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Nairth San'Seya

The King of Spring -- Preservation Through Action
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The forests of southern Falwood were unusually still, and had been for days now. The wind did not blow through the trees like the careless sighs of the gods, the sky did not darken with rage and rainfall, pummeling the soft soil with its fury, and the howls of the hungry in search of their next meal were quiet and timid. It was a pressure that filled the air, a sense of unease, of unknowing.

In only a few day's time this land would be upheaved, and this patch of unnamed forest would play host to an event that could very well affect the lives of all life that thrived within this natural paradise. Where a mystical grove now sat at the heart of this forest protected my magic and home to the self-proclaimed guardian of these lands, soon a great kingdom would be born under the banner of he who wished to see all nature flourish. The Spring Court would have its king, and nothing would be the same.

That day was not today, however. While it did loom so ominously in the near future, the duanann who was to bring about that great change was today still a mere Chamberlain, a Chamberlain with duties to uphold. Today's event was a bit different from the norm, beyond the more mundane tasks he would usually be called upon to perform. It had been brought to his attention that a duanann of The Summer had renounced them, and aimed to pledge herself to the Spring Court instead.

To say it was an unorthodox move would have been putting it lightly; Fae rarely deviated from their original courts, and those who did usually had a major reason for doing so. From what Nairth San'Seya had been told, however, this woman had merely grown bored, disillusioned with her life. Seemed a fickle reason to make such a major change in one's life, but he would need all the allies he could get in the coming time.

Even if he wasn't soon to be the King, it would have been his responsibility to greet and orientate their new arrival anyways. Nairth's bare feet met softly with the grassy soil that lined the path leading to the forest's edge, his robes of emerald and amber, splashed with renditions of all manner of animal and flower flowing behind him, sheer and thin. He'd tied his long, silvery hair into a long ponytail that ran down the length of his back. This was a more casual, improper outfit than he would usually wear, but he was enjoying his last few days before the responsibilities on his shoulders increased tenfold.

Coming to a stop where the forest began to fade into open grassland, he locked his hands behind his back. The new Fae had been instructed to meet him here, to be welcomed in with open arms. In reality, Nairth was tasked with performing the final tests that would prove she belonged amongst these trees. His trees.

Shaileigh Ilayda
Shaileigh Ilayda had indeed been instructed to meet the Chamberlain of the Spring Court in the lush grassland of southern Falwood. She had stripped her sandals off long before she had arrived at this point and now her toes sunk into the softness of the grass she traveled on. To say she was nervous was an understatement. She was giving up the only life she had ever known for simple rumors of a future king she really knew nothing about. It was too late for her to change her mind though, she had already renounced them.

Even though she had left the Summer Court behind, she still believed in looking her best. She did not define her life on such things because she was more than her looks. She was still unsure what that more was however. Her long, fiery hair was loose and falling in waves around her face and down her back. The only movement that her hair saw was the light wind that blew through it as she walked. She wore a long green dress that caressed the ground and tightened to cinch in her already small waist and accentuated her breasts. The top part of the dress that was covered in floral stitching had a deep v and then came up to cover her shoulders in a small sleeve.

Shaileigh saw the Chamberlain when she was still a short distance out and her heart started to pick up its pace slightly. What if he threw her out? She would find somewhere to go, of course, but she had hopes to find the pleasure in life again. She had hopes for this new king who would be coronated soon and the future he believed it. She just hoped that the rumors were true.

She approached the taller, white haired Fae and stood awkwardly for a second, unsure of what to say. She did not even know his name in order to greet him. Once she regained her composure, she bowed her head to the Chamberlain and finally spoke in a soft, determined voice. "My name is Shaileigh Ilayda and I wish to pledge myself to the Spring Court." She hoped those words worked since she had never done anything like this before.

Nairth San'Seya
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There was a long pause that hung in the air as the lovely red-haired duanann approached him from afar, the wind holding still in the air as though it were waiting for the two of them to meet at last. Nairth was already making observations about the former Summer Fae before she stood before him; There was trepidation in her movement, each step filled with some measure of uncertainty. Did she question her choice? Did she worry that she had made a mistake in leaving where she'd once called home?

Certainly, she knew it was too late. Her status was in the hands of Nairth now, that much was obvious to the both of them. The question was what the San'Seya chose to do with it.

It wasn't until she finally came to a stop before him that he met her gaze, golden eyes narrowing as the silence continued to loom over the pair of them. While it may have seemed a quite pivotal moment in Shaileigh's eyes, Nairth had to restrain himself from chuckling at how unnerved the beautiful creature seemed to be. Did she think she was dealing with the Erlking? The bow of her head, and the reciting of words pledging herself to his court as though they had been practiced within her mind, again and again, brought a wide smile to the tall Fae's face.

"Your formalism is most appreciated, but unnecessary." Words finally left his lips in a low, soothing tone. Nairth San'Seya offered a bow of his own, silver locks of hair tumbling carelessly over his shoulders as a hand was slowly raised to his chest. "I am Nairth San'Seya. Chamberlain of The Spring. It is my utmost pleasure to make your acquaintance, Shaileigh. Welcome to my humble home." He stepped aside, turning towards the vast expanse of wilderness behind him and spreading his arms wide as the robe he wore slid down his shoulders slightly. His outfit certainly left little to the imagination.

"These trees have long played host to our small but well-regarded Court. The Spring is a parlor court, much smaller than Autumn or Dawn, but we extoll values much different than those groups. Our path is one of life, of being one with this world, and helping it to grow along with us even as we age for generations." Nairth had begun to walk forward, his feet moving along the grass to lead her in further. "I myself maintain a protected haven of nature at the heart of this land, untouched by mortal and devoid of corruption. As Chamberlain, it is my honor to welcome you to our home..."

Suddenly, he would turn on his heel to face her once more, his hands interlocking behind his back. The leaves that covered the trees around them seemed to rustle nervously. "I know of you Shaileigh. You too have a respect for this world, but you also enjoy the baser instincts of our life in a way few Fae can claim to. You thrive on the carnal as well, the raw. Am I... Incorrect?"

Shaileigh Ilayda
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His smile was gorgeous. She could see the humor that he held for her actions and she bristled for a moment. Each court had different etiquette and she was of the mind that it was best to go too formal on the first introduction and then you could tone it down to appropriate. Shaileigh did, however, feel herself relax as Nairth spoke about the forest. She loved nature and she felt like she was home among these trees.

She could have easily nestled into one of the trees and been perfectly content for hours. Instead, she followed Nairth in silence. It was beautiful out here. She was pleased with her choice to join the Spring Court. Her choice to take a chance of a Fae that she had never met before because of rumors. Everything would be okay. She would be okay.

The Chamberlain turned quickly and looked at her. The wind rustled around her and through the trees. It flowed through her hair and she say that it had flowed through his white locks as well. She met his golden eyes and a small, sly smile crossed her lips when he mentioned her thriving on the carnal. Shaileigh was not sure who he had been speaking to about her, but they had not been wrong.

Her affinity was unique to say the least. Like many times before, she did not think before she acted next. Her impulsiveness had gotten her trouble quite a bit throughout her long life yet she still fell victim to on a semi regular basis. Shaileigh focused on Nairth and felt a tingle start to form on her skin. With his robes leaving little to the imagination, she did not have to do much work to stoke the embers of passion within her.

The feelings would travel from her to her target, the Chamberlain of the Spring Court. She did not need the wind to send her power, but she did enjoy watching the wind prickle their skin before it settled into their core. Nairth would feel the small bit of wind surround him before being absorbed into his body. The warmth of pleasure would spread through him within moments and she waited with bated breath, her own skin tingling with the afterglow of her power.

Nairth San'Seya
The Spring duanann was at least very pleased to see she did not take his making light of her formalities as an insult. It was true that such proper attitude may have been the most appropriate behavior for the situation they were in, but Nairth was never the type to adhere to such codes. It was one of the Fae's defining traits; his belief in the equality of each and every one of his Kin. He held no desire to be addressed as though he were above her in some way, at least, not until the upcoming coronation. Then, things would have to be adjusted. Until then he would revel in this freedom.

Shaileigh didn't offer any answer to the question he poised, although of course Nairth already knew the answer. She'd been admiring the trees, the vast expanse of land open for her to enjoy, and to no small extent Nairth himself.

He was no stranger to the eyes of another on his body, nor did he take any offense to it. To yearn was a part of life, and to give in to that yearning the catalyst for the bringing of new life. "I do trust you will be quite happy here, I will do my utmost to make your acclimation as smooth as possible." He offered, even as her smile turned coy, her gaze grew hot.

It took a moment before he realized what was truly happening. The answer to his question was not a verbal one; she was making an example out of him. Already he felt the heat in his stomach boiling, a fire spreading through his veins as he caught wind of something different in the air, something seeping into the exposed pores of his arms, through the thin see-through robe that covered him so barely.

A low growl bubbled from his lips, his eyes sliding shut as tendrils of pure pleasure seemed to stretch out from his core and wrap around every inch of him. It wasn't just pleasure, it was need. Not only his own, but need from her as well, having been admiring his body since her arrival. The growls turned to a low purr, and apart from a shimmying of his shoulders, he seemed to control himself quite well.

It took much to faze San'Seya

"Mm. I see. Well, if you need that taken care of, I'll be sure to show you where I'm staying, Miss Ilayda."

Shaileigh Ilayda
The red haired woman was extremely impressed with his control. Shaileigh had seen powerful duanann taken down so easily by the pleasure that she coursed through their body. He certainly was magnificent and she did appreciate the sight. Her smile turned mischievous as he spoke again. "I would not be opposed to a warmer welcome," her voice was light as she turned to stare out into the distance that held nothing but green lushness.

"I have a rather forward question for you, Nairth," she chuckled internally, thinking about how her demonstration of power was more forward than her question was. "Can you tell me about the new King? I will admit that it is the rumors of him that finally forced me to leave the Summer Court."

She turned back to the Chamberlain with more questions on her lips. She really hoped that he would not admonish her or send her packing already. "As I am currently homeless - in the having a place to sleep terms - where is a good place for me to look for a place to stay?" She set the sandals that she had been carrying on the ground and closed her eyes. She took a deep breath and let the fresh air fill her body. It flowed through and around her much like her pleasure had flowed over Nairth just minutes earlier.

Her questions continued, "what is expected of the courtiers here?" Her bright blue eyes scanned Nairth's body once more before settling on his face. Nairth San'Seya really was the perfect welcoming party for the Spring Court. "Sorry, for all the questions."

Nairth San'Seya
A coy smile tugged at the corner of the San'Seya's lips, holding some meaning not quite readable. Her power was quite fascinating, one that would definitely work to ingratiate her amongst any company of Fae regardless of court. Pleasure of the flesh was a universal pastime, after all. If she would so like to demonstrate some of her talent on him today, he would certainly not turn her down. Nairth had been making a habit of doing as he pleased these last few months.

"Well then, perhaps I shall make my Grove the first spot on our trip, Miss Ilayda." He spoke matter of factly, tilting his head to the side with that small little smirk growing larger. Turning once more, he continued his trek into the heart of the forest. "Come, let us continue." The breeze would pick up behind her, urging her forward gently as it blew against her back with the warm air of midday. As Shaileigh pressed onwards for further information about the future of the crown. Nairth would extend his left hand in front of him, pointing with a finger as a small blue bird flittered down from the treetops to perch upon it's tip.

"The new King?" He hummed as he brought the bird to his face, muttering something to the creature under his breath. The life in this forest acted as Nairth's eyes and ears, keeping him well informed of everything that happened in his domain. This bird though, had just been drawn to Nairth through his power, as did many things. Trees seemed to sway closer to him, the grass attempted to cling to his feet. Even the wind lingered around his body longer than it did any other. "It seems rumors certainly do travel quickly, don't they?" He chuckled softly. "The new King is a man of action, that much I can tell you with certainty. He believes in the Spring's ability to make change, to do good to this world. For protecting something is not enough; if you truly desire for it to flourish, you must actively fight for it's growth."

"Ah, but forgive my rambling..."
The duanann watched as the bird flew from him, into the deep blue above. Their feet had carried them to his barrier, the magical wall that surrounded his own home. Oddly, the sounds of life were quiet here, almost muted. "You must have so many questions. Unfortunately, as the leadership of our court is up in the air until the coronation, the details on what we are to do, on our expectations and goals, are quite murky at best. Live, and protect the life around you. Treat this Arethil as you would your child, and remember that you are nothing without the air you breathe."

The barrier glowed brightly as Nairth reached out to touch it, a soft sigh leaving his lips as his fingers brushed against the mystical wall of energy. "This is my Grove. I have protected this land, preserving all manner of nature within it for ages. You are welcome to stay here with me, until the coronation. I have reason to believe that once that occurs, all will make more sense to both of us..."

The barrier vanishes, and a rush of warmth greets their flesh. Would she follow him into the sanctum of the soon-to-be king, unaware that she would spend her nights with he who would be bearer of the crown?

Shaileigh Ilayda
"Please, call me Shaileigh," she told him after he called her Miss Ilayda for the second time. Shaileigh followed him as the warm air literally pushed her forward to follow the Chamberlain of the Spring Court. She did not need prompting though, no, she would follow him anywhere right now.

As they walked side by side, she watched as the forest reacted to Nairth’s presence. It was fascinating to watch and she envied his connection with the earth. “If you are correct than I am very happy that I came here. There are too many Fae who prefer the status quo and it is hurting us. I think that is the real reason I needed to leave the Summer Court. Beyond their obsession with perfection, that is.”

Her head cocked to the side as the barrier that she had not seen revealed itself and then vanished. His offer caught her off guard. She did not know him and he did not know her, but he was willing to share his home with her. She had no reason to turn down the offer. She also did not want to turn down the offer.

“It is beautiful,” she spoke with awe in her voice as she looked around the Grove. “Thank you for your generous offer, Nairth. I will not turn down a place to stay,” she paused, “especially with such nice scenery.” She winked at him and then smiled again. She really did appreciate this. She wondered if she could get him to lose some composure if she poured a little more power into her magic. Perhaps she would try shortly.

Nairth San'Seya
He'd found this spot many years ago, before he'd fully come into his own as a Duanann. It was where he'd made his first pact, and met his first Human. The importance of the event was never lost on Nairth, and the pristineness of the grove it happened in struck the spiritual creature as fate. He warded and shielded this grove, ensuring that no mere adventurer could enter it's hallowed grounds. This tiny little grove, situated in the southernmost part of the Elven lands, became Nairth's home away from the tribulations of his kind.

These trees and plants knew him far better than any in his court did; They'd been here when he would bring lovers to his grove, when he christened his children with their names: The San'Seya. They were here for the sorrowful years after he slew every San'Seya, when he could do naught but weep and regret. They'd seen him at his peak and at his lowest, every lover's sigh, mournful tear and father's wisdom sunken deep into the roots of everything here.

It saddened him. Very soon this grove would not be as it is now. He would ensure its preservation, and all life that he had cultivated within these trees would remain, but it would not be the same. One era of his life was coming to a swift end, and a new one was approaching at a blistering pace. In that way, Nairth supposed he was not unlike Shaileigh, also facing a new chapter of her story. Perhaps that was why he felt such an early kinship with the former Summer Fae.

"I hold no ill will towards the beliefs of my brothers and sisters, I assure you..." His soft voice trailed off as he walked slowly across the fields of flowers and brush, towards the large lake that rested at the center of the Grove. "But this new direction may be correct. Action must come, no longer must we rest on our laurels. I'm glad you agree with us. With me." The tall figure lowered to his knees on the edge of the lake, leaning over to scoop some of the crystal clear water into his hands. "Relax now. You are home. If there is any way I can accommodate you further you need only ask."

Nairth felt the hungry gaze of need digging into his back. It made him struggle not to smirk as he sipped the water. Hopefully, she would not be too shy...

Shaileigh Ilayda
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Shaileigh was in awe of the beauty of this Grove. It just grew more beautiful with each passing moment. The lake that sat in the middle of the Grove was calling to her and she instinctively started to walk closer to it. She never wanted to leave. This amount of untouched nature in the vicinity made her want to curl up and read a book. Among other things, of course.

“Not to be rude, especially considering your hospitality, but why would it matter if I agreed with you?”
She was not sure why she had said it, but it had slipped out. He was the Chamberlain of the Spring Court and while that was important, it was not enough for her agreeance to mean anything significant.

She immediately shrugged off his words as he told her she was home. A warm feeling rolled through her body. The feeling of warmth changed to heat when she thought about how he could accommodate her. Shaileigh watched him, on his knees, bringing the perfectly clear water to his mouth.

She stepped forward until she was directly behind him and she set her right hand on his bare shoulder. The power surge of lust and pleasure that flowed her was more powerful than before due to the skin contact and she immediately felt her own feelings intensify. Shaileigh bent forward and whispered in his ear, “This is me asking.” Her power, her voice, her breath against his ear would all add to the power she was already sending into his body.

Nairth San'Seya
It was a much needed moment of relaxation and peace as the two of them basked in the afterglow of passion, bare-skinned beneath the warmth of the sun. Nairth had brought her to the edge of the lake now, sitting beside his new court-sister after cleaning her of any sign of his previous affections. His legs hung in the water, as his hands rested on his knees. Shaileigh had questions; she'd learned he was King during their tryst, and while she was far from offended at the notion, she understandably questioned why he had been lax to tell her of his position.

"I have not been crowned yet, have I?" He peered over at her through amused eyes. It was a bit of a non-answer, he supposed... With a sigh, the King continued. "I wished to greet you as an equal, not as some superior figure. Status has a tendency of warping the behavior of people. I do fear how the perception of me will change once my status is revealed to the other courts." It was unlike San'Seya to be so open with his fears with a relative stranger, but after what had just happened, he had figured it only right she receive a satisfactory explanation

Slowly, a hand would slide up her leg until it rested on her knee. The King-to-be would shift, turning his body to face her and bowing his head low in humble apology. "Forgive me if my lack of forthcoming makes you feel deceived. It was not my intent to hide from you, Miss Shaileigh." Somehow he doubted she would argue with where it had led them though, she wouldn't have been as forward with him if she'd had any suspicions, he would bet.

Shaileigh Ilayda
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Shaileigh let out a small laugh when Nairth bowed his head to her. She reach out a delicate hand and placed it under his chin, lifting his head. "You are forgiven, my lord. I hope you can forgive my fowardness." She smiled and brought her face close to place a kiss on his lips. "I can understand why you would not want to tell me straight away and your words on us agreeing now make more sense."

She pulled her face away from his and brought her hand down to his knee as they talked. The sun was warm and she felt a happiness that she had not felt in a long time. There was peace and beauty here. She could stay forever and never wish to leave.

Shaileigh studied Nairth's face before speaking again. "Am I still welcome to stay here? What are your plans for the court? What can I do for you?" She didn't mean for the questions to come tumbling out but they had and they were questions that she wanted to know the answers to.

Nairth San'Seya
While in truth Nairth's status as King meant that Shaileigh's opinion on his manner meant relatively little, he felt no small amount of pressure to leave some semblance of a good impression on one of the few fae to pledge themselves to Spring in recent memory. He would require the support of as many as he could earn in order to keep this court stable, and Ilayda was a perfect example of the kind of ally he would need; strong-willed, passionate, and unyielding.

When he rose his head to feel the press of her lips against his own, his apologetic expression shifted to a sly smirk, allowing his lips to linger near hers for a moment before he leaned back, pulling his legs from the water to stand on his feet. No time to dawdle about, there were preparations to make and only so much time before the coronation was to begin. "Of course, it also wasn't my plan for us to spend our day tangled in one another's embrace, not that I have complaints." He gathered handfuls of his long silver hair, pulling it behind his head and tying it securely.

"I suppose that too was a product of my desire to be equal with you..." He began as he collected his discarded robe from the grass, but trailed off. No, it was not the time to be waxing poetic about his confliction over his impending rule. Shaileigh needed to know that he was to be a strong ruler, one without such constant doubts. They all would need to know. "Nevertheless, you are welcome in my Grove, for the last few weeks it remains as it is. Upon my coronation, I plan on turning this place into a great city as one of my first acts, somewhere to act as a cornerstone for all we believe in, the preservation of this life."

She was the first he'd told about this, even his son hadn't been informed of the decision he'd made. Quietly Nairth folded the robe up, placing it on the side of the leaf they'd laid on together before turning on his heel to tend to one of the many beds of flowers basking in the sunlight overhead, dropping to a knee and looking carefully over each bloom.

"After that is done, you'll have no end of choice as to where you wish to stay. Of course I may see fit to give you work within my court. There are so few of us now, and I will need all hands at attendance in order to see my vision through."

He mutters something to a scarlet petaled bloom in his hand, and it opens, stretching as if awakening from a slumber as the duanann turns his head to Shaileigh once more.

"I trust you'd be willing to offer me your aid?"

Shaileigh Ilayda
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Shaileigh had not risen when Nairth did. No, she was too comfortable to think about standing up at the moment. She did, however, turn around so she was facing his direction. She pulled her knees up to her chest and rested her arms atop her knees. She listened as he spoke of the grand city that would be erected here and it made her sad. She had not been here long and she already loved this place with its lush splendor. The Spring Court did need a capital though. It had nothing at the moment save this Grove.

Shaileigh did decide to get to her feet when he started speaking of work. She had nothing here and having work would be a blessing. She slowly walked to where she could watch him speak to the flowers and still be far enough away to not hover. When he looked at her again, she smiled at him and the flowers.

"I trust you'd be willing to offer me your aid?"

The redhead duanann nodded solemnly at his question, "of course. I will offer you whatever aid I am able to. Any and all commitments I had left me when I came here so I am yours to command." She closed her eyes as she bowed her head to her King. When she looked back up at him, her blue eyes held a spark of anticipation and excitement.

Nairth San'Seya