navy specifically to escape the constraints of noble life. She'd shared more than one story with him the night before about the life on the high seas and the freedom it gave to those who dared to sail upon it.

"No need for that," she said briskly. "Are you all here?" she ran her dark eyes over the children gathered then nodded with another slight grimace. "Your quarters are below deck, get settled and we should be setting off soon. This is --"

"Wil," the Prince cut in smoothly and sketched a little bow back. "The Prince's Steward."

Captain Iroh stared at him and for a moment he thought she might give the game away but she continued smoothly.

"The Prince isn't to be disturbed. If there are any issues, you may take them to... Wil, here," she nodded and then turned smartly on her heel and left.
"Here," she pressed a roll of ginger drops into Silas' hands and gently closed his fingers around them. "Just in case. If you don't need 'em," she shrugged. "If you do, then you have 'em before it becomes an issue." A squeeze of her fingers over his hand before they fell back down to her side.

"You could always climb the masts," she offered to his last statement right before they were addressed by the Captain. Which Lu immediately had a little bit of a girl-hero crush on. A woman in charge? Looking the way she did. She definitely deserved to be on Ysobel's wall alongside Mercer.

And then there was this guy.

A quick glance over his better-than-average clothes. Softer looking hands. Fancy ring on one. And he bowed.

At least the Captain and her men and women could protect themselves. This softie on the other hand...

"Prince Wilhelm Anireth's steward's name is Wil?" Light brows lofted as she looked him over, thinking of two things at once but not voicing either of them. "I'm Lumen, that's Aelita, and that's Silas. Can you show us his quarters since one of us will need to be close to him at all times."
Below Deck

Crime, in general, was always difficult when in Anirian Territory.

Whether it was thievery, smuggling, or a good old spot of piracy it had always been fact that those with criminal intent were often presented with more opposition in Vel Anir than most other places. The Guard was watchful, the laws were harsh, and generally speaking it was easier to pull a job elsewhere.

But that didn't mean no one tried.

"Are ya daft son? Can't you answer me." Mako stared at the man for a brief moment, and then slowly shook his head. A look of consternation flickering over the older Sailor's face, then suddenly realization snapping over his features. "Ah! You're that new mute lad, aren't ye?"

His head slowly tipped in a nod again. "Ah, sorry 'bout that lad. Was told you were coming on, you been sailing for the Navy Long?"

Another nod, and a lie that thanks to a small bribe and a favor owed would come back as true if someone checked. Not that anyone on this ship would be capable of doing so very soon. "Alright well, get the rest of your shit up there."

The sailor said, pointing to the cubby which Mako had been given down where the sailors slept.

"You were hired a Rig Monkey, so no use keepin you below decks." A smile finally formed on the young man's lips, and he nodded as he followed the sailor up to the deck above.
Yes, ma’am!” was Aelita’s energetic reply to Captain Iroh.

With the Captain gone, Aelita’s attention turned toward “Steward Wil.” She maintained just a smile as she looked over the fancied dressed man. No reaction similar to what Lumen displayed. She gave a nod of her head toward Wil as Lumen mentioned her name.

Looking forward to work with you, Mister Wil.

Aelita would give a glance over to Silas to see how the third would introduce himself. After that and regardless of how Wil addressed Lumen’s request, Aelita sought to clarify one thing.

Is it right that the Prince leads this ship over the Captain?

Normally a ship's Captain had total control, but it would not hurt to know which party to scream at in case pirates show up.

Aelita gave no visible response to Mako's emergence on the deck.
Silas gave a small bow to The Captain and 'Wil', whom Silas immediately felt off about. One of Artesto's greatest assets was his intuition, and it had gotten him out of traps and sticky situations on plenty of occasions in the past. This time, however, he was already so frazzled over his discomfort for the sea that he didn't think it wise to voice the conclusion he'd already formed in his head.

Instead he focused on squeezing those drops Lumen had passed him tightly, letting the press of them against his palm keep his attention in check. He'd have to remember to thank her when his nerves had settled a bit. "Captain. Steward. It's a pleasure, both of you." He did his best to swallow his uneasiness and slide his hands behind his back to puff his chest out.

In this rare instance his instinct to defer to an authority figure somewhat superseded his own queasiness. Perhaps just keeping his eyes on the prize was the answer here, yes...

"I'm Lumen, that's Aelita, and that's Silas. Can you show us his quarters since one of us will need to be close to him at all times."

Silas' finally starting to settle face twitched again, this time in a mix of annoyance and protest. Okay, yes, the ocean wasn't his home field, but he didn't need to be coddled. Lumen liked to try and big sister everybody who wasn't a candidate for being a mail scammer, and while some small part of him was flattered at her concern, he had a place she could stick it.

"I'm fine, really. It's best we all know where to find one another though, it's true. Where will the two of you be located most often in case of emergency?"
The Prince put on his best, charming smile. A smile that had once made the young Lady Urahil faint if the stories were to be believed.

"Of course, though I will warn you the Prince does not like to be disturbed and keeps to his cabin, which he prefers to remain locked. He doesn't deal with the sea well, you see, and prefers to deal with the... upset in private," he spoke in a conspirators whisper so as not to be overheard by the rest of the crew and gently ushered the Initiates towards the stairs that would lead them below decks. "You see, he likes to dress me up and give me his name so that to the crew he looks a great man seasoned to the sea, and, as a decoy. If any enemies believe me to be the Prince himself, well, then he is more safe," he shrugged.

"It's not a safe job, but it pays the bills, no?" he grinned and offered a hand to Aelita as the ship lurched, to steady her should she need it.

"As for your question, mad'am, I am not sure who takes the precedent but the Captain's stare makes my balls want to climb back up inside me, so I'd be listening to her personally. Ah, here we are," he stopped in front of a set of double doors. "This is the Prince's rooms and then these, are yours," he motioned to the two doors either side. "I'm afraid you'll have to 'bunk up' but the hammocks are pretty cozy."
You see, he likes to dress me up

Oh, so he was kind of like a decoy-doll. Another person they'd have to protect. At least they were on a ship right now and whatever danger was contained. Or, they'd see it coming with pirates or kivren. Popping into one of the rooms, she discarded her things, keeping them meticulously in order as she put them by a hammock.

Bunking up and hammocks didn't bother her. She'd had a few missions under her belt with bedrolls lined up on cold, hard ground with maybe an inch between sleeping bodies.

Stepping out of the room, her eyes found Wil's. "If it comes down to it, do you know how to fight? Any self-defense?"

She had to assess how much of a liability he would be. A quick glance to the closed, double doors and a silent decision made.
Mako scooted passed the gaggle of children with an odd look, raising an eyebrow for a brief moment and making an odd face though not saying anything in the moment.

He didn't really know who, or what even, was aboard the vessel. The only information he'd had was simply that there was something important aboard, and the prize could catch a pretty penny if properly exploited. Information was hard to come by, and details even more so.

"So, don't think I really gotta tell you what to do, eh?" The sailor who was acting as his guide asked as the two of them reached the top of the steps.

Mako quickly shook his head.

He'd spent almost the entirety of his life aboard a ship. This vessel was bigger than the Crow, but adding sails to a ship didn't really make it much more complicated. The principal was always the same, and just from looking the rigging was even better set up.

Something he supposed he should be thankful for. "Aye, well then you best get to it, we'll be off soon and the sails won't unfurl themselves, eh?"

Mako nodded, though nudged the man before he left. He gestured to the stairs, and then placed his hand on his chest as though measuring something. Making an inquisitive face.

"Wa? Oh. The kids you mean?" A nod tipped the Pirates head. "Initiates, from the Academy. Here to protect the Prince."

Oh. Mako thought to himself, suddenly realizing what the valuable cargo aboard actually was.
Aelita followed Wil and the group. She eagerly looked around as they journeyed across and through the ship. No reaction given to Wil’s story of being dressed up by the prince.

The vessel rocked. Aelita’s armed stretched out as if to balance herself. She took Wil’s hand once he offered it.

Thank you,” she said with a smile.

As Wil began to answer her question, Aelita turned her attention to him. Aelita gave a quick snicker when Wil described how the Captain’s stare affect him.

We’ve had worse sleeping arrangements,” Aelita told Wil as he showed the Initiates their quarters.

Aelita placed her single backpack upon the ground next the hammock. A glance was afforded toward Silas to see how he was managing on the now moving boat.

Upon exiting their quarters, Aelita heard Lumen’s question to Wil. After hearing that, Aelita examined the undercover Prince herself – taking a mental note of any weapons in his possession. She did see Wil having a bit of mass to his build – yet his clothes made it less obvious on if it was cultivated through training or leisure.
"He doesn't deal with the sea well, you see, and prefers to deal with the... upset in private,"

Must be nice. Silas thought to himself, very much wishing he could have a moment to breathe and try to calm his nerves a bit further than he'd already managed. Swallowing the discomfort that still bubbled in his gut, he stuck close to Wil and the others, occasionally allowing his eyes to stray to the colorful cast of crew members that seemed to litter the ship like ants.

A lot of people to keep eyes on...

Their guide was expanding upon his role here, bringing one of Silas' brows up as he looked at the frilly-dressed man. "Yet you'll tell a bunch of strangers all about the little arrangement. That's too trusting, even of people you've hired." It seemed funny to Artesto that he'd be so open with it, unless the real Prince wasn't privvy to his double's loose lips. "But I guess..." He shrugged, "I'm not going to tell you how to do your job."

While Lumen asked her own questions, Silas followed Aelita into one of the rooms, tossing the bag he'd brought along onto the floor recklessly and stretching his arms over his head, his body trembling a bit before he brought his hands to his face, patting the clouds from his vision.

"Ugh... I guess this can't be any worse than the time we had to sleep in that livestock wagon. The smell... I still get nauseous thinking about it." He appeared to regain his composure and cast a glance at Aelita as she scanned 'Wil'. "See something?"
Wil had been about to slip inside his cabin to find a book to go and occupy himself with on deck when the annoying blonde reappeared. He made himself give her a practised, patient and friendly smile.

"Of course. I completed my service," as did every good Anirian though in Wil's case he technically hadn't. His service had been far from the norm, protecting a sister he had rarely seen, and had been given by a rough house group of Guards who had probably taught him far more about real fighting than the guard ever would have. He patted the hilt of his sword for good measure and gave her a more reassuring grin. "He hasn't died yet has he?" and with that he entered the room and promptly shut the doors in Lumen's face.

Then locked the doors for good measure.

"Bloody woman," he muttered and began to rummage for the book.
Lumen stared at the closed door, unimpressed. A royal softie who was cocky and rude. Typical and unsurprising. Still, he and the prince fell under the category of who they had to protect and she would not fail in her duty to serve.

Turning from the closed door, she looked to Silas, her face softening.

"You doing okay?"

A breath drawn as she looked between Aelita and Silas. Two fellow initiates who'd gone through hell to get to this point in their careers. And though they all looked young, any sort of childhood had been forced out of them long ago.

"You want to draw straws to see who gets stationed outside this door first? We should probably rotate on shifts." Lumen just hoped the fates would not give her a short straw. She wanted to explore the ship. Take inventory of who and what was on board.
So it was the Prince of Vel Anir himself, how very interesting.

Radic didn't tend to like ransom jobs, and with Dreadlords involved Mako doubted that the Captain would want to go chasing this ship, but that didn't mean there wasn't profit to be had. Like always, there was a different scheme that could be played here.

He'd just have to make sure it got set up.

A whistle sounded, the First Mate calling for sails.

Mako moved swiftly, darting onto the rigging and quickly climbing as the calls went out all around the ship. Knots were undone, ropes pulled back, and quickly it became apparent that their journey was about to begin. Sails unfurled, and below deck they would feel a shift as the ship slowly began to move.

Another whistle sounded, then the second.

This time it came from the dock master, and half a beat of the hear later a great horn blew which was the sign to give way. Mako crawled up to near the top of the mast, holding himself there as he watched the ship slowly begin to creep out from the harbor.

A smile stretching on his face as the wind rushed through his hair.
After “Wil” disappeared, Aelita leaned over to Lumen with a deadpan face.

I think he likes you,” she joked in a half-whisper.

Aelita shifted her feet as the ship continued to creep away from the harbor.

Lumen offered to draw lots. Aelita made a counter offer.

Placing a hand on her breastplate, Aelita announced, “Well, I’ll volunteer to spare you two the pain of the first watch. If we’re doing that, that is.

Gesturing between Lumen and Silas, Aelita added, “You two can fight for who takes second.
Lumen's genuinely caring voice was always a tad bit disarming; most of the other Initiates didn't really give two shits about things like phobias and weaknesses. They were all raised tougher than that, and there wasn't any time to be scared when you could die on any given mission, especially if you took your eye off the ball.

The corner of his lips curled up, just a bit, as he nodded to her. "I'll be fine soon as I have a minute, thanks." The ship had started moving, and so had his stomach, but he was pretty sure that would pass when he had a chance to sit down for a second. So, when Wil finally stole away to his own room and left them to decide sleeping arrangements and watch schedule, Silas quickly lowered himself to sit halfway in one of the hammocks.

Aelita had ignored his question, but Artesto couldn't be too upset with her when she was also willing to take first watch. It would be a good idea for at least one of them to stay awake during the night to keep an eye on things, but with the rather limited tour they'd been offered, it wouldn't be foolproof either.

Silas, giving a little sigh, slowly pulled off his gloves to wipe his brow with the palm of his hand.

"Thank's Ael. I'll take second, since it'll at least be easier for me to cover the whole ship. Lumen, if you wanna sleep, I'll wake you when it's your turn. By the time you finish it should be daylight." He peered across the room at Lumen, his offer of letting her go last his own way of thanking her for her patience.
Wil had absolutely no intentions of staying in his cabin now the ship had begun to move. It would not be long before the large sails carried them out of the protected port and out into the choppy open ocean ways. Once the ship was settled the men would relax and it would be the perfect time to crack open one of the numerous barrels of rum they had stashed on board. Wil had, of course, donated a healthy supply on top of the usual ship quota just in case the journey took longer than they expected.

Book in one hand he soon emerged into the corridor and whatever poor initiate or two happened to be standing around was soon swept up.

"Come have a drink!" he said to whichever initiate he had looped an arm around the neck of. "They do let you drink in the Academy, right? Bah! Never mind! What happens on the cruise, stays on the cruise."
I think he likes you,

Golden brows nearly disappeared into her hairline and a silent, unimpressed you-must-be-crazy look was leveled on her fellow blonde. But kriff is she didn't love her for volunteering for first watch. And Silas for second.

"I'll see if I can sleep during your watch, Si. For now I'm going to explore the ship. Maybe chat with the captain about the other crew onboard. Good luck Aelita."

For all their sakes she hoped Wil just stayed inside his room.

"You coming Si?" She'd wait to see if he would before going back up on deck. Her main focus would be on getting a layout of the ship for herself. Take stock of the other crew numbers. Perhaps get a roster from the Captain.

Honestly, that woman was on her top five list of heroes and she just hoped she kept all fangirling inside for the serious conversations she would need to have about the ship's safety.

Regardless, she'd be up on deck by the time Wil made his exit back out.
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By the time the kids ventured back up on deck Mako was back near one of the sail stays. The rope in his hand easily tying around the bit of railing as he re-secured the sail. Adjusting it as the helmsman had ordered. He offered a quick salute, and then stepped out.

The man who had lead him around earlier caught his attention with a whistle. "Think ye be done for the day boy, good work. Get some rest."

A silent nod came from the Pirate, and he quickly made his way below deck.

Though the first day was always the easiest, Mako found himself feeling surprisingly at home on the ship of Anirians. Perhaps it was because he was, for all intense and purposes, a simple sailor in the moment. There was no need for plotting or piracy, not yet, and being at sea had always relaxed him.

Moving quietly down the stairs, Mako came to a stop as he happened upon Wil and the Initiate whom he'd swept his arm around.

Eyebrows raised as the boy mentioned drink, and a cheeky smile pulled at his lips. He pointed at Wil, and then made a drinking motion before pointing to himself.
Before Lumen departed, Aelita would lean over and finally give Silas his answer now that Wil was not present.

Saw Mister Wil had an interesting ring. One way to tell them apart, if they look too similar,” Aelita wrongly assumed and told Silas.

Then, Aelita would give a farewell wave to Lumen (and Silas if he left).

In the short time between Lumen departing and Wil reemerging, Aelita went back into the Initiates’ quarters. She grabbed a clean bucket and a small jar of linseed oil from her sack. She brought both outside and flipped the bucket upside down to use it as a stool by Wil’s door. She then proceeded to begin maintenance on her plate armor – or at least, starting with the gauntlets – by cleaning it and reapplying fresh oil.

But before Aelita could even get to the second gauntlet, Wil emerged and looped an arm around her neck.

Aelita’s eyes caught a glimpse of the ring. She heard Wil’s offer of a drink.

And grinned.

Mister Wil,” she began, “The Proctors definitely don’t condone drinking...

Then, Mako’s appearance caught Aelita’s attention. She saw him mime out taking a drink.

Haha!” she chuckled before glancing over to Wil and adding, “But it’s not against the rules if they don’t find out, right?
Silas offered a curt nod to Lumen, waving her off with a hand. "You go on ahead. As soon as my stomach settles, I'll come find you." While he was beginning to ease into the constant swaying motion of the ship, tumbling waves of uneasiness were still rocking about in his gut. Just a bit longer, and he'd feel a little bit more confident about heading above deck again.

Lumen departed, and Aelita busied herself cleaning one of her gauntlets. She'd mentioned the ring, but something still seemed off to him. He couldn't help the gut feeling they weren't being told something. He leans back for a minute, watching her somewhat boredly before piping up. "You get the feeling he's not telling us something? I'm wondering if maybe Wil is actually--"

You couldn't have timed the entrance of the man much worse; he all but barged in and snagged Aelita up as though she were an old friend, insisting she accompany him for drinks and revelry. Silas raised a rather conentious eyebrow at the supposed double, but Wil was either ignoring him or all too aware of the suspicion; he was gone before Artesto could suggest otherwise.

Silas was alone in the bunkroom, the swaying ship gently tugging at his guts as he watched him disappear with his comrade. To say that Silas wasn't sure about the idea of Aelita getting drunk on a mission was a bit of an understatement. She had a bit of a reputation for... well, a particular brand of havoc.

Nothing to be done about it. As much as he wanted to rest, he didn't like the idea of laying down here like a lazy sod while the two of them got the lay of things up above. So, clenching his teeth and hoisting himself up to his feet from the bunk, Silas swallows down his nausea and goes to find Lumen.

"Wait up..." He called out to her as he managed to make trace her steps "Guess I'm coming with you after all, since Aelita bailed on me, and I don't much feel like ruminating on my thoughts down there."
"I like your way of thinking, Dreadlord. You'll go far in this city I'm sure of it," Wil, of course, had no actual idea how far it would get an initiate. A tiny voice at the back of his mind wondered whether it was wise to give a walking magic death trap alcohol but he ignored it. If - if - something bad happened because she was too intoxicated then it was a learning curve for everyone, especially Wil, who would know that Dreadlords could not be given alcohol after midnight much like a Gremlin.

"Ah! Another fine man," Wil exclaimed, looping his other arm around Mako's neck and setting off to find themselves a place to drink.

"I don't suppose either of you have got cards, hm? Or dice?"