Velaeri the Dawnbringer


Biographical information
Unknown Unknown
Physical description
Gryphon (Magically Enhanced) Female 9 feet at the wither Roughly 9000lbs Blue
Political information
Unaffiliated Set'harta's Peak Unknown "Dawnbringer" "Vela"
Out-of-character information
Velaeri August 12, 2018 "Bringer of the Sun" by Kipine of DeviantArt

At first glance and at a distance, this is your typical gryphon. Eagle-like head with mobile, pointed ears set atop the body of a massive wildcat baring talon'd avian forelimbs, massive wings at the shoulder, and a long, feathered, lashing tail. Upon closer inspection you find something quite a bit... more.

For starters, this is not a normal gryphon size. It is massive. Roughly thrice the size of normal stock. There's an explanation for this somewhere out in the wild blue yonder. Secondly it is a she. For those who venture against those instincts telling them to get as far away as possible, there's something quite magical about this gryphon and it's not meant in a terrible pun sort of way. There's a glimmer to her feathered self that gives her a faint gilded appearance - this has made her feathers quite the prize for collectors. Her eyes are a strange wash of unnatural blue - bright even in the dimmest of lights. Her feline portion is a rich, wheaten gold in color, dappled by faint leopard rosettes that grow in dark with her winter coat. Those talons on her forelimbs are quite long and venerable - they've seen plenty of use rending flesh, scales and armor alike. That beak? You might imagine it capable of crushing a human skull with ease and you wouldn't be far from the truth. Her figure, like most of her kind, is lean and solid muscle; her wings broad and flat - meant for climbing to great altitudes and gliding for extended periods of time, not for speed.

Sometimes she may appear bedecked in a custom-fitted leather harness finished with polished brass hardware. Well worn and maintained, it has seen lots of use and good care. This would be your first clue that somewhere this gryphon has a friend or....perhaps a Master.

Other times she may be found carrying through the air a great woven basket filled with supplies.

At night beneath the light of the moon she gives off a strange, faint blue glow.

The traveling companion might even remark the sudden appearance of arcane symbols - yet always they are gone before one can get a good look.

Quiet, regal, poised, and perhaps a bit vain, there doesn't seem to be much difference between this giant gryphon and her normal kin. Like most she seems to hold herself in high regard and demonstrates a level of pride that is befitting of a Queen. She is often on the go, traveling across the broad expanse of the lands on some errand or another. Many people have only seen her in passing but at such a distance to remain ignorant of her unique presence. Some few have known her well and used her carrier and delivery services for years. They speak of her dependability and great care with packages. Of her gentile nature that so often attracts the wonder of small children. Of the fierce protection of her dignity for slights against herself and her companions.

Unlike the common gryphon Velaeri has a strange connection to humans. It has been guessed that she was raised by one judging by the familiarity she employs while working with them. Some have even claimed to have heard her voice, though if this is true then she is a creature of few words. Whatever great secrets she keeps they are well guarded and her motivations just as private and elusive.

As rare within her own kind as it is for the land dwellers. Velaeri is possessed of otherworldly abilities that give her wings power of weightlessness to carry great burdens and her blood the essence of life to heal those who are worthy. Her mind is as sharp as the claws she cuts with and with it slices into the thoughts of others in order to speak her own. What other powers remain at work here are yet to be discovered.

The legends speak of the Golden Queen whose command of the skies was unbroken. Who fought against dragons and won. Whose feathers gifted willingly lent a lightness of foot to the lucky recipient. Whose offered blood holds remarkable healing properties. Whose very presence calms even the most frantic of minds and hearts. Of the gilded wings who bring with them the rejuvenating light of day.

But those are just legends ... right?

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