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    A land once ruled by Dragons and Gods opens, but not every secret of Arethil's past is safe to uncover.


  1. Szesh

    Private Tales Verhandeln

    At the mouth of the Sayve river, at the eastern edge of Allir Reach. Szesh followed Captain Bronmarch's directions, and true to his word, Reikhurst was easily found. It was much, much larger than Szesh had anticipated. High walls surrounded what was once surely a glittering city, but that was...
  2. Crows Call

    Open Chronicles The War of the Kinniger Dutchy: Outriders

    As the battle for the Kinniger Dutchy rages on, some who fight the growing vampire menace have not seen it fit to stay on the defensive. The vampire clans and castles remain unhindered, it's about time someone did something about that... This is an extension of the battle for the Kiiniger...
  3. Xaldin Abelon

    Private Tales Blood Moon

    The afternoon sun beat down on the streets of Alliria unknowingly, unflinchingly. The heat washed over the bustling bodies parading through the alleys. City life never ceased. Xaldin, who spent most of his life in the tundra where no other life could be seen for eternities on end was never...
  4. Eren'thiel Xyrdithas

    Open Chronicles The Town of Gorinsbin

    The Spine Gorinsbin For some time now, the people of Gorinsbin have lived in a state of fear. With the rumours of wendigos roaming the woods near the town just south of them, paired with the struggles they themselves were forced to face, the collective anxiety only heightened. But it was not...
  5. L

    Open Chronicles The Pale Plague

    Allir Reach - Lirrien Lia wrenched her blade free as the pale man went crumpling to the ground. He landed on the forest floor with a sickening crunch, his body rolling over to his back. The odd features of his face came into better view under the light of the moon, his elongated canines, the...
  6. S

    Open Chronicles Vampires in the House up the Way

    Drunken table dancing. You run the idea by a sober person, and they're liable to say, What the hell is wrong with you? That's where the beer, ale, mead, wine, or--in this case--rum comes in. Then, you don't care if you look like an idiot. Hell, get a few other idiots to join you and convince...
  7. Felix Armon

    Private Tales Chance Meeting

    Felix Armon walked into a remote village where he had rented a room earlier. It was the dead of night and he had spent the whole day in the forest around this village, investigating the plants and animals of this area. Judging by the trees and terrain of this area he deduced that some special...
  8. Pierce Chial

    Private Tales The Neverending Dark

    Pierce would look almost, but not completely into, the near noon sun overhead. He and Korhbin were currently on a job. A job which require them to go find the cave in which a group of vampires were living. The vampires had recently taken the cave as a home, and had been terrorizing the residents...
  9. Core Lore Vampirism

    Detested across the lands of Arethil, Vampires have existed for as long as man and animal have roamed the land. But Vampires aren't born, rather they