Kara Orin

Kara Orin

Biographical information
Village near Elbion 352 18
Physical description
Human Female 5'6" (168 cm) Black Blue White
Political information
College of Elbion
Out-of-character information
3/4/2019 Satsuki from Kill La Kill

Kara Orin is a recent addition to the College of Elbion.


Born to farmers in the year 352, Kara lived the early years of life in poverty. Her parents could barely afford to farm enough on their personal land to feed a family with 5 kids – Kara included. She grew up in a village near Elbion. Kara’s sharp mind gained notice from fellow villagers early in her life. However, they found the precocious child to be uncanny at times. Outside her family and a few close friends, Kara did not interact much with others her age.

Near the age of 12, Kara’s family enjoyed a stroke of luck as the Cairou River Trading Company (CRTC) bought rights to the crops from her family’s personal land. The CRTC discovered that one of the crops grown on the land was fairly cheap to produce near Elbion yet could be shipped eastward at a high markup. With the money, Kara’s family managed to release themselves from their bondage to the land and gained the last name of Orin.

Kara’s family then moved to Elbion. Her parents and grown siblings gained employment in the CRTC. Kara and her youngest siblings began to receive a private education. Occasionally, Kara would be brought along with her parents or one of her siblings to help out at the CRTC – becoming something like a mascot at the Port District branch.

At the age of 16, Kara applied to the College of Elbion without warning. In the tests and trials that followed, she demonstrated a high enough level of magical ability that earned her a scholarship to the College. Soon after turning 17, she began her time as student in the College of Elbion…

Personality and traits

To most, Kara is rather aloof and indifferent. Still, Kara knows how to present herself to strangers to avoid appearing rude - sometimes... She rarely expresses genuine feelings to strangers and acquaintances. This keeps her list of friends to a very short list.

To the few she calls genuine friends, and especially to her family, Kara is expressive and upbeat – earnestly enjoying the good moments with them and tolerant of any annoyances or disagreements that occur. Now that she lives primarily in the College when in Elbion and has begun traveling with Maesters and students, she writes very frequently to family and friends.

Since an early age, Kara has held a level of maturity beyond her years. In addition, Kara is easily able to learn new skills and “trivia” topics – sometimes without anyone knowing that she did. Kara’s habit of “spontaneously” learning things has given her family concern throughout the years. Though, it is something they try to avoid discouraging.

Powers and abilities

Despite a lack of formal magical training, Kara possesses magical ability at a level high enough to earn a scholarship at the College of Elbion. This is not uncommon enough to be noteworthy even among the faculty. Yet the only thing of note is how Kara achieved this without her family being aware of her powers – which while not ruining their relationship, makes her parents worried about what else Kara could be keeping from them.


Kara has practical knowledge of Rune Magic. She gained a scholarship to the College of Elbion via rune stones of her creation. The capabilities of these runes stones include abilities such as:
  • Earthen Wall - A rune stone that will form a short wall upon touching the ground after activating.
In addition, Kara has used a runic sword and dagger that has displayed a few abilities such as:
  • Momentum Shift - Kara transfers momentum from one object to another. Runic magic circles materialize at the two objects that would have their momentum transferred.
  • Tracking Emblem - A spell visually similar to one that she saw Phillpa Ebonheart use. It allows Kara to track those she places the emblem on.
Beyond obvious Rune Magic, Kara has displayed several spells such as:
  • Enhance Strength - Kara touches her right shoulder and activates a spell. The result is an increase to her body strength.
Despite living in the Elbion region for her life, Kara also had knowledge of the Vel Aniran's Forsaken, their brand, and claimed to have a method of defeating it. The method required branding a rune on the subject and using blood magic to activate the rune.


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