Biographical information
Somewhere in the Eretejva Tundra Unknown Young
Physical description
Unknown, seemingly Human Male 4'8 (1.47 m) 88lbs (39.9 kg) Dark brown Hazel fair
Political information
Out-of-character information
Malachi Jackfrost, by [1]


Malachi appears to be a young Human boy about twelve years of age. He was pale, with harsh, sharp cheekbones and hazel eyes that were slightly sunken. A perpetual grimy film coated his face due to a vast amount of time living out in the wilderness. His hair was a thick, shaggy mess that gave him a wild look, constantly getting in his eyes to impair his view.

His clothing by far is a ragtag collection of what he could scavenge, bounding him from head to toe with strips of cloth, pants too big for his lanky frame, and a tunic with long, filthy sleeves that has seen better days. A dark cloak manages to shield him from the elements as much as it can, but for the most part, he ends up equally as muddy and sodden as his surroundings.[2]

Skills and Abilities

Living out in the wilds granted Malachi a few distinct survival skills. He was able to catch small wild game to eat and with his short stature, was able to keep out of sight and out of mind. He disliked being near large groups so he had a tendency to avoid large settlements unless he absolutely needed to. More often than naught, this was under the cover of night when there were fewer eyes to look about.


Malachi is inexperienced with magic, but there is a sense of some underlying potential there. For those few who can sense it, it seems to be raw and primeval in origin.


The young boy is easily wary of strangers and a loner. He keeps to himself and is even more tight-lipped about his background and history.

He can be easily annoyed and frustrated, becoming impatient at times. He rarely interacts with other species so it is difficult for him to relate to normal social norms. As he is young, this comes in direct conflict with his avid curiosity. Top it off with the growing pains of boyhood, he is wont to act based on his mood and humor rather than rational thought.

Biography & Lore

Very little is known about Malachi's history. He has wandered the northern wilds after finding himself alone on the basalt shores along the northern edge of the Blighted lands nearest to the isles of the Eretejva Tundra. There, the isolated villages and settlements lay scattered across the tundra of one of the most hostile regions of Epressa.

This is a region rich with ancient lore and traditions[3]. Here, the shadows seek after people. From what little Malachi could be coaxed to reveal is this:

"In that land, people knew no happiness. They had tears where their eyes should have been. They had fear where their hearts should have been. They had death where the sky should have been -- and they gave to the sky what was most precious to them."


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