Laqueta Hala Kritana


First Name - Laqueta (The Quiet One)
Middle Name - Hala (The Aura of Light Around the Moon)
Last Name - Kritanta (God of Death)
Birthplace - Alliria
Age - 376 Years Old
Home - None
Race - Elf
Social Class - Lower
Gender - Female
Sexuality - Bisexual
Language - Common, Elvish, Orcish, and Dwarvish
Height - 5' 9"
Weight - 187lbs
Hair - Dark Brown, Long
Eyes - Lilac Purple
Skin - Pale Peach
Affiliations - None
Occupation - Assassin

Appearance (Detailed)

Laqueta has a tall, thin, curvy figure with bold lilac eyes and long, dark brown hair. She often wears her hair in a low ponytail and black or lilac piece of cloth to cover her mouth. She has multiple piercings on her ears including the following. Lobe (standard), lobe (upper) industrial, helix, and orbital. She also has a small tattoo located on her inner, right wrist that says in cursive writing 'never forget'.

Things She's Good at Doing, Understanding, or Has a Lot of

Intellect - Cultures, Devices, Healing, Navigation, Reading And Writing, And Speaking Different Languages
Acumen - Investigating, Streetwise, Survival, And Gambling
Agility- Climbing, Contortion, And Acrobatics
Coordination - Marksmanship And Lockpicking
Physique - Running And Stamina

Skills and Abilities


Divine Power - Increases Her Strength, Skill In Combat, And Speed
Divine Takeover - Turn Her Into An Elf Form Of Kritanta (God of Death)
Divine Resurrection - Resurrects a Single Ally And Temporarily Increases Their Strength, Skill In Combat, And Speed
Soul Bind - Traps A Single Dead Enemy's Soul To Prevent Resurrection
Divine Summon - Summons A Shinigami To Fight Along Her Side
Eternal Hope - Heals All Nearby Allies
Abiding Death - Weakens All Nearby Enemies
Blades Of Fatality - Summons Twin Katanas (The Favored Weapon Of Kritanta)


Favored - Any Dark Magic Or Divine Attacks Do Not Affect Her

One With The Shadows - Her Footsteps Cannot Be Heard
Experienced - Her Blades Make No Sound When Using A Melee Attack







-Paranoid (Subtle)
-Depressed (Concealed)
-Gloomy (Concealed)


Laqueta was born and raised in Alliria by her grandmother (father's side) as her mother had abandoned her when she was young and her father died in war. Due to her family being poor, not to mention in debt, she was not sent to school but was rather taught everything by her grandmother. When Laqueta was almost 57 years old, her grandmother passed away from terrible illness and her grandmother's debt fell to herself. She then became an assassin and slowly paid back her grandmother's debt, continuing to teach herself history, other languages, and different subjects by reading books or asking strangers, as she had no friends or acquaintances at the time other than her boss.
When she was 127 years old, she was finally free of debt and cut ties with her boss, saying she was becoming a freelance assassin and if he ever needed anyone dead, she could do it. She sold her grandmother's home and unnecessary belongings, continuing to assassinate others and go on quests. Around when she turned 200 years old, Laqueta began to play around with magic. Her favorite was divine magic and she began to regularly use it too, even buying a book of spells and carrying it around with her. She continues to assassinate for money and go on quests, although some people have been noticing all the assassinations and want the government to do something about. She's currently on the most wanted list and is constantly giving people fake info about her. To conceal her identity, she often wears a black cloak.

Character Made On - 6/21/19
{#1} Edited On - 11/16/19

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