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The Autumn Prince
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His lips curled and he turned to press a kiss to her temple.. "Whatever you want." he rumbled, though he was admittedly pleased that she hadn't asked to venture off of the isle just yet. Here at least he felt he could trust his own people enough that she would be safe, but even still, he had to swallow hard before posing his next question.

"Would you.. Like to go alone, or with one of the sisters?..." his brows rose. "Unless you want me to accompany you, I'd be happy to, of course.." he smirked and huffed quietly, rubbing at the back of his neck.

"I just mean I don't want you to feel like I'm.. Suffocating you." he laughed under his breath.
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Maeve turned in surprise when he offered to let her go alone or with the sisters. Given what she could... feel through this bond she had thought he wouldn't leave her side in her first week here. Certainly not her first trip to the city itself. It was a testament to how much he trusted the people here... but how much he understood her need for independence.

"With you," she smiled and cupped his cheek, her thumb running over the stubble, and smiled at him in the hopes of easing a little of the tension she could feel in him. "I don't think there is anyone better to show me around the city than the man who helped to build it... but... thank you," for thinking of her needs even when his were the polar opposite.