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Edric rolled a shrug over his shoulder one last time, and then followed his fellow Initiates out the door.

It didn't much matter to him what the King did or didn't get book. Whether bauble or book, as long as the man pointed them in the right direction none of it would really matter all that much to him.

The four of them, Herald included, began their march across the city curtly. Their local guide chose none of the roads Edric would have expected, but instead moved them through smaller back alleyways and darker streets, explaining that none of them should be seen in public until they arrived at the Palace. A directive that Edric found odd, but he didn't argue.

After nearly thirty minutes of walking, the small group arrived at their destination.

Where they found themselves, Edric noted, was almost directly opposite the Palace he had followed their query to. A third such spire raising in the distance more towards the north of town. He noted that somewhere in his mind, though drew his focus to the front gates.

Two massive ogres in overlapping black armor stood at the post of each gate, between them lay open doors, and a squad of smaller soldiers wearing similar versions of smaller armor. A small line formed at the entrance as the Guards checked nearly everyone, and a perimeter was formed around the whole street by other men and women of the Death Watch. "They're pretty good."

Edric noted as they came upon the street, watching from the dark alley before the group stepped out into full view. Nudging Ralene in her side as he pointed to the roof tops.

"Even covering." He said, gesturing to the crossbowmen that lined the roof tops.

The Herald frowned, looking at the three of them.

"You don't plan on causing any...trouble, do you?"​

Edric looked at the man before responding dryly. "Just professional appreciation."
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Had to trust in their guide to get there where they needed to be, and while Ralene's instinctual inclination was to not trust a stranger - he was being paid very handsomely for his time and effort. Hopefully it was enough for him to follow through on his end. Upon finding themselves outside one of many palaces to queue up, her eyes followed a similar pattern as Edric's. Couldn't be helped, these were the things they were taught to do for the last decade+ of their lives.

Ogres. Soldiers. Roofto- she blinked at the nudge and was about to respond when the Herald cut her off with his suspicions. Surprisingly, Ed actually handled it with tact.

"I like crossbows," she added to Ed's remark, "have a custom one back home that I built myself. Would love to get a closer look at a Tyr-made."

"I'm afraid that's not a likely possibility," the Herald replied.

"Yeah yeah," Ral nodded with a roll of her eyes, "no weapons for foreigners."

"Now when we get to the gates the guards will check you for weapons and contraband while I present your invitation. It is imperative that you let the guards do their job. Any fuss and they'll send your party straight to a detention center... which includes me, and speaking from personal experience it's not a place you want to be."
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Alistair rolled his eyes at the two with a light smirk threatening the edges of his mouth. No matter the situation, those two would always appreciate the important things in life. After all, what was more important than potentially getting a crossbow bolt through the skull?

He had to agree with Edric though. Perfect spacing, each individual closely watching his assigned sector, good equipment, and the way they held those crossbows indicating a familiarity to them...It would be best not to start any fights.

Speaking of which, did he have to worry about the others starting fights if they got searched...Probably not, they were all professionals here.

"You can tell they are well made, even from here. Not custom, they look nearly identical, but that just means they are efficient...Don't worry my friend. We are actually some of the most politically savvy members of our Republic."

It was always difficult to tell when Alistair was sarcastic, especially when he started talking in his even-toned, professional voice.

Edric Ralene
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A guffaw escaped Edric before he could stifle it, his head shaking as Alistair called them 'politically savvy'.

He wondered if that was going to be the biggest lie they told tonight.

Before long the group broke into the line at the door, and soon after that the trio found themselves at the gate. The gate guard, an Ogre, towered over the lot of them. His lacquered black and green armor giving off a quiet sheen in the light of the nearby magma river. "Invitation, please."

The thing grunted, It's voice sounding like a falling mountain. Eyes flickering to look at Ralene and Edric specifically, though clearly noting Alistair and the Herald as well.

It was the latter that stepped forward, producing the invitation and waving it in the gate Guard's face. "Here! My good man. Lord Alistair Krixus of Vel Anir! They've come a very far way indeed to be here for just this evening."

The Guard looked down at the invitation, and then studied each one of the party members before him.

"Anirian, huh? Heard you lot got quite the killers." The Ogre grunted, looking at them wearily.

"We're just here for protection." Edric was the one to pipe up surprisingly, attempting to look as disinterested in the whole process as possible. He had seen enough mercenaries to know that selling the look was important.

"Fair enough." The Ogre grumbled. "Sergeant, pat them down and take their weapons. You'll get them back upon exit."

A small goblin stepped out from behind the Ogre, his armor no less filled with splendor as his much taller cousin. He motioned respectfully to the Anirians, and then set about relieving them of their weapons.

The whole process was clearly the reason for the line, but once again Edric found himself somewhat impressed by the order of it all.
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That guffaw earned Edric a side-eye from Ralene. She'd spent plenty of time around him and she was pretty fucking sure that is the first time she'd ever heard that sound come out of his mouth. Weird, but also kind of cute. Ral smirked.

With a sigh, she watched on boredly while the Guards followed procedure to the letter. Well, at least she could respect them for that. Ral was a fan of policy and procedure and these guys had theirs down pat.

Speaking of patting - her gaze drifted down to the goblin as he moved from Alistair to Edric and then to herself, running his gnarled hands over every inch. His fingers hooked around Ral's ass and she shot him a look.

"Find something you like down there?"

The goblin frowned as he plied a dagger hidden in a sheath at her lower back beneath her cape, "Indeed I have," and then showed it to her.

"Shit," Ral shrugged innocently, "forgot about that one."

This earned her a suspicious leer from the ogre guard.

"They're clear," said the goblin, tucking the dagger away into a bin, "you can get your dagger back upon your departure." He waved them in.

The Herald had watched this with an intensely concerned gaze, then released the breath he'd been holding as they gained passage in, "Right this way, Lord Krixus."

With a sniff, Ral glanced at Ed and followed her Lord in line to the temple entrance.
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Alistair let the procedures proceed without protest. They had been told about such protocol earlier, so Al had been sure to have a dagger at his waist in an ostentatious sheath to make a show of allowing them to take it from him. It was meant to be a showing of acknowledging their authority.

Such antics had worked in past missions, but Alistair was now sure that such symbolism would not matter to the guards. They had found a weapon and it would be removed. These guards were efficient, with no need for frivolities, which Alistair greatly respected.

He offered a nod in thanks to the guards before moving forward with the herald. Alistair walked by his side, not behind him, that would not do for a noble. He had to be at the front.

It was time to go to work, so Alistair straightened even more than he already stood as he put out a noble and domineering aura.

Edric Ralene
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Small formality over, the four quickly went into the Palace proper.

It was an utterly fascinating thing, built of a dark black stone and composing of a singular tower with a massive base. It crawled up into the sky, burning red lines of magma criss-crossing a carefully lain out garden that was clearly decorated with the local flaura. Plants who not only survived in the constant volcanic heat, but thrived.

Oddly colored vines clung to carefully staged arches, leaves and flowers bloomed. It was an oddly gothic display of life, and yet Edric could clearly tell that all of it was in fact alive. Not just set pieces crafted by some artist, but a living memorial to the King who lived here.

The splendor was no less on the inside of the tower.

No gold hung on the walls or gilded any chairs, but tapestries, statues, and paintings hung or stood almost everywhere. Beautiful works of art openly on display. The floor a polished black marble that sparked in contrast to the bright carpets which sometimes lay over it.

Music sailed through the main entrance as the three Anirians and their herald stepped inside. Greeted with the sight of a massive main chamber, at the other end of it standing a huge dais with a throne upon it. The hall itself currently filled to the brim with people of all sorts. Near everyone dressed in noble and high fashions.

Those that weren't walked around the perimeter of the room, clearly watchful. Guards, Edric assumed, though a few men wearing the armor of the Death Watch were partaking in conversations within the hall.

"My goodness." The Herald breathed. "It seems nearly everyone is here...Although I don't see the King."

No announcement was made as they entered the Palace's main hall, though from what the Herald had said that was normal. "Look, there, that's Mother Yurel. An Elder Witch of the Blood."

Edric frowned slightly, finding the title somewhat...off-putting. Though he noted that the woman which the Herald pointed at could hardly be called an 'elder'. She appeared no older than thirty, despite the extremely ashen complexion of her skin.

"And that's Lord Treek." He was now pointing at a small goblin with dark green skin, clothes decorated with impressively intricate bands of metal wrapped all around. "He owns half the forges in Tyr."

Edric's eyes followed where the man was pointing to, nodding his head in understanding before slowly surveying the rest of the crowd. Eventually his gaze fell on one of the Ogre's, though unlike the others he had seen the creature was not dressed in the armor of the Death Watch. Instead he wore fine black robes, one arm covered in a heavy steel gauntlet which gleamed in the light.

A frown touched the young Initiate's face, and he nudged he Herald. The man turned his head, and then beamed. "Ah yes! As I said. That is Seneschall Salokan. I did not think he would be the one to attend, but I suppose it makes sense. His son was well devoted to Prince Talmanese"
It was grand, opulent, decadent, refined, cultured, and an ongoing list of all the things Ralene was not. She'd not been harrangued into attending balls or high-brow social functions for missions before like Ed had and despite her own noble blood the closest she'd ever come to anything of this nature was that tea party in Vel Anir. Her mind briefly flickered to the many lofty ladies in attendance that day. Elise Virak among them, and she wondered how much more easily they might've swam in these waters.

Elegant fish cutting through the currents ... a shark, perhaps, for Lady Virak. Herself? Well...

"Forges?" Ralene perked a brow at this as she followed the Herald's gesture toward the goblin, "now there's a goblin I'd like to speak with."

Then that name came up again. Seneschall. She frowned and looked to Ed and Al, "Why is that name so familiar?" She couldn't place it, so maybe it didn't really matter. "If he is, as you say, a devotee tied to this King through his son, perhaps he would be a good place to start shmoozing..." her gaze landed on Al, "my Lord."
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As soon as Alistair and the others entered the palace, a faraway look appeared in his eyes as he looked over everything. The place was magnificent. Personally, far more aesthetically pleasing than the halls of Vel Anir. It still held the same regality but without all the ostentatious of many places in Vel Anir that just through gold at the walls.

The others would not that was the look of Alistair when he tried to remember and categorize every bit of information he was seeing, so he would not forget it. He may have stayed like that for minutes if not being pulled away when the Herald began speaking of people of import.

All three of the names mentioned seemed to have their own different air of importance. He had an interest in speaking with the Elder Witch of Blood. He had not got much of a chance to research the magics of Tyr and this seemed like the perfect chance.

Unfortunately, Ralene was right.

Alistair sighed as he turned back to look at the Seneschal. The man was intimidating, to say the least.

"Great, we could have spoken with the pretty witch or the short goblin crafter, but nooo. Let's go speak with the large man and his metal gauntlet."

Alistair and the others both knew he had already committed to going, this was just his way of complaining so that he could relax a little bit. He turned his attention to the Herald and nodded.

"Let's go introduce ourselves."

Alistair firmly moved through the crowd with grace and confidence, once more slipping back into his noble demeanor. He knew Ralene and Edric would be behind him, or take up positions on the outside where they could keep an eye on him. Let's hope the Herald was good at his job.

Edric Ralene
Before they moved, The Herald offered a quick point of order. Whispering to the three. "The King is not fond of his son, Prince Talmanese was exiled. The Seneschall's own son followed him into the west, a decision which was greatly respected."

Edric frowned, not quite understanding how that was a good thing. Exiles were...exiles, following them was not a point of pride. The Herald clearly picked up on this.

"Duty and ones word means everything to the Og'Adre." The local tongue for Ogres, it could be assumed. "I would suggest you tie this to your approach."

A shrug rolled over Edric's shoulders. "Never heard it before, before coming here anyway."

It was an odd title, Seneschall, but not more odd than any dozen he had heard one some of his missions. The head of the Empire had some silly name for himself that had been mentioned once or twice while in the desert. "Maybe you read about it in a book."

He suggested to Ralene before offering another shrug and letting out a slight chuckle at Alistair's words.

"Can you call and Ogre a man?" He asked the Herald, wondering if such a thing would be found offensive. "I mean the guy towers over u-

"Quiet." The Herald warned softly, taking half a step closer to Edric. "Disrespect will not be tolerated here, watch your words."

It was clear by the way the man spoke that some touch of genuine fear interwove with his warning, and Edric frowned slightly. His head tipped in a nod, though Ralene would be able to tell the rebuke annoyed him.

Without another word he followed after Alistair, moving behind his Lord at a good distance like any Guard might. Keeping pace, but lurking behind him. A skill that he had mastered through years of various missions and assignments. Ralene, he knew, would do the same.

Eventually, Alistair and The Herald reached the Seneschall. The latter bowing deep before the massive Ogre as he began to speak. "My Lord Salokan, may we take a moment of your time. I wish to introduce you to a Lord of the West, from Vel Anir."

The Ogre, looked down at the two humans that had approached them. His massive eyes peering down as a smile tugged at his lips.

"Vel Anir?" As the Seneschall spoke, his voice sounded like rumbling thunder. Not any louder than the Herald had been, but deep and thrumming like rocks falling down a mountainside. "The City of the Dreadlords? Such reputation reaches even our shores. I would be happy for the conversation."

Almost with a breath of relief, the Herald half turned, opening a space between Alistair and the Ogre. "Then may I introduce Lord Alistair, of House Krixus."
Ah, yes, Al was bemoaning his lot in life.

Ed was questioning social constructs in his own way.

"Maybe you read about it in a book."

But what an unusually astute observation. Ralene raised a brow at the remark and tucked that away for later musing while listening to the Herald speak on social expectations - a topic that often rubbed Ed the wrong way. He was a boy of brawn and anger, not manners and social grace.

She leaned in to him as they followed at a distance behind Alistair and the Herald, "Best to let Al do the talking." She'd nearly lost her head from an ogre's club at Vel Janix, Ral had no desire to test the limits of a much more intelligent, civilized, and lethally-armed ogre here. Not if she could avoid it, anyway, even if the curiosity of seeing just what these brutes could do was quite alluring.

Assuming her own tail of her Lord, Ralene trailed off to take up watch by a stone pillar, maintaining a position where Alistair, the Herald, and the Seneschall were her main point of focus, while Ed remained in her peripheral. There were already eyes on Lord Krixus, a foreigner of whom no one knew a single thing, so boldly approaching Lord Salokan. To gain the Lord's attention so easily? Well that was of curious intrigue.
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Alistair could feel it. Even without any of his eye runes activated, he could feel the attention on this conversation. This obviously important ogre, and the mysterious stranger. It was like he could see everyone's heads turning to watch. The Seneschal had a weight to him and not just his size, but his presence settled onto Alistair.

It was enough to make normal people anxious, but Alistair wasn't normal, especially not when he had Ralene and Edric looking out for him. He might as well consider himself one of the safest in the room.

Alistair offered his own polite bow, but not nearly as low as the heralds, just enough to be considered polite. The bow was stiff and clean, Alistair choosing to fall back into his more militaristic bearing. If what the Herald said was true, about the value of duty and honor, then the Seneschall might be more comfortable with a soldier.

"It is an honor to speak with you Lord Salokan. I'm pleased to hear my people's reputation has reached far. This city is truly a marvel."

Alistair kept the slightest of smiles on his face, nothing overly joyous. He also kept the opening to the conversation open, as he wanted to get a better read on Salokan. The amount they knew of this behemoth was far less than what Alistair was comfortable with.

Ralene Edric
Edric only answered Ralene with a grunt, moving opposite her so that he could keep an eye on Alistair while simultaneously watching the crowd around them.

He noted a few more interesting characters roaming through the party.

A part of him was truly fascinated with all the different species present, and that alone made this far more interesting than the half dozen other noble parties he'd been made to attend. The Gala that he had attended with Elspeth Sirl to hadn't even had a single Goblin.

"I thank you for your compliments, though I cannot take any credit for Tyr's grandeur." The Ogre rumbled humbly. "May I ask how it is you have come here?"

Salokan asked curiously. "The journey to our lands is not an easy one, by sea or stone."

The Seneschall glanced over Alistair's head for a moment, clearly spotting both Ralene and Edric standing nearby. Though showing no particular emotion towards either of them.
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The Senschall's gaze was met directly by that of Ralene as it panned her way. Unflinching, as one might expect from any sort of Vel Anirian warrior, but also unchallenging and even somewhat curious. That his eyes lingered at all supported the notion that the man was genuinely curious about them, which meant if Al played his cards right he could fish all sorts of useful information out of him. Trouble was, Ralene wasn't entirely sure if Al knew how to play this particular game or if, like his guise as an actual noble, he was only pretending.

Noble by birth and blood he may be, just like herself, but he was no more noble of culture or wisdom than she. The Academy didn't raise them to be nobles, they raised them to be killers. Maybe, just maybe, the Seneschall could appreciate that.

"Impressive," said a voice from her left, Ralene turned to find a smartly dressed ... was that a Komodo? Tiefling? Either way, it was big, sported ram horns and a long tail, and the clawed digits delicately clutching a golden goblet told her he likely had no need to carry weapons. "It's not easy to get the Seneschall's undivided attention, but your Lord seems to have done it," it went on to say.

"My Lord is an interesting individual," Ralene replied carefully, keeping her body squared and facing Alistair while her head canted to look at the individual, "I can make an introduction once he's finished speaking with the Seneschall if you like, Mister..."

"Vizier Arkemes," he replied with a short bow of his head that Ralene did not return to which Arkemes tut'ed.

"Honored to meet you Vizier," Ral returned her gaze back to her Lord, "forgive any offense of my curtness, I am here to protect my Lord, not socialize."

"But of course. I would expect nothing less of a touted Vel Anirian soldier."

That label prickled Ralene's proverbial hackles, but she glanced back to him with a nod, "I take my duty very seriously. It is my honor to serve House Krixus."

"Have you served House Krixus long?" Arkemes asked.

"Not long for now," Ral replied, her gaze now surveying the landscape of the gala, "short of a year."

"A fresh recruit then, how exciting for you. No doubt your family is proud of you."

That got a derisive snort out of Ral.

"No?" Arkemes plied her with a smirk, "Is House Krixus not worthy of their pride?"

"I have no family to be proud of me, Sir," she forced the litany of irritating thoughts of her father from her mind and focused instead on the absurdity of this spinning conversation, "House Krixus is the only family I know. I'm proud to watch my Lord bring great honor to his name."

"Indeed," the Vizier smiled and took a drink from his goblet, "I'll be sure to learn more about the honorable House Krixus from Lord Nerus, he's visiting from Vel Anir as well and my oh my the stories he tells of your people..."

Ral turned an inscrutable glance to the man and watched him turn away to go bug someone else.

Shit. Who was Lord Nerus?
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Alistair smiled good-naturedly but nodded in agreement with Salokan's statement.

"True, we traveled by sea and it was not the easiest of journies, but if Anirians sailors are anything, they are tough. One of the longer trips I have been a part of, but worth it."

While Salokan's eyes trailed to Edric and Ralene, Alistair took this chance to once again take a look at Tyr's soldiers. He once again acknowledged that they were good...but Vel Anir was better. Call it bias, or call it Alistair had with him two of the brightest young Dreadlords the Republic had to offer...and he was no slouch either.

"Are you interested in Vel Anir's warriors? We have built up a certain reputation, but Tyr's warriors certainly impress."

Alistair picked up on Ralene's conversation out of the corner of his eye. Good, maybe she would manage to pick up a bit of information just from looking interesting. It was rare that she was entertaining the man, at all, with conversation.

Edric Ralene
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"Ah the see, safer some say, than the journey from the Portal stone to the south." Though Tyr itself was relatively safe, Sheketh was still wild in most parts. Wyverns, fire-giants, and various other threats made traveling the breadth of the island rather difficult.

Something the three Anirians would learn sooner or later.

"I am, in the sense that all warriors are interested in each other." Salokan said with a chuckle, a sound that was reminiscent of a mountain falling. "I believe it is in the nature of those like us, always judging our counterparts."

He mused for a moment then seemed to catch sight of something across the room. "I am pleased to have had this conversation, Lord Krixus, but I am afraid my duties call me away. Perhaps we may speak another time at length."

The Seneschall bowed his head, waited for Alistair to do the same, and then walked away.

Edric lingered in place for a moment, then slowly approached his companion.

"Well, that was interesting." He commented, though it was hard to tell whether or not he was being sarcastic. "I think someone talked to Ral."

The Initiate motioned to their companion.
Ralene allowed her gaze to follow the horned Vizier for probably a bit longer than a real bodyguard might've permitted. All things considered, she didn't really think Al was under any immediate threat. Not even from the bigly Seneschall looming over him in polite conversation.

Unless Al said something blatantly stupid. Unlikely.

But the moments passed and Ral felt consternation of mission complications furrow her brow even further. By the time she looked back, the ogre had downsized to Edric. She sniffed at her own folly and allowed her boots to convey her repurposed self over to the pair of them.

"Right," she began, quietly, when she got to them, "who the fuck is Lord Nerus."
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The giant individual's light chuckle was enough for Alistair to feel it in his own stomach. He swiftly gave the man a bow, offering his own light smile before moving to speak with the fast-approaching Edric.

"Interesting? Yeah, he certainly is an...impressive individual."

Alistair turned his gaze to see Ralene, but it quickly slipped off of her and followed the Vizier that was moving away from her. He considered moving to her, but she quickly made her way to him. Alistair nearly opened the conversation with a light quip only for him to be cut off.

"Nerus? How the hell am I supposed to know? I-"

He stopped himself as he wracked his mind for any information on a Lord Nerus, but he had nothing. Was he from Tyr, or somewhere else?

"I don't know a Lord Nerus." He looked to Edric questioningly.

Edric Ralene
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"It's the name of our... fellow Anirian, according to Vizier Arkemes," Ral added shortly, her voice lowering even more as a group of party attendees stepped by, "I've never heard that name before. Not even among the smaller Houses."

She also looked to Ed, but it was not with any hope of him recognizing it either. Edric paid little attention to the affairs of the Nobles in Vel Anir, but he had been among their numbers at a few gala events.
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When both of his colleagues looked at him Edric rolled his eyes.[ "I know exactly one noble."

He commented, remembering Elspeth Sirl and their time together at the ball. His watch had been over Governess Anireth, but most of his time had been spent alongside Elias sister. Despite the...frustration of that night, Edric couldn't help but let a smile curl the edge of his lips.

One that almost immediately turned into a scowl a second later.

"And if she's here I'd already be talking to her." He grunted, though didn't elaborate as to why that would be. "We should bribe the servants."

Edric suggested surprisingly. "They'll have been serving whoevers been in the palace."

He pointed out. "Just slip them a few coins and ask."
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As much as Alistair wanted to unpack that comment about the one noble, which Alistair assumed meant it had to be some secret trist. No, they needed to solve this problem.

Alistair looked above the both of them trying to see who all could be looking at them before stealthily handing over some gold coins to the both of them and then whispering.

"Alright, then you two be the bribing. I can't risk being spotted talking with servants, much less bribing them. While you two do that I'm going to keep talking around and seeing if I can learn more on this Nerus."

Until they figured out who this was then this meant that this Nerus probably was getting told about them as they speak.

Edric Ralene
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There were several ways to personally offend Ralene, and one of them was giving her coin. For anything. Edric had seen this first hand already in Vel Stratholm. Alistair would witness it now in the hardness of the stare he received from her when she refused to take them.

"That's a terrible idea. Bribing the help in a culture that values honor? Who's the first person you think they'll say something to as soon as they walk away?" The glare shifted to Edric, one dark brow lofting at him after having witnessed that queer little smile of his moments earlier.

Another conversation for another time.

"Besides, we can't both be seen ordered away from you, that will look suspicious. Honestly, do either of you have a fucking clue - go mingle with the other small lords," and then back to Alistair, "or flirt with some ladies. I'll find out who Nerus is."

She didn't give either of them enough time for a rebuttal before making her way back toward the entrance hall.
Edric kept his face blank as Ralene first berated them, then stalked off into the midst of the party. "Man."

He commented idly to Alistair.

"She really gets grouchy sometimes." Edric remarked, shaking his head and turning away from Ralene. He had complete and utter faith in her abilities, and thus by his mind the problem of identifying 'Lord Nerus' was already done.

All he and Alistair had to do was hold down the fort, though even that prospect was looking to be somewhat difficult. A few eyes drew over them as the two Anirians stood there in silence, and Edric could make out more than a few conversations that were clearly pertaining to them. After a few moments the Initiate cleared his throat.

"So uhh…" He said, turning to regard his companion and motioning to a woman standing in the corner of the room. "She seems important."

Edric gestured, as subtle as he could, to the woman. She was Tyrian, clearly, marked out by deep olive skin, dark red hair, and those unsettling yellow eyes. She wore a gown of silk, strange metal plates attached in such a way that it almost looked like armor. She stood alone, though clearly by her own choice.

A shrug rolled over his shoulders.
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Alistair watched Ralene storm away with a raised eyebrow as he stashed the coin away. He turned to look to Edric and nodded along. He wondered if he should point out that what they were doing wasn't, technically, very honorable but that was more than likely to get him punched.

He followed Edric's suggestion and looked at the woman. Well, at least she wasn't a giant ogre that could squash him with a thought. That meant Edric's suggestions were improving.

"I guess that means I'll do the talking on this one?" He did not bother to stick around and wait for an answer.

Alistair confidently strode across the room, ignoring much of the looks directed at him. They were the oddballs here, so they would have to accept some attention.

As he neared her, Al got a better look at the woman, including her unique gown and piercing yellow eyes.

"Excuse me, I don't mean to bother, but I was hoping I could offer some conversation. Not many people seem to want to talk with the outsider."

Edric Ralene
Grouchy is as grouchy does. The look on Ralene's face made her shift through the crowds a bit easier than usual. One glance at the Guard marching through and the guests quickly made room. She couldn't be sure if that was a byproduct of the culture here to give way to their guardians or simply in response to her sour mood. Regardless of the fact, Ral's gaze landed on the object of her present pursuit: their Herald.

He'd gone and made himself distracted with a woman who Ralene could only see the back of. Between the cling of her dress and the color of her hair, she supposed at the very least he'd picked a decent distraction.

Her strides brought her just behind the woman and the Herald, fixated as he was, barely even noticed her looming over the lady's shoulder. Ralene sharply cleared her throat, causing the lady to startle and the Herald to blanch.

"Beg your pardon," Ral intoned flatly as she eyed the short man, "my Lord requires your assistance, Sir Herald."

"Your Lord can wait," said the woman, turning sharply to set a stinging glare upon Ralene and then double-taking, "oh - well aren't you a rare beast."

Ralene blinked, lips drawing into a thin line of consideration for words she wanted to speak in return and the need to maintain decorum, "The only one of my kind, Miss...?"

"Ah-hahaha, yes," the Herald moved forward and clapped his hands together, "this here is the Princess Amassir. Princess, my deepest apologies for the interruption. She is from Vel Anir and does not-"

"Mm, the city of barbarians," the Princess smiled waspishly at Ralene before openly giving her a look up and down, "and a finer example there is not, I'm sure."

Oh. Oh, she was forward wasn't she? Ralene felt her jaw grow taught under the royal's leering gaze but it was not out of anger, "My Lord Krixus would take offense ... perhaps the Lord Nerus as well?"

"Nerus," Amassir sniffed, "is a dull affair."

"The King entertains all kinds, doesn't he Your Highness?" the Herald smiled charmingly up at her, "He is gracious in hosting our foreign guests for this celebration."

"Too gracious if you ask me. If all it takes to get an invitation is some insipid little trinket we might as well just open the gates and let everyone in," clearly Amassir was not impressed by whatever it was Nerus had managed to pay his way with. Made Ralene wonder...

"The Lord Nerus is in attendance?" Ral asked.

"Yes, yes, over there in that horrible green and yellow tunic, keep up will you," the Princess waved her hand off toward the side of the dance floor where several men stood around conversing. Ralene spied the horns of the Vizier among them.

Amassir scoffed and snatched a crystal flute of what looked to be purple-hued wine from a passing server, "and I suspect I will be obligated to dance with him as a show of appreciation for that inane gift. Where is your Lord ... Frikus?"

"Lord Krixus," Ralene corrected the Princess, "is mingling. I would be happy to make your introduction, Princess."

"Is he eligible?" Amassir asked pointedly.

Ralene smirked, "Very, for a barbarian."
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