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  • The Veil Falls

    Three times a year Lessat, the largest of Arethil's two moons, eclipses the sun. This time the event falls on Hallow's Eve. All across the world spirits start to appear, reliving their gruesome ends. They cannot be interacted with.

    Join us for this year's Halloween event. More information coming soon!

  1. Trajan Meng

    LFG - Quest Destroying the Luminari LFG

    Trajan Meng has been the ideological leader of a human supremacist organization for a while. And now the time has come for him to destroy what he has created. But he cannot do it alone. Will you answer the call? A force of 200-250 Luminari Purists (the extremist faction that took over Trajan's...
  2. House Weiroon

  3. Aisling

    Fable - Ask Swan Song

    When God unravels the webs that I've spun… ...what shall be undone? The Fortune’s End was perhaps the most legendary frigate within the Anirian Navy. It’s long streak of successful missions, lack of any deaths or serious injuries among the crew, and it’s long stretch of time in service had...
  4. Trajan Meng

    Completed Wandering Creek

    He knew what he had to do. Trajan Meng, embattled and beleaguered, had made his way back to Vel Anir. This after an ordeal that nearly claimed his life in Alliria. This after he had seen everything he worked for, everything he believed in, come crashing down around him in an instant. His hope...
  5. Sullivan

    Open Chronicles Regicidal Tendencies

    Source: Ellen Clarke Sullivan lowered his massive figure into the oversized chair. It was plush, firm, and called the ornate windowless room home. The marbled flooring was clean enough that it’s white surface reflected and amplified the sconces which illuminated the confined place. Once...
  6. Amrose

    Private Tales Meadow of Swords

    In the meadow, beyond the castle, past the village, where the long grass grew, an elf leaned against a tree. Eyes closed, tousled auburn hair fell down to his collar. A series of deep scars marred pale, angular features. The wind played softly with his hair and the simple, subdued fabric of...
  7. Riley

    Private Tales Foosty Gobshytes

    "Kaius!" Fingers dug into the mane of her black horse. Teeth grit in her mouth. Trees and branches whipped past their faces. Charcoal hair flew wildly behind her. Kaius had proven he certainly knew how to irk her. Sometimes even more than Arwyl. But the elven man had the NERVE to grab HER...
  8. Duago Trothar

    Fate - First Reply A Stolen Pawn

    Vel Anir... As massive as the ancient dragons of legend, and just as imposing. For a city, it looked alot more like a gigantic stronghold with a complex layout. At least that was the impression one immediately received from it. To a nonhuman, the city had a strange way of seeming gloomy even...
  9. Vyx'aria

    Private Tales Breaking And Entering

    Normally Vyx never ventured anywhere without her troops. However, she needed to get within the walls of the human city before striking. As a result, she operated alone after scoping out the grand fortress for a few days. For three days she and her commanders observed the operations of the city...
  10. Sibylla

    Quest Roll Initiative

    || Vel Anir || Go home, Sibylla. That's an order. The words kept ringing through Sibylla's mind for the past week. Ever since Commander Raj informed her that she was being reassigned from the Army of the West to the Homeguard. Of all the places to be cast-off like some noble's bastard...
  11. Talus

    Fable - Ask The Insidious Sun

    Anirian Territory - Cortosi Border Talus sat on a stump inside of the small camp setup by the Anirian Guard. Half a dozen tents lay inside of a small wooden palisade hastily erected within the last day or so in order to create a somewhat defensible position. His sword was leaning on the stump...
  12. E

    Fable - Ask The Stabbing Hunger

    [/CENTER] It had been four days now, four days since the Dreadlord had been impaled and left to rot in the field between the Fort and Army. Ein had overheard some of the superior officers talking about how the Death of the Dreadlord should not have been possible. They spoke of shields and...
  13. Norris

    LFG A Steady Hand - Planning

    Do you write a character related to Vel'Anir ? Would your character have valuable insights on how to rebuild a city that had a rebellious insurrection of cultists which have since been quelled? Is your character tied to a Great House and/or could represent a Great House on dictating the future...
  14. Norris

    Fable - Ask A Steady Hand

    Vel Stratholm found itself in need of new governance. That's why this council was summoned, made up of various nobles as well as representatives from all seven of the Great Houses of Vel Anir. Truthfully, Norris was taken aback when he received his invitation to make a case for himself as the...
  15. Nathaira

    Private Tales Duals with Demons

    Nathaira was troubled. She had been looking forwards to returning to Vel Anir, a feeling that she rarely felt. The place rarely contained anything more than darkness, pain, and a quick reassignment. She would enter the fortress beneath the surface through a secret doorway, walk its cold, damp...
  16. Brackard Cain

    Private Tales The Last Ride

    Sloan Twenty years ago The regiment was not quiet as it marched beyond the edges of the forests. Braying horses, hundreds of falling hooves and the laughter of men and women. An elven scout would hear them from a mile away. That was the point. They were making a show so that the elves knew...
  17. Brackard Cain

    Fable - Ask Your signature please

    "I merely need your signature on the page. And then this will all be over. You will get to live out the rest of your life exiled to one of the frontier settlements to the north." Brackard leaning forwards in his chair, both hands crossed over his cane. His thin lips pulled into the faintest...
  18. Luther Ward

  19. Lazlo Harkon

    Completed Disgrace of the Damned

    Eleven years ago, Four Years after Quartreville, Vel Anir Lazlo Harkon was a dead man. He hadn't eaten in twelve days, or drank water in seven. His eyes were sunken and haunted, and his hair was disheveled. Yet, when the jailer shuffled across the room and unlatched his door, he looked...
  20. Wulfric

    Fate - First Reply For a Sword

    Tink! Tink! Wulfric wasn’t supposed to be here. Dreadlords were battlemages, not crafts-man. But even dreadlords had days off. For apprentices like him, it was sup-posed to be once a week until a mentor was assigned, then it was under thementor’s discretion. In reality it had...