Private Tales Whispers of Deceit

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Ysobel half-agreed with the things Perrine had been saying until her last offer. Had the familiar voice of her other half not made itself known, she would have declined it all. She was lonely and had a lot of feelings all the time that she couldn't quite work out. But despite her claims of misery, she was happy with him and wouldn't trade him for a life anywhere else. She wouldn't want to have a permanent tie to anyone else.

"Gaage-?!" Her head snapped towards the voice and she left him say what he needed to share before watching him leave through their front door. She stood once more and turned to Perri. "I'm sorry, Perri. Thank you for everything, but I'm afraid you should probably head back to the Academy before it gets late."

She didn't wait for a response before following through the door, barefoot and still in her pajamas.

"Gaage wait! I don't know what you heard, but you got it all wrong!"
She shouted after him, chasing after into the trees that surrounded the cabin. Some, not all. But in Ysobel's defense, she had assumed it was a mutual agreement that they had screwed up by being so careless. It sounded bad, but she had not meant it so negatively.

"Slow down!"
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The Dreadlord training instilled in her had Perrine whirling around, palming the first dagger at her hip as a new voice joined them in the room. Ah, Gaage Eberwhit. It certainly put many things into place, and Perrine now understood one of the last letters Ysobel had sent.

Before she arrived at the Academy, Perrine only heard through old gossip about the previous Initiates. She even remembered Gaage during her brief time at the Academy as Initiate, but pulled into duty due to her skill as a Healer.

As Ysobel gave her farewell, her blonde brows furrowed together. And miss the show?

Taking a box of the pralines, Perrine's fashionable boots clicked against the flooring as she then leaned in the doorway that was their front door. She popped a peppermint praline into her mouth, slowly chewing on it and watched the lovers. Emotional confrontations were a guilty pleasure, a situation she rarely found herself in but watching the Twins argue was one of her favourite past times.

Gaage Eberwhit Ysobel
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Gaage wasn't particularly hard to catch up to, even for a pregnant woman. He'd only made it past the fence when Ysobel came yelling after him. There was a large part of him that wanted to move faster, to escape into the trees where he could be alone, temper his anger and decide on what he needed to do next. He knew what he'd heard, and it didn't sound like there was much room for argument.

But still, something stopped him. Despite his rage, he loved Ysobel. He cherished every moment they spent together, and it was the idea that she might not feel the same way that infuriated him so. Against the wishes of his body, Eberwhit turned to face his half-dressed pursuer. He owed her this much, to hear some sort of explanation.

Because underneath the fury in his sunken amber eyes, he didn't want to believe what his ears had heard.

"What is there to get wrong?" Gaage snapped, raising his arms in frustration, "You said it yourself, that you've wasted an entire decade of your life in being here. That you're miserable, that you've lost your family!" It wasn't as though he was paraphrasing her, either. Those were more or less her exact words to the Proctor she'd so brazenly brought to their house. Pressing his palms to his chest, he continued. "I don't care about this fucking rebellion anymore, Yoh! I don't care about Gilram! All that I want is to be your family! I want to raise this kid with you, keep you happy and safe. You know why? Because those family members you lost? I lost them too. You think I don't miss some of those people every day? You know how often I curse myself for leaving Zael high and dry? It's every minute."

Gaage's words poured out faster than he could think of them, but eventually, he reached the end of his breath and dropped his arms to his sides, a look of both desperation and defeat plastered on his unshaven face.

"Delaney left me in the middle of the night. No goodbye, no reason given. When I come home to somebody giving you that same offer... Can you blame me for getting upset?"

Ysobel Perrine Urahil
Ysobel planted her feet in the ground, standing just before Gaage as he turned around to shout at her. She hadn't expected him to blow up, but then again she wasn't sure what all he heard until he began his yelling. Her arms crossed over her chest, squeezing herself tighter with each word she tried to shield herself against. Eyes locked onto the grass below, Ysobel was unable to bring herself to even look into his eyes.

He hadn't misheard her, no. But he had misinterpreted what she meant.

"Gaage..." She let him finish before speaking up. "I didn't mean that..." She held her breath for a moment, begging her eyes not to tear up. She had already been an emotional disaster for way too long. She'd been doing better. Sort of.

Not really.

She didn't move any closer when he finally threw his arms to his side.

"I love you, but-" it was always but. "You don't understand how I feel. You didn't hear me accept any offer for a reason. I would never leave you, but I miss the people I've known since I was a child. I lost my first family. Losing my second has been hard. I don't want to lose my third chance."

One tear fell...and then the next...

"Perrine told me...Caeso is dead. Did you even know him? He was my friend. And Lumen? I don't even know where she's gone. She was like a sister to me. Soleil? Gone. Not that you care, but I just found out all of this. Forgive me if I'm upset about not only abandoning my family, but hearing that they're dead or missing. You've had time to come to terms with the death of your friends. I haven't."

She finally looked up. "I am miserable, Gaage. But you would be too. I am sick all the time. I'm alone all the time. I'm not miserable because I'm with you. I'm miserable because I'm not with you and I'm so scared that something will happen to you one day and I won't be there to save you."
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As much as Perrine wanted to say something witty and aloof, she could not help but look at the two runaways.

And the love they spoke for each other.

It humbled the Urahil, who no longer leaned her tall frame against the entrance way. In all her time healing, teaching, and being at the whim of Felix, her cousin... Perrine had nothing. There was no one to fall into the arms of at the end of a tiring day, or someone to think of.

She was not needed. For the first time, it made her deflate a little. Shoulders falling as she turned back into the home and gathered her medical bags. Ugh. Was she moping now? Perri was so unused to such a feeling, only registering exhaustion in recent times, not... loneliness.

"Fuck." She sighed, shouldering her bags and making her way back out the door.

"Well I might as well make my way back to the Academy. Keep yourself hydrated, Ysobel. Eat enrichment foods too. Good luck on the delivery."
She called out, securing her things to the paint supplies still hanging with the saddle of her horse. It was risky coming here, but now that she knew what company was kept here, the risk turned fatal. If any word got out of her involvement here, even if it was to tend to Ysobel, there were repercussions she was not willing to be subjected to.

Gaage Eberwhit Ysobel
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Gaage kept his head lowered and his eyes closed. It was the only way he was able to keep his bubbling emotions in check, and stop them from boiling over and making more of a scene than he already had. Despite his internal struggle, he was listening to what Ysobel said. He understood her pain, and there was more than a little guilt as she rattled off the people she'd lost or fallen out with since leaving the Academy. Hearing about the Dieumut kid was a shocker, even to him. Gaage had only seen him a few times, but he'd pegged the boy as being one of the stalwarts of the next class.

Just what the hell was happening back at that city, anyway? He'd imagined that life would just... go on without he and the others who'd left, but... was that a fantasy? Were things just as fucked there as they were here? Eventually, Gaage slid his eyes open, much of the rage that had filled them gone. He saw now where their disconnect had been, where they'd failed to communicate.

And, try as he might, he couldn't stay too angry with her for long.

"I'm not... as strong as you think I am, Yoh." His lips finally moved, and his head tilted up to face her again. "I haven't come to terms with shit. I beat myself up over what happened over and over again, wondering what I should have done differently. I miss my friends too. Everleigh, Niamh, Henk... Hell, I even miss that creepy ass skull-face girl. Fennec, or whatever."

Gaage takes a few steps forward, closing the distance between them. He reaches out and grasps her hands in his own, bringing them up to his face and pressing his lips gently to her knuckles. "I understand being miserable, missing home. Because I feel the same way. You don't have to write letters to people to get it out of your system, though... You can talk to me about this shit. I... I want you to feel like you can talk to me about it, okay? I'm not expecting sunshine and rainbows, and I'm not expecting you to do anything that I wouldn't do. Just don't shut me out of your feelings. Please."

There was more he had to say, but his head turned at Perrine's announcement of her departure. Quickly, he turned to face the Urahil woman, calling back to her.

"I'd rather you stay just a minute, actually! Wanna have a word with you, Urahil!"

In the event she aimed to deny his invitation, he added.

"Course, I guess I could send a letter to the Academy asking for you to come back, but then they'd know you'd been here in the first place."

A clear-cut offer. Stay and chat, and Gaage wouldn't snitch on her.


Perrine Urahil
Ysobel was frustrated. Frustrated with him. Frustrated with her. Frustrated with everything. She brought one hand up, pressing her fingers firmly between her eyebrows to relieve pressure of the headache coming on. Try as she might, she still could not bring herself to fully forgive him for his part in graduation. She could never know if he was to blame for anyone's death or disappearance afterward, but she still felt the effects of him leaving. The fear that he may one day disappear again, abandoning her and now their child in a world of uncertainty.

"Some of them were still there when I left." She interjected quietly. "They don't all look quite there, but they are safe."

He continued speaking while she listened. Her eyes shifted from Gaage to Perrine and back, down towards the hands he placed his lips on. "I'm not writing to get things out of my system..." She paused. Technically she was writing Zinnia to get the guilt out of her system. But Gaage didn't need to know about that one. "Gaage, I know you are trying to help, but...I don't you feel prepared for any of this? Because I do not. I don't even know where to start with all of this but I figured Perrine would be a good place. She's a medic and I know she would never tell a soul she was here. I trust her, and so should you."

She gave him the time he needed to talk before he addressed Perrine. A brow raised at his request. What business did he have with Perri? She could only wonder. The second half, his threat, only made her more curious as she reached over to lock her fingers in his own, squeezing hard as if to say she disapproved of whatever he was trying.
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"I'd rather you stay just a minute, actually! Wanna have a word with you, Urahil!"

Perrine frowned, deeply. It was obvious what House she was born to, was it not? Easy to remember her as a Urahil than to remember her name, but she was the daughter of the spare. Cannon fodder if need be.

"Course, I guess I could send a letter to the Academy asking for you to come back, but then they'd know you'd been here in the first place."

Now her eyes narrowed, staring at Eberwhit. She briefly recognised him from her short Academy days, but nothing more.

"You could do that, if you would like. I think I would get in less trouble if I was to promise to lead interested parties to a known deserter." She countered, arms crossing as she rounded from her horse to stand feet away from the young couple. Where she had treated Ysobel like an old friend, a sister even, Perrine regarded Eberwhit with caution. There were stark memories of him from their time as Initiates, and even tidbits heard during her service as a Dreadlord Healer.

"Well then. Let us hear what you have to say." A blonde brow quirked as she stared at the red headed male, standing her ground despite it not being familiar to her.

Gaage Eberwhit Ysobel
Gaage winced at the sudden grip of iron clamping down on his hand. Ysobel was giving him that look... the one that told him he'd better be damned careful of what he said next if he didn't want a couple hundred volts shooting up his arm. Not that he'd let that stop him before. "Relax." He smiled at her. "It's called a bluff. I just wanted her to stick around for a minute."

He didn't have anything to gain from ratting the Urahil out. Hell, it probably stood to cost him more than anything else. Just as she'd said, the Republic would fixate more on the 'wanted criminals' than they would the well-meaning proctor trying to talk them down.

Regardless of his anger over her presence and his worries over Ysobel, one thing had been made perfectly clear to Eberwhit, and that was that Yoh trusted this lady. Ysobel was a lot of things, but Gaage didn't consider her to be too trusting of strangers. If this Urahil's presence helped at all to alleviate some of the stress that the mother of his child was dealing with, he owed her at least some modicum of respect.

"And honestly, Yoh? I'm terrified. I feel like I'm flying blind. But I am prepared. I'm ready to tackle this headfirst because I know I've got you with me."

It was when Perrine stood before them again, arms crossed and face twisted with indignance at his threat that he extended his hand to her.

"I want to thank you. For being there for Yoh when I wasn't."

Ysobel Perrine Urahil
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