Greetings Fellow Adventures.


Hello there!

I noticed this while lookin for some inspiration for a D&D game that i host for couple of groups and as i looked around the lore.(just being a quick skim over it) I thought taking a part of this community might be both a wonderful experince and also help me get some inspirations from my fellow users as we make a story with a combined effort.

But enough explanation of why im here you may call me Dan and like the name suggests im a male but meh who knows these days, but yea my Dms are open and I look forward of alowly learning more about the lore and the people here.

Maho 'Jerik' Sparhawk

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Welcome Dan!

Be sure to get in the discord if you haven't already btw, (chat at the top), as you can get all the help you need question wise.

The Welsh Paddy

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I actually had a mate called Danielle who I called Dan, although she wasn't particularly keen on me calling her that it did grow on her in the end. >.>

Anywho. We've already spoken a bit on your Long Journey thread, but welcome all the same!