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Just how many Urahils were there at the Academy?

Rhidian bounced his leg as he sat down on a bench, waiting for this other Urahil to make an appearance.

The Proctor had told him her time with him was coming to a close, that she needed to go on an extended mission out to the Bayou, but to seek out her cousin. Either one of them would be a great partner to train with, but ultimately she had reached out to Odessa.

Rhidian rand a hand down his face and leaned forward, elbows resting on his lap to keep him from nervously bouncing either leg. He was almost distrustful of this place, but the Proctor had been the first person that did not try to get results out of him. Her magic allowed him to get to the point of detonation but the emotions that came with it was almost too much on his fragile mind since it first happened. It was difficult to get to that low place, to accept death wholeheartedly before setting things off.

Such acceptance was humbling, and the determination of the Academy for Rhid to 'explore' his newfound magic rubbed him the wrong way.

But... he could not deny it. He wanted to try it again. It was there, at the tip of his hands, but he was too scared to grasp it and not let go.

Odessa Urahil
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A mission without Leander was always on par to be a good mission. Despite the eternally pissed off look on Odessa's face, she was actually quite pleased with the orders that she'd been given. Of course she had no intent to read the details of the mission her lovely cousin had left on her desk while she slept two nights prior. She only saw two names. Odessa and Rhidian. No Leander! Perfect!

She watched him from a distance for a while. A new face to her and a nervous one at that.

Still better than Leander and he was actually early unlike most of the other people in this god-damned academy.

The poor thing looked as though he'd explode with even the slightest of spooks, so rather than making him feel a little sting as she pricked herself (a wonderfully recognizable greeting from the Academy's "voodoo doll"), she would speak up.

She couldn't fault him on his nerves anyway, she didn't like surprises either.

"Morning!" Her cheery voice didn't match the scowl she wore as she approached Rhidian. She paused as she was halfway between where she had been standing and the bench, looking him up and down before adding, "You should pee before we leave. It's a pretty long ride." She noticed the tiniest bouncing of his legs which he tried to conceal, though she made the assumption that he was simply a nervous pee-er. Nothing to be ashamed of. Even Leander had pissed himself once or twice in public, though that was thanks to the efforts of his twin.

"Let's get going after you take care of that, yeah?"

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Rhidian shot up to his feet, throwing the girl a weird look. "No, I'm right." He said slowly. Odessa. Must be Odessa. Proctor Urahil did not say her cousin was an oddball... but then again, he could see the resemblance between the two in looks and in the way they spoke. They must have grown up together then.

"You said it's a long ride. We better get going then." Rhidian smiled, gesturing for her to follow him as he made off towards the stables nearby. Snow had fallen overnight, at least a foot, but he had seen many Initiates with practical magic melt away pathways and cool the snow so that ice did not form and claim unlucky victims.

"Just how many Urahils are there at this Academy? The way Proctor Urahil spoke of your family, I feel like you are all here."

Odessa Urahil
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"Hmm..." Odessa shrugged as the curly-haired boy insisted that he did not need to relieve himself before they left. Suit yourself. The youngest Urahil thought to herself, confident he'd find that she was right about an hour and a half into their little excursion. And when he did, she would not let him forget, smugly looking out over their path as he trudged through the nearly knee high snow to piss.

Quietly, she followed close behind and observed the newcomer as they approached the stables. Odessa was not known for her riveting conversation, and only realized how silent it had been when he finally spoke up with questions of her family.

"Three at the Academy." She paused to untie the horse's lead and prepare him for the journey. "At least that I know of. Perrine, the proctor...I'm sure you've met her at some point... Then there's Leander, my twin. And I."

With a huff, she threw herself up onto the saddle.

"Odessa, by the way. I'm sure your paper said that though. And you are?"

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So Proctor Urahil didn't mention she was teaching him to her? Surely, to another being, that knowledge would have hurt, but Rhidian simply smiled. "Rhidian Vaughn. And I have met with Proctor Urahil a few times. She mentioned you and I would work greatly together, so I guess this is just her manifestation. You know, you and the Proctor eerily are alike."

So three... that was a workable number. Leander he had heard the name before, in passing from Silas, a new friend he was quickly hanging out with ocassionally. "Your cousin mentioned your magic briefly. Says you can take a decent blow, that my explosive magic would be nary a tickle to you."

Odessa Urahil
"I would assume we are alike to some degree. I mean we share the same blood." She chuckled. "Do tell me more though, I'd love to hear how else you think we are alike." Odessa could not have disagreed more with his statement that they were similar. After all, Perri was goofy in a way that made people happy and Odessa was, as others had whispered, weird.

She nodded, "Perri's not wrong. I can certainly take a few hits." She shifted her body weight forward and her horse followed the silent command to begin their journey. "Was that all she told you? I am just the academy's punching bag?" Her face softened. No one had ever really cared to ask about what she could do. Leander had always been more important, more flashy. More interesting.

"There is more to it, but tell me more about your explosions. You are new here, are you not? I mean no offense to you, but you have some control over it don't you? I can take a hit, sure, but not even I am immune to death."

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"She was in a rush last I spoke with her. How that woman gets any sleep..." Rhidian liked talking with Odessa. She wasn't like some other Initiates that only wanted to get the job done. Those he can talk to, get to know, learn of them and be better suited to being their partner and have their back... that was the type of people he wished to befriend. "The Proctor said to speak to you about anything concerning you... although she warned me..." He glanced to her, riding astride him. "You may not feel."

It was like she had said, she could take a hit, but death was unstoppable. For either of them. If anyone were to stab his heart now, he would perish.

"I can control it, yeah. I had to get over that fear of hurting anyone... The Proctor is a healer. I saw her fucking fix someone's broken leg and had her back to normal and walking within an hour. She can certainly withstand what shit I could throw." He laughed, looking to Odessa. "And I think you can too. I know the limit to stop myself from self detonating, and can guarantee you will not die today."

Odessa Urahil
"Get used to that. Perri is perpetually late for something. Sometimes I think she might enjoy spreading herself too thin. But then again, it works for her. Pressure certainly turned her into somewhat of a diamond around here." It was impossible to hide the admiration she had for her older cousin. Maybe it was because Perri treated her like a person, unlike her father and the remaining siblings (aside from Oraya) who seemed to treat her like she was the cause of their mother's death.

She slowed her horse to match his pace. "I may not feel what?" She turned to look at him, a brow raised as she awaited an answer.

"Well, I'm glad you can control yourself. Can't say that for everyone around here. But its different...when you're on a mission, you know? Have they sent you out before? I don't mean to speak ill of Perri, but training is good for preparing your skills physically. Preparing mentally is when it gets tricky. But don't worry. If we find ourselves in hot water, I won't let you drown."
She smiled genuinely, each word laced with a sweetness more sickening than honey. She would do her absolute best, but if something were to happen she was glad to finally be without Leander. Finally, she could have her peace.

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"Preparing mentally is when it gets tricky. But don't worry. If we find ourselves in hot water, I won't let you drown."

This earned her a chuckle from the Initiate. "Ah, yes. I appreciate that." Rhidian dropped his head to stare at his hands, settling for the quiet that came.

Until he wanted to answer her question.

"Proctor Urahil said... you are unfeeling of emotion at times. That I should know that about you so I wouldn't be caught off guard if you said or did something that would alarm me. That true?" He didn't look at her, not yet. Instead, his dark grey eyes settled for the gates, which those stationed there checked their logs and nodded for them to continue.

"Am I going to ensure you are not placed in danger? You got my back, and I gotta have yours. My father told me I need to know my partner. We are a stronger team together if we can understand each other."

Odessa Urahil
"I suppose that is one way to put it." Odessa agreed, glancing in his direction as she responded. "I think her words were more likely that I 'struggled to understand how others feel', were they not? That's usually what they tell me." She snickered quietly as her gaze returned forward. "Emotions are complex. To understand. To feel. That's all I can say about them."

She was unaware Perrine had begun to broadcast what had been considered her shortcomings to any new pair of ears.

"Well, what more do you wish to know about me? You know of my family and my lack of emotional understanding already. My powers are even more simple." She drew her sai and jabbed the pointed end into her thigh. The force was not enough to draw blood, but it was uncomfortable and Rhidian would feel its sharpness peak just before she pulled back. "Make sense?"

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Rhidian had to be perfectly fucking honest with her.

"I don't know. I wasn't really listening. I was hungry... and thought about that slop was going to be served at dinner..."

But how she humbled him so quickly. His hands went to his thigh, wincing through his teeth at the strange feeling, before looking at Odessa and seeing this had been her doing. "Well I am impressed, Urahil. That is one unique magical ability." He was a human that could explode into catastrophe, but the girl accompanying him now was the puppet master no one saw coming.

"So... emotions. Guess you prefer pure honesty and transparency, yeah?" Rhidian could certainly be upfront if she responded better to that.

Odessa Urahil
Another chuckle would be heard from Odessa. She was all to familiar with the slop Rhidian spoke of. Sure, she couldn't feel pain. She couldn't grasp emotions. But she sure as hell had working taste buds. Sometimes to her disappointment.

She stared straight ahead, but if Rhidian looked in her direction, he would see the smile creeping up at the corners of Odessa's lips with even the slightest bit of praise. It was a rarity.

"Who wouldn't?" She shrugged. "I think it would be unwise to lie and hide things from your partner, wouldn't you agree? Though if I suspected anything but the truth..." She dug the blade a little deeper, a small amount of blood would seep through Rhidian's pants. "Don't lie to me."

She finally released him and placed the sai back in her hilt.

"Tell me more about yourself." She changed the subject quickly, eager to know more about the newcomer.

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The pain in his thigh was nothing new to him now, even as blood seeped through his trousers. Rhidian grinned, rubbing his leg as she sheathed her weapon. "I like a girl that knows what she likes." He chuckled, but knew at least they wouldn't have any trouble with miscommunications. He could now understand why Proctor Urahil would have paired them for a task.

"Well... I am from Vel Hetren. Family has been there for years at the fortress. I was recruited young. Didn't care for school, but was I a damned good soldier. My squad got caught in the crossfires of tribesmen and... I accepted my fate, and now I am here." He shrugged. "Not much to me really."

Odessa Urahil
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I like a girl that knows what she likes.

Odessa tried to frown and show him that she was not pleased with his attempt to flatter her. Praise, yes. But leave it at that. She would allow no one to break through her unfeeling exterior and distract her from their duty. She tried, but no matter how hard she she tried to pull her face back into her natural scowl, she could not fight the faint pink appearing on her cheeks.

She faced away from him, "Was your first death scary?" Her melancholic shift in tone was laced with curiosity. Perhaps they were more alike than she had anticipated. Perrine had done well. "Mine was when I was four. It was an accident. Said one of my brothers and I were messing around with one of our father's swords and..." She sighed. "At least that is what they told me. I can't quite remember much more than being in peace for the first time in my life and then waking up in a tiny box while my mother sobbed over it."

Another sigh.

"I hope you were able to experience peace. Even if only for a little while."

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Rhidian's warm reception and easy going attitude soon gave way to a stony expression and deep frown.

Just as he would to anyone questioning him about that moment in his life that changed everything.

Even if it were Odessa's cousin that asked the question, Rhidian was not as forthcoming. It was a subject that tore at him, made him feel ashamed to have accepted a ridiculous notion now that he stood here, whole and alive.

"More than a month ago for me. I woke up to my father telling me I was at the Academy and he was proud of me. I was to become a Dreadlord one day." The first in his family. Refusing this career change would mean he would put his family and home in danger without proper guidance in controlling any detonation.
Odessa Urahil
It wasn't cruelty that made Odessa dig the blade in further- emotionally speaking. Rather, it was her morbid curiosity as she pierced through each layer and discovered that perhaps they weren't all that different in some aspects. It was an unfortunate consequence of her lack of emotional understanding that would not prevent her from stopping when he became uncomfortable.

Her scowl softened, a pleasant look in its place. "If it's any consolation, I'm glad you are here."
Of all things one could say to Rhidian, what Odessa said surprised him. He regarded her with such an expression, brows lifted and lips parted slightly before crooking at one corner. Amusement lit up his dark grey eyes, leaning to the side and closer to her to reply. "Oh, is that so? Why are you glad, Odessa?"

Perhaps it was a foolish idea, but the young woman in his company had sparked an interest in him. Sure, he hadn't been at the Academy long, but it was long enough to see which girls were worth chasing for fun. The way Odessa was still a morbid mystery to him kept him interested, eager to assist her on this easy mission Proctor Urahil entrusted to them.

"I can tell you I am glad to be riding with you. Easy mission. Foraging for herbs and flowers? Easy." It was meant to be an overnight mission, and Rhidian's horse had all the supplies needed. Food, shelter, blankets.

Odessa Urahil
An expert with social cues, Odessa did not quite understand the look in his eyes as he spoke to her. She replied, "Because if you lose your cool and blow the both of us up, I won't have to worry about coming back from my peaceful place again," very matter-of-factly. She didn't long for death, though her words did seem to insinuate that. "Waiting to wake up again is tiring. It takes a lot out of me and no sooner will they toss me back out to the wolves to do it again."

Not to mention, it had to be an absolute pain for whichever initiate she was paired up with to collect the pieces of Odessa and bring them back to the Academy while they waited for her to return to life.

"Easy, you say. Nothing is easy for us. If it were easy, they'd send a herd of peasants to go searching with the promise of gold when the return." She was blunt, but honest. She had experience. He did not. Had Perrine tricked him with promises of something simple to ease him into becoming a Dreadlord? Odessa wasn't sure. Clever and cruel of Perrine to do such, she thought.

There was no easing into becoming a Dreadlord.

The conversation lulled as the hours dragged on and finally, the sun began to set in the sky. The terrain was now an unfamiliar territory to Odessa and she presumed Rhidian as well. She did not like the unfamiliar. She did not like the feeling of eyes on them. Eyes she could not pinpoint a location of.

Perhaps it was just the lingering paranoia from the last overnight mission she had with Lothar. She drew her hand to her neck, a light scar never quite healing as its runic magic bound her to the pact she made with the outcast boy to aid in killing her twin. No sooner, did she drop the hand and take a deep breath.

"We should probably plan on settling down soon, yeah?"

It wasn't an awkward silence between them in the hours that followed from their departure, but Rhidian felt as if the small talk in between was comfortable.

When she spoke, his head whirled round to see her face, brows raised before understanding what she was suggesting. "Right. We should look for somewhere that would provide shelter from the coming rain." It was late afternoon, but the clouds above made it seem as if the sun had already fallen below the horizon, wherever that may be, and not behind thick, dark clouds. "Looks like it will start pissin' down in the next few minutes."

And it did, only gently at first. They found some reprieve under treetops, dismounting his horse to kick out leaves and branches to create flat land for their tents.

Rhidian looked to her horse, her gear.

Frowning, he unpacked his gear and cursed darkly under his breath.

"Hey... Odessa. You didn't check your things before we left, did you? You're missing a tent." And he knew these things were not sizeable bedrooms some lucky sods got at the Academy.
Odessa Urahil
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She knew she had forgotten something the morning they left. It had been in her dorm, then her hands. She knew she carried it to the stables and...left it on top of a bale of hay while they were chatting.

"I-" She rummaged through her belongings, praying some higher power could have placed it in one of the bags while she wasn't looking. No such luck.

"You're right. I thought I had it, but I am now realizing I must have left it back in the stables." If only they had the time to run back and get it while outrunning the storm above. Of course they didn't. And of course the only thing that would make the snow better was adding chilled rain that would freeze into a slick layer of ice overnight, making the journey all the more treacherous. "No need to worry. I can be a lookout all night. I don't mind. After all, I was the one who screwed up."

And she likely would find it impossible to sleep in the presence of another initiate. Watching Lothar slit their comrade's throat beside her had been traumatizing enough to keep her awake for weeks even in the presence of her cousin and brother, who never had an answer as to why she suddenly developed insomnia after her mission.

She pulled her hood over her head to protect her from the drizzle. "Go on, set up and get some rest. I'll keep an eye on the weather." She smiled and turned away from him, taking a seat on a nearby rock.

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"No need to worry. I can be a lookout all night. I don't mind. After all, I was the one who screwed up."

Rhid snorted, shaking his head as he began unpacking his gear and her own. He set it all under the cover of a tree, deciding that the tent would be the first thing to organise before all else.

"Don't be dramatic, Urahil. I can take first watch. My father trained me to operate on little sleep. Tribes would always test their mettle against Vel Hetren, sometimes a siege. We all learned to be alert despite the lack of hours spent sleeping. Sleep can get you killed, you know?" Setting up a tent was no difficult task for him. How many times was he entrusted with such a task working with the Guard?

Ten minutes was all he needed to get their things into the tent, their two sleeping packs already tossed in. Odessa funnily enough packed a sturdy cloth that Rhidian rigged up to shelter more of the tent from the rain that now began to fall in larger droplets.

He whistled, getting his mission partner's attention. "Get in. Might as well keep dry and keep watch while I go find some wood for a small fire." Salted meat and seasoned vegetables would be their meal tonight. Trained all his life to be a soldier, Rhidian would prove to Odessa he may not be a capable Initiate yet, but he knew how to be resourceful.

"Shout if you miss me." And with a wink, he departed to gather sticks and larger pieces of wood.

Odessa Urahil
Sleep can get you killed, you know?

Odessa fought the cackling her body wanted to respond to his comment with. "I'm well aware." She instead stated. "I'm also well aware that trusting your partner not to slit your throat in the middle of the night can get you killed. Did you know that one? Did your daddy teach you that one as well?"

Her response was cold, and she remained perched atop the boulder despite the freezing raindrops on her porcelain skin.

"By all means, get your wood and make a fire in the rain. I'll stay here." Her words would likely be unheard by him as he went off to scrounge for wood that hadn't been saturated by the snow and rain. Her eyes briefly scanned the direction he went off to, but still she did not move.

He didn't deserve her snide remarks. He had done nothing wrong. He was not Lothar. Yet, she still couldn't fathom shutting her eyes and risk the brutal awakening again. She had no clue where Lothar had run off to, but she had not held up her end of the pact. As far as she was concerned, the new initiate could be one of his little minions. Or worse, Lothar could be there...watching. Waiting to strike her as she slept like the coward he was.

She shook her head as if it would get rid of her thoughts. "You good over there?" She shouted.

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Rhidian paid no mind to the attitude Odessa used, only bothering with himself for the moment. No sooner after she had called out to him, he returned to their makeshift campsite and began making a small fire under the extra shelter he had rigged up. "I'm good. Did you miss me that quickly, Dess?" He grinned, shooting her a cheeky grin before devoting his attention to setting them up for something warm.

He didn't tell her to take shelter as the rain began to fall in harder sheets, pelting the tent and shelter, but not touching the fire he built that warmed his toes. It was perhaps only a few more minutes before he rolled his eyes and called out to her. "You're going to get soaked and sick if you don't get over here and warm up. Doubt the Proc will like me much if you fall ill." He didn't think it would help if he said how sad and miserable she looked out there, but if she was unfeeling, perhaps she did enjoy getting wet from the rain.

Odessa Urahil
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Dess? A brow raised. Never had she been given a nickname. Not even from her own family, though she often referred to them by a collection of names. "I thought I'd never see you again. I was so scared." She laughed slowly, sarcastically sparing another brief glance in his direction. It lingered for only a moment before she turned back towards the rapidly darkening skies. She could no longer discern between whether the sun was setting or the storm was getting very, very bad.

Perhaps Rhidian was also peering off into the sky, for no sooner than her peace and quiet began did she find his voice disturbing it. "I don't think that's much of an issue." She pushed herself off the rock and made her way to the campsite- not because he told her to and not because she was uncomfortable. She would never give that impression intentionally.

But the miserable look didn't fade as she sat beside him, her body seeming to shiver although she did not feel the icy sensation of her soaked clothes clinging to her body. "If you really refuse to sleep, I suppose we will both share in the enjoyment of staring out into a field all night." She yawned, but refused to acknowledge her fatigue. Unfortunately one of the few things she could feel.

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It was without word or acknowledgement that Rhidian shrugged his woolen coat off his form and draped the large warm piece over her shoulders. Or rather, he had swung it over to cover half her back, seeing as she had taken a seat a little out of his arm's reach. The gesture was the real idea to his motives.

"I can pretend to sleep if you really wanted." He shrugged, looking to her. "Honestly, Dess. You look like shit. When was the last time you slept?" He figured if they were going to sitting here by the fire like this, there was no need to sugar coat his words. He liked to speak honestly of what was on his mind, and he certainly believed the words he had spoken. "What is it? Nerves? Anxiety? You're really planning to off me, that's why you want me to sleep?" He chuckled.

What did he know?

Odessa Urahil
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