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A Dragon's Rage
Character Biography
Malakath - Near the City of Yurelia

"Slow down!" Kaveh called through the din of the wind. His hand gently settling on Rayvath's massive neck as he sat cross-legged upon the length of her spine. The massive dragon being so large that his seat was more of a pavilion with straps than a proper saddle as it would have been with other Dragons. Something that still amused most other riders to no end, Kaveh often having heard snide remarks from some of the Ascendent about his ‘princely’ nature. Not that he'd ever really minded their barbs. It was hard to feel insulted when his bondmate was alive enough to eat most other dragons in a single bite.

Though once she had been a runt, Rayvaths wings now eclipsed the sun as she soared above the lands of Malakath. A single stroke of her wings sending gusts below and throwing her forward through the clouds.

"Pixaelys is a third your size!” The Prince hisses, thwacking the dragon in a gentle tap. Not even bringing up the others of the Gilded Wings. All of whom were likely struggling to keep up as the massive Red Dragon pushed herself through the sky. "Let them catch us.”

He reprimanded, a low thrumbling growling echoing through Rayvath’s chest. Her amused chuckle echoing even above the winds as her wings turned ever so slightly and she soared through the air. Descending and shifting as she pulled back, until eventually she dipped beneath the clouds and steadied herself just above Orissa and her Royal Guard. A few of the latter looking up as the sun was lost to their eyes.

"Sister!” Kaveh called as he stood from his saddle and walked to the side of Rayvath's bulky back. "Yurelia lies just over those mountains!”

Thanasis old ally had sent a missive some weeks ago. Not a cry for help or call upon their ancient treaty, but a simple invitation. It seemed that the Prince of Yurelia was to be married, and as one of the city's oldest allies the Thansian Royal family had been invited. Unfortunately, circumstances had prevented the King and Queen from attending, Nasri had declined, and Mehran had simply begged the whole thing off. In the end, diplomacy had fallen to Orissa, and it was by her word that Kaveh had come along.

His sister having practically browbeaten their father until he'd been allowed to attend. A meeting the Prince had heard about only later, suffering through the tale with no small amount of amusement. ”I think it might be best if you land first!”

He shouted through the winds, well aware that Rayvath's size could be off-putting to even friends.
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Whenever Orissa took to the sky, she was never alone. Pixaelys had not cared about her birthright, the rank bestowed on the human, but the rest of the Gilded Wings did. Five riders on their dragons selected by elite, a tradition to protect the royal princesses of Thanasis. Being the only female issue of the King and Queen, Orissa soon learned to make peace with the tradition, and allowed the riders to serve her with greatest honour.

They were her shadows even when the sun bore down on them between the cloud cover.

Cadoc and Olazor, the white dragon bonded to the once High Ascendant, rode ahead of the Princess, and the remaining Gilded took their positions to surround the Ransa. Two blues flanked her sides, a black taking the rear, and the moon dragon weaving below and above unseen. Although, Orissa knew the Malennis rider decided to take the lower position when Rayvath coveted the entirety of the sky above.

Kaveh looked relaxed as he sat upon the behemoth, but she heard him loud and clear as they descended below the clouds. A grin pulled at her face, wondering how it may look for the people of Yurelia to see six dragons inbound than the large god her brother rode.

"A wise idea!" She called. Dark eyes flicked forward, catching Cadoc twisting to look back at her. Orissa raised her hand, the signal for descent, and all six moved as one to make their way towards the city. They had all landed within minutes, the Princess still seated in her saddle until Sirine Malennis called it safe to dismount.

A greeting crowd met them at the other end of the field, the dragons moving with their riders to make way for Rayvath's desccent, but the crowd noticeably began to stagger back.

"I knew we should have stopped further away and came by horse and carriage." Orissa frowned softly, but knew there was no room for compensating one's fear. As if on perfect cue, some of the group began to shriek and call out, and Orissa knew that Rayvath was near. She felt the air grow cold, as the god blocked the sun and kicked up a gust.
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As Rayvath bucked against the winds, Kaveh did as he always did when she landed. Slowly positioning himself within the center of the saddle and drawing two separate bindings to his hand. Wrapping them around his arms as he stood, and then braced himself.

The Dragon's massive wings spread out, and a single beat was all that it took for a torrent of wind to carry over the field. A massive gust of wind rolling forward and crashing over those who lay in wait. Drowning out the scared cries of some who fled, and silencing the laughter of those whom seen the Great Red Dragon once before.

The ground quaked ever so slightly as Rayvath's claws dug into the ground, her body shuddering as she lifted her head and proudly put herself on display for the gathered crowd.

Kaveh rolling his eyes as the Dragon preened, unlatching the bindings and quickly making his way down Rayvath's side. A small rope ladder thrown from his side so that he could climb down a little bit easier. The Crowd now attempting to reform itself as the soldiery and Royal representatives drew them back from their fears. Assuring them Thanasis was an ally, and even the largest of their dragons meant no harm.

As the Prince's boots kissed the ground, he turned to find Orissa and her Guard already waiting for him.
"She can be a bit dramatic."

He told his sister, a small smile playing over his lips.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he noticed someone approaching. Three someone's in fact. He did not recognize the men who lead the party, but the woman behind him was familiar; Her name was Mitra. Though no Princess, Mitra was an adoptive of the Royal family of Yurelia, and a close personal friend of his wife Shirian.

"Greetings vaunted allies!" The man at the head of the party called to them, his robes denoting him as Vizier. One of the highest positions in the city, second only to the King himself. "We had not expected so many of your Dragons, but we are nonetheless delighted at your presence Prince Kaveh and Princess Orissa!"

He said, showing no sarcasm and practically beaming. "My name is Arman, Advisor to the King. His majesty regrets he could not be here to greet you himself, but his son's wedding is a busy time as you might imagine!"

Kaveh smiled, glancing at Orissa and letting her speak first. Knowing who'd been chosen for the diplomacy.
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"And yet she does so gracefully!" Orissa's voice was a touch louder so that the large dragon would hear, smiling. She still wore her smile as she looked to her brother, excited to be somewhere other than Thanasis. It was so rare for her to be this far out from home, but she was well protected with her present company.

Her attentions turned once a voice called to them; the three walking between the Gilded that moved to flank before the royal prince and princess.

Orissa smiled politely, a warmth filling her face and voice as she watched each of them bow. "How fortuitous we have you to guide us to the celebrations, Arman." Her dark eyes flicked to the two other unnamed, but the female she felt a familiarity in the air. "Forgive me, it is my first visit here and I am unfamiliar with your company..." Endearingly, the Princess adopted a sheepish expression and tone. She had used this plenty of times with her other brothers, who eventually gave in to her kind manipulations, but it always secured Orissa the last sweet biscuit when she was a girl. With strangers, it was a way to softly appear the least bit intimidating due to her role.
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"Of course!" The vizier quickly retorted, his enthusiasm clear as he began to call out the names of those standing behind him.

"This is Princess Mitra, adoptive daughter of the King and Queen." As he said the words, Kaveh smiled. Bowing his head to his wife's hold friend in greeting. A sly smile being all that he was offered in return as the Vizier began to rattle off half a dozen other names. Most of them utterly unimportant. "And this is Poluro, the First Captain of the Guard."

The man offerered with a wave of his hand, gesturing towards a large ogre of a man who stood two head taller than anyone else in the clearing. "He is responsible for your safety while you're here."

Kaveh frowned for a moment, his lips pressing to a thin line at the words. There was one thing off about the man, though he could not have placed it. Though he said nothing as the Vizier gently waved towards the city beyond the greeting point.

"Please, allow us to escort you to the palace." The man said before frowning and doing a double take. "Though I am afraid your Dragons have to remain here. There is not enough space you see..."

As the said the words, a low rumble echoed from Rayvath's throat. The sound echoing out like the fall of a mountain. Kaveh frowned, his hand slowly reaching upward in a signal to the great dragon. "Of course, Lord Vizier. We'll follow the traditions we must."

Kaveh said with a smile, glancing towards Orissa.
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Her heart fell as her Ransa let out a low and sad tone at the idea of being kept behind. Orissa pouted, turning to look at her bonded, but down their bond she offered up reassurance. "Perhaps three of you should wait here. Sirine and Cadoc can accompany the Prince and I."

The two named Gilded Guard kept rank as the others moved to do their own thing. One of them, a blue dragon rider, was beginning to take to the skies again as patrol.

Orissa caught Kaveh's eye, giving him a soft smile before turning her dark hues to the Princess named Mitra. "Pleasure to make your acquaintance." It was a stately manner of greeting, but Orissa would later try better to learn more about this Princess when there was time.

Finally, her eyes rose to meet the steeled expression of Poluro. It was Cadoc that introduced himself, and Sirine, to keep their charge from filling the silence. They merely introduced themselves as the Gilded Wings, not quite stating they were here to protect the Princess. They would protect the Prince too, as Orissa would surely give them grief if they did not make such a move to extend their protection beyond her.
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In short order, Kaveh, Orissa, and the two guards were escorted into the city. As they walked the Vizier made sure to point out more than a dozen points of interest. Speaking the tales of several buildings and explaining pieces of art which seemed to meld Into the very makeup of the city. Everywhere they went, it seemed that people were milling about, busying themselves with this or that as the wedding was fast approaching.

A few offered bows as they noticed Kaveh and Orissa, though most went about their day without much fuss. Not that the Prince of Thanasis minded. He had never been much for attention, and when they finally entered the palace he felt a sense of relief flood him. Especially as the Vizier made it known the King and Queen would greet them later.

”It is his son's wedding, we can hardly expect to be the center of attention.” Kaveh said with a surprising amount of grace. The Vizier offering his stringent thanks before finally leading Orissa and her brother to their suite.

It was there, as the Vizier beckoned his leave, that Mitra finally spoke. “If you do not mind, My Lord. I would have word with Prince Kaveh. We are old friends.”

A startled expression drew over the older man's face, but it was quickly concealed with an enthusiastic nod and word of thanks. The doors to the Royal’s guests suite shut, and Kaveh stepped up to his old friend. Curiosity prickling over his features as he spoke.

”It's good to see you Mitra, but you didn't have to be so fo-” Before he could finish, the adoptive princess cut him off. Her hand raising to stop his words as she glanced towards the door. For a moment she seemed to wait, and then motioned for Orissa and Kaveh to follow her. Quickly she swept through the apartments, cutting through the living room and heading onto the balcony that overlooked the city.

It was only there, with the door shut, that she finally spoke.

“You should not have come here Kaveh.” Mitra hissed. “You're both in grave danger.”
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Sirine and Cadoc had offered to stand outside the doors to the suite, as they would have done if there were back a the Thanasian Palace and it were the doors outside of Orissa's bedchambers. If something were to happen, Orissa would simply call for them.

What she had not expected once alone with Kaveh and Mitra, was to be led out to the balcony, doors shut behind them.

Mitra's words stirred unease in Orissa, who did not look to him in that moment. Instead, she did what she had always done when growing up with him. Her hand went to find the closest thing she could hold onto, and this time it was to curl around his upper arm and squeeze. The Princess' face turned to one of worry, unsettled by the idea that their presence here meant danger for them both.

"Should I call for my guards?" If only to update them on this news. She did not ask what danger awaited them, but Orissa had to keep herself calm so that her bonded dragon was not alarmed.
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For a moment, Kaveh only stood in silent disbelief. Not sure if Mitra was attempting to tell a joke, though that notion was quickly dispelled as he noticed the sternness of her expression. This was no joke, clearly.

A frown touched his lips as he felt Orissa's touch upon his shoulder. He glanced at her briefly, his off-hand rising to cover her palm. Giving her hand a gentle reassuring squeeze. "I do not know if calling for them will do you much good now."

The adoptive Princess said with a shake of her head.

"Warn them, of course, but the danger is not one present here on this balcony." Kaveh frowned for a moment, and motioned for Orissa to stay for a moment. They would tell the Gilded Wings, of course, but first he wanted Mitra to explain what the hell was going on.

"What do you mean?" The Prince asked, showing a remarkable calmness given his usual demeanor. "Why would someone wish to harm us? We're here as friends."

Mitra nodded emphatically. "Yes, you are, I do not think my father is involved in this plot. But I overheard..."

She frowned, head shaking.

"I overheard the Vizier, and another voice speaking of a plot on your lives." A shake flickered through the girl's voice. "I...could not listen for long. I heard mention of a Vrisix Pike."

The mention of a Virsix Pike almost immediately sent Kaveh's hackles up, as it would any Thanasian's. The Virsix were a foe long vanquished by his people, though a millenia ago they had been a particularly harrowing enemy. Related to the Dwarves of Epressa, and great Craftsmen, they had created great magical war engines. A Virxic Pike, was an enchanted spear meant for one thing and one thing alone; Killing Dragons. "You can't stay here, Kaveh, Princess. It is dangerous."

Kaveh scowled at the words, knowing the conflict that could begin here, but also knowing they could not leave.

"We...can't, Mitra. It would be a diplomatic disaster." A small bit of heat entered his voice. "And if there's a Virsix Pike here...we have to destroy it."
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Orissa paled at the mention of the Virsix Pike.

It had clouded historical texts, and was part of much bloodshed. Thanasis had learned from this, creasting projectile spikes made of Thanasian Iron to defend themselves against jarlax and other creatures that meant to harm them. Nothing inspired fear more than the Pike.

"What do they hope in killing a dragon or two? Did they not think of the kind of war that would come of this?" Orissa knew Kaveh's bonded troubled many Yurelians when they had landed, but a Pike was deadly enough to pierce a god centuries ago. Yet killing a dragon also meant killing the bonded rider. No human could survive such agony if a dragon were to die. "Kaveh is right. We cannot leave before getting as much information as we can."

She had such interest in war tactics, but little time to put it into practice. Orissa looked to her brother, who despite being a few years younger, she had always looked to him for guidance.
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Mitra shook her head empathically. "I don't know."

She admitted quite readily, causing Kaveh to frown.

Orissa was entirely correct. Killing a dragon or two wouldn't do much but start a war, particularly if those Dragons were bonded to the Prince and Princess of Thanasis. An attack alone would have been enough for retribution, but a murder? The whole of the ascendant would descend upon the city within a matter of days, if not hours. It would be a massacre. Yurelia was in no way strong enough to fight Thanasis, it was why they had remained allies for so long.

The city in large part depended on Thanasis for its own defense from the monsters of Malakath. Not to mention other cities which coveted it's many mines.

"Maybe war is the point." Kaveh suggested to the two Prince's, wishing briefly that Shiriam had accompanied them. His first wife would have made short work of a plot like this, and her agents would have found the cause within a matter of days. Unfortunately, even sending word back would take a few days, and there was no telling what danger they might be in during that time. "How long has the Vizier been in your father service?"

He asked, and Mitra frowned. "A decade...maybe a little more. He is Yurelian born, his family has been important for centuries. I do not know why he would take part in such a plot."

Kaveh frowned again, taking in a breath.

"I think, perhaps, our best way toook into this might be to get to know the Vizier better. There will be a ball tonight, yes? In celebration of your brother?" Mitra nodded her head slowly, clearly still preferring that Orissa and Kaveh take their leave. "Orissa, perhaps you could speak with him, suss out his motivations while I..."

He frowned, what the hell would he do?
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Orissa grimaced, but found herself nodding to Kaveh's suggestion. She withdrew her hand from clawing his arm with fear, and instead clasped them elegantly, like a Princess ought to have been taught. To fall back on these lessons gave her comfort, and the air that she was calm despite the pale pallor to her complexion still.

"Yes, I think I can manage that. I am after all the one that answered the invitation." And she had no problem with keeping her rage, if she was capable of it, in check. "I will have Sirine switch with Greydon. Better to have her and her Moon Dragon taking patrol, see if they can find anything. Greydon and Cadoc can accompany me at the Ball."

But now she looked to Mitra. "What of the First Captain, Poluro? I... I do not get a good feeling from him. Are they close with the Vizier?"

In the room connected to the balcony, two of the Gilded waited patiently. Cadoc frowned, knowing something odd was happening if the Princess was speaking with the others, unheard. A simple check through his bond to Olazor confirmed that the Ransa belonging to the Princess seemed unnerved, pacing.
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"I am unsure." Mitra said softly, her face twisting into a mask of consternation. "The Lord Vizier commands Poluro almost as much as my father does, but I would not say they are friends."

Kaveh frowned at the words, feeling his frustration beginning to grow at the lines of misteries that were building around them. It was all well and good to know there was a plot on your life, but without the why or how of it things only became more complicated. They needed answers, and they needed them quickly.

"I'll speak with the First Captain." Kaveh said, not stopping to take some of the bite from his tone.

Mitra looking almost immediately to the Prince and narrowing her eyes somewhat. Lips drawing to a thin line as she clearly considered Kaveh's usual reputation, an unspoken rebuke running between the two of them.

"I won't harm him." Kaveh said quickly. "But he may speak to me of war, threats to Thanasis and Yurelia both."

It was the only angle the Prince could think to take. Puloro controlled the army of this city, and even if it was a meager one he was still kept appraised of local threats and troublemakers. If he was involved with the plot then perhaps he would slip, and if he wasn't, well then all the more useful. The Vizier's plots would be uncovered, they just had to do it carefully. "For now I think it best we act as we naturally would."

A challenge that would be most difficult for The Prince himself.
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Orissa glanced at Kaveh, her dark brows furrowing. "If you find yourself losing a little temper, find me, alright?" She had seen some of the worst of his rage over the years, but soon she stopped being afraid of him. Where her parents gave up, Orissa took it upon herself to be there and weather through it with him. It was her calmness that always made his storms come back down. The Princess smiled at him.

"Mitra, before you go, something for you..." She turned to open the doors leading back to the room, and her Gilded Guard standing at attention, but she breezed past them. Their belongings were left in the main room to the suite, and the Princess looked for a box that was carefully wrapped. She would meet Kaveh and the Yurelian Princess once again, all smiles despite the news they were told beforehand.

"In Thanasis, there is a very skilled glassblower who creates beautiful sculptures in the fire of her dragon's breath. She is also known for implementing dragon scales in her works, and this one has one of each of the Royal Dragons." Upon opening the box, carefully wrapped inside was a glass sculpture of a dragon's egg. "I do have other gifts, but perhaps this will dissuade anyone from being suspicious of why you are taking time speaking with us."
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Kaveh tilted his head in a nod to his sister.

He knew that here, above all else, control would matter. He had to keep himself in check. Yurelia was their ally, and even faced with these plots it would not do them any good to press back against their kindness. The Vizier and the First Captain would be dealt with, as would anyone else who wished to see them dead.

The Prince just had to remind himself of that fact. As Mitra and Orissa departed the balcony, Kaveh lingered for a moment. Taking a deep breath and casting a glance out over the city below. Eyes closing as he sent assurance through his bond with Rayvath, the massive dragon sensing his dread at the coming hours.
"I will call when I need you."

Kaveh whispered, as though she could here, then turned to join the two Princesses.

"Oh, thank you, Princess." Mitra said with a wide smile as she was presented Orissa's gift.

"A lovely gift, and a lovely gesture." She said with a smile. "As well as good thinking."

The words were genuine as she took the box, marveling at the design of the egg for a moment before sealing the case shut once more. Her expression growing a bit more serious as she looked between the daughter and son of Thanasis. "Please, be careful. I do not wish to see you harmed."

Mitra reiterated, still likely wanting them both to leave rather than challenge whatever it was that was coming.
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Orissa gave Mitra a sad smile, "I am used to stepping on eggshells."

It was not at the expense of Kaveh that she said this, but rather the way she kept peace with each of her brothers. Orissa was always going to back up Kaveh, but refused to allow their older brothers to lord over the both of them. She was used to being in the middle of their waged wars within the palace, but she was unable to stop the plots her brothers carried out without her knowing.

The latest attempt had been the night before the Royal family were to meet with the family Orissa was arranged to marry their eldest.

The Princess gave Kaveh a reassuring smile. "Besides, Kaveh and I are as thick as thieves." Growing up, it had always been them both against the world... or the call of their tutors wrangling them to pay attention in their studies, or the cook chastising them for sneaking food that always ended up spoiling their dinners.

In this endeavour, she was sure they would excel.
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"We'll be fine." Kaveh added, offering his sister a brief smile to make sure she knew he took no offense to their words.

Plotted assassinations were almost a constant fact of life for him back home. Both of his brothers would gladly have seen him dead, and that wasn't even to mention the nobles who would have enjoyed his passing even more. The fact this was coming from another city offered insult, but not enough to send him over the edge.

At least not yet.

Mitra looked between the two Royals for a moment, then let out a sigh as she took the box and made her way out the door.

"That was unexpected." Kaveh commented as the door closed behind the adoptive Princess, leaving Orissa and him alone for just a few moments. "I can't imagine why anyone here would want us dead."

He continued, frowning. "Unless they want to start a war."

A notion that was more than a little troubling.
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Orissa widened her eyes slightly as her two Gilded Guards entered the room, Cadoc catching the end of Kaveh's words.

Alarm crossed Sirine's features, but Cadoc stared at the Princess as if cross she had not immediately told him of the situation. She gave him a nervous smile, knowing that the Captain of the Gilded took the job seriously. He was similar age to the two present Royals, which made it easier for Orissa to learn about him and be comfortable around him as he joined less than four years ago after the last Captain had been let go for... disorderly conduct.

"Ah, of course. Your first time in another court and there is a plot against the Royal Family of Thanasis." All seriousness faded from his face, but now took on the personality the Princess knew best.

"Well, it is a good thing the Gilded Wings exist." She offered him a weak smile.

Cadoc enlightened her with a small smile himself before regarding Kaveh with a more professional expression before turning his head Sirine's way. Orissa gave them both an account of what Mitra had divulged to them, and the plans for the ball made both of them frown. The Gilded were quiet, but the Princess knew they were already plotting ideas to keep the two royals protected during their stay.

"I think I would prefer you scouting the location for the Pike, Sirine." Orissa looked to Kaveh, knowing he would not give her suggestion on how to order her personal guard. "With your bonded, they will have an even harder time to watch you. Make it part of a patrol, have the two blues intertwine as much as possible to make them appear as if they are one..." Rayvath and Pixaelys would rest. The Ransa would only leave if only accompanied, but the Gilded Wings were known for hunting and dropping the food to Pix.

"So myself and Aillard are to accompany you both to the ball." Cadoc reiterated, with Orissa nodding.

"Yes, and if Kaveh permits it, Al can keep watch on him." Aillard was good at reading people. Seemed to know when a situation was to change and could put a stop to it quickly. He also was the biggest on the Guard, and could take a punch if Kaveh needed to hit someone that was not Yurelian.
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The Prince bowed his head in acquiescence.

He was not thick enough to believe that he could tackle every challenge himself. He was a better swordsman than most thank to Vhagor, but there was little doubt even he could be overwhelmed if things got too chaotic. Better to have someone watch his back.

"I have little doubt that the Royal Family is not involved." Kaveh said quite clearly, worrying more about the plot itself than the way it would be carried out. The why seemed far more important to him than the how.

Did the Vizier and his conspirators wish to start a war between Thanasis and Yurelia? Why? This city would be wiped out in a matter of days. A single Virsix Pike had only enough magic to kill two or three Dragons before being rendered as nothing but a simple hunk of steel. Hardly enough to take on the city of fire. Hell, they had enough dragons with them to see this place reduced to ash.

So why?

Frustration flickered through his chest, and Kaveh took a deep breath as he remembered to calm himself. A pool of calm drawing over him as Rayvath tried to control the rising tide of rage within him.

"If anyone does make an attempt on our life." He said, looking at the members of the Gilded Wings. "We must take them alive."

As difficult as that would be for himself. "We may not get many answers otherwise."

He had no doubt Orissa would be able to ply the Vizier for some trickles of knowledge, but he doubted that the man would gibe up the whole plot. Plus, his own chance with the First Captain were...less than ideal. He'd never been known as a conversationalist.

For now, they needed leads. "Until then, I suggest we get ourselves dressed."
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Orissa tried to not think too hard or worry as to why someone plotted to harm the Thanasian Royal Family, or even a dragon. All she had learned of healing from Kaveh's wife would not be nearly enough to begin healing the damage a Pike could do. Even a Ransa could not make large strides to heal such wounds with their tears alone.

Sirine and Cadoc nodded at Kaveh's plan, now looking to heir Princess. She gave them each a weak smile, offering no other input to the plans set by her brother.

The next few hours before she had two Yurelian maids assist her in preparing for the ball, Orissa operated in a state of drifting. She was not quite numb, not too active and present to be thinking a lot either. Silks were pulled over her form, laces tied at her back, and after another hour, cosmetics were applied and pins held her hair back in a sleek waterfall beneath her Princess' tiara. Her betrothed, Jensen Araelor, had once taken her to a cavern with unknown stones discovered there, and with the help of his twin sister, had commissioned a tiara with the newly named Thanazite stones set into the gold metal.

She was a vision in blue, now walking to the adjoining receiving room to meet her brother. Events like this were not a new thing for the Princess, but so rarely did she get to attend any with Kaveh present. Here, at least there were no attempts on his life from their elder brothers... just threats on either of their lives and their dragons.
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Kaveh was nearly similarly fussed over, though he rejected the maids which were sent his way. Having always preferred to dress himself, the Prince took careful measure to intricately put himself into the formal wear of one of the Royal Sons of Thanasis.

He wore the robes of his forefathers, black with ribbons and belts of red. Golden plates of armor placed around his collar and over his shoulders, matched by bracers over his forearms. As he finished, Kaveh stepped over towards one of the tables where he had placed his things. Drawing free a small blade, and slipping it into place on the underside of his arm.

For those few hours, Kaveh's thoughts were preoccupied not with his dress, but the plot against their lives.

As he stepped out of his rooms, Orissa would notice one of the ribbons of his clothes out of place. "You look beautiful, Sister."

The Prince complemented, a smile flickering over his features as he quietly cursed the happenstance in their visit. It had been a long time since he had Orissa had been able to spend time together, longer still since they had been able to do so without a threat to one of their lives. Even if that threat was usually only to his. It was hard to control the flicker of anger that rushed through him when he thought of that.

Harder still not to let the rage come to the surface, even for a moment. "If you are not careful, you'll outshine the bride."

He continued, though it was clear he was still disturbed by the nature of the coming hours.
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Her eyes looked him over briefly before adjusting the out of place ribbon and taking a few steps back to smile at how nicely he cleaned up. His compliment on her appearance made her wave him off, smiling as she went to loop her arm through his. They had done this many times, as children playing around the castle. Kaveh had been her only friend at that time, because it had been too difficult for her to keep friends when their older brothers began telling her they were not fit company when it had been the children's parents that ticked off the older Princes.

Still, Orissa felt natural and calm beside her brother. Despite being older, she felt more as his twin, fraternal of course.

"Oh, dear. We know nothing of the bride, do we not?" She grimaced, but it did not last long until she laughed. Cadoc and Aillard greeted them before opening the doors for the Royals, moving to flank them fifteen steps behind. It was closer than they moved behind her even when in the safety of the Royal Palace, but the Gilded were not taking chances in Yurelia.

"I feel ill prepared to speak to the Vizier." She admitted to her brother in hushed tones. "How do I get him to talk?" All her observations and little lessons of war tactics gave her nothing to go by in this endeavour she was to embark on. The knowledge she was given learning about medical treatments gave her no confidence in striking such conversation with the Vizier.

All she could rely on is that he would ask her questions about her dragon. Or any dragon.
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”I believe she is from Velyra.” Kaveh said as Orissa mused upon the bride to be, though the lack of confidence in his tone did not exactly offer much reassurance. In truth, he hadn't paid much attention when his beloved wife, Shiriam, had given him a rundown of everything and everyone at the party. Something that he now cursed himself for.

She was an ever vigilant eye, but at the time his mind had still been preoccupied with his brother's latest plot.

Nasri was doing something. Kaveh had had no idea what it was, but the Prince couldn't help the thousands of questions which spun around in his mind. Even here and now, with a plot active upon his life in a different city, he couldn't help but wonder what was awaiting him at home. Perhaps it was because he feared more for those he loved, than himself.

As they walked Kaveh listened to Orissa’s quiet concerns. His brow furrowing for a moment as he considered her words. A small smile cracking on his lips. ”And you think I have good advice on how to be a conversationalist?”

Kaveh teased with a quiet whisper, escorting his sister along the ornate hallways of the Royal Palace. A servant slipping silently in place in front of them as a guide towards the Grand Ballroom.

”I think perhaps.” The Prince said, his voice dropping lower so the servant would not be able to over hear. ”It is best to weave a verbal trap. Shiriam often tells me that people want to talk about themselves more than they want to hear about others.”

Though Kaveh had no idea if that were true. ”Show an interest in Yurelia, his work, perhaps he will be more forthcoming than we think.”

Such questions might rouse suspicion from someone like Kaveh, but Orissa? She was an innocent as far as many were concerned. A healer and beloved by the people, known among the courts as a peacemaker between her erstwhile brothers. Perhaps that reputation would help them here.
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”And you think I have good advice on how to be a conversationalist?”

Orissa tried to stifle the grin on her face, something she rarely did other than smile that polite Princess' smile she had been taught to do. "What do you mean, Kaveh? I can barely get you to shut up."

But he was right. All she needed to do was play her part, to get others to talk. This was her first time outside of Thanasian borders, and all she ever learned of Yurelia was of the close relationship between both civilisations.

"Alright..." She exhaled softly, nodding her head to his words. "I think I can manage that."

And as soon as the doors opened for them both to enter the ballroom, Orissa extracted herself from her brother's side. With a small smile and a mouthing of the word 'good luck', the Princess of Thanasis set off on her own to find the Vizier. It was not hard to do, especially when Cadoc had followed after her and directed her the way quietly.

"Princess! Those Thanasian silks look marvellous on you!" He greeted her, bowing at the waist.

Orissa smiled, bowing her head slightly in greeting. "I only wish I took the time to learn of your Yurelian fashions. My mother speaks highly of your dresses here, and I do hope that I get to have one made for myself as a keepsake of my first time here."
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“Ahh, well you'll find most of our fashions are taking after the Valyrian style now.” The Vizier said quite happily. Smiling as he took a step closer to Orissa.

“Our new Princess has brought quite the influence you see.” Cadoc continued as he waved his hand at the various women already spread throughout the Ballroom. Gesturing to the low-cut styles that most were wearing. His features flickering oddly for a brief moment as he caught sight of Kaveh already conversing with the First Captain of the city. Though his attention quickly turning back to the Princess of Thanasis. “She has brought with her quite the retinue, and it seems they're the talk of the town.”

A chuckle escaped the man. “Though what else can one expect with a Royal Wedding on the docket.”

He cleared his throat, and then seemed to realize something.

“You yourself are recently engaged, are you not, Princess?” As he spoke, Kaveh stood across the room. The First Captain leaning back against one of the tall pillars within the ballroom as the two of them conversed.

”I noticed quite the gathering of soldiers as we flew in.” The Prince mused, speaking as casually as he could manage but perhaps pressing the point far too early. ”All for the wedding, I presume?”

The First Captain nodded, the smile on his face likely brought on by the drink in his hand. “Indeed, my Prince. The Lady Wreala and her parents brought quite the retinue, and my King and Queen were eager to match it.”

He chuckled, perhaps a bit too hard.

“Not sure why either side thought they'd need it.” The Captain continued, nudging Kaveh ever so slightly. “What with the dragons we knew would be coming and all.”
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