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    A land once ruled by Dragons and Gods opens, but not every secret of Arethil's past is safe to uncover.


  1. Brynneld

    Open Chronicles Redemption

    A L L I R I A It was another day. Brynneld had started scratching the days into the wall when he had arrived. After covering two entire stones in markings he had given up. There were not many prisoners here. Having been one of the Allirian rangers for over a decade he knew what happened to...
  2. Heike Eisen

    LFG Any active Templar?

    Are there any active Templar out there? I'd like to run a potential story idea involving Heike Eisen by any such Templar--see if you might be interested.
  3. Heike Eisen

    Private Tales The Proud Daughter

    His name was Tzuriel Alanthis. And Heike was told that he was once a vampire, and that he had found a cure for his affliction. So she set out to find him. Here, in Alliria. * * * * * She entered the city as she entered all cities: at night, and not through the main gates. Even before the dawn...
  4. Talus

    Quest A Gift From Ashes[Open]

    Eastern Sheketh Islands - The Tainted Bard Dreadlords were rarely granted time off, even more rarely when they were the only ones who represented the Guard. Yet every soldier got leave, even the Conscripts who were taken into the ranks at the age of eighteen. So it had been decided by the...
  5. I

    Fate - First Reply The Quest for Elements

    It is the Third Lassat Month. Iasoun Serin, a devout member of the Brotherhood of Lessat, is embarking on a quest to replinish his supplies for his alchemy practice. He is currently walking around the marketplace in Alliria in search of an adventurer to help and defend him on his quest. Plus, he...
  6. Bellerophon

    Private Tales A drink for the long one

    Whatever THAT thing was, no diviner wanted to see it, let alone touch it. Their gods clearly hissing into their ears, it's cursed, it's cursed'. But nobody would explain why and how. eventually, some of the puzzled priests' acolytes of a gloomy robe mumbled. "There's another diviner, but they...
  7. Karl von Stehlen

    Private Tales No Half Measures

    "When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hang on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn." -Harriet Beecher Stowe "Dammit, old man..." Someone might have heard him, had they...
  8. Vanya Valentine

    LFG - Quest The Black Rose | Long Term Quest OOC

    "You and i both know how this ends~" PROLOGUE | THE WILD HUNT Alright so, to keep this sweet and to the point i really wanna do some spooky stuff to get into the 'Halloween spirit'. So i spent time time making a long term story/campaign with mystery, intrigue, violence and of course...
  9. Tzuriel Alanthis

    Roleplay OOC Adventurers Guild Posting: From Alliria To Elbion

    Tzuriel Alanthis, of the Alanthis merchant family, Has posted a quest at the Adventurers Guild in Alliria to request an escort for himself and his trade caravan to pass through the wilderness, through the Aberresai Savannah to reach Elbion, then from Elbion to bring his trade and cargo to a...
  10. Isaias Kildare

    Quest Frozen with Fear

    The office for the Adventurers Guild was fairly unoccupied. the office had a counter where the clerks sorted through contracts and paperwork, but the rest of the office was filled with tables and chair and benches for those who chose to wait around the guild for new jobs to come up. There were...
  11. RGFC

    Quest Saving Grace

    Lord Dev'ee Oss stared at the sky from his conference table. The skies still held their dark grey colour, it had been overcast like this for nearly three weeks. He had hoped that after last nights downpour the skies might have finally cleared, if only so he could walk through the gardens with...
  12. RGFC

    LFG - Quest Saving Grace

    A lord's small fiefdom near Vel Anir has been suffering as of late, he was looking into the matter himself with the town guard when his daughter, Grace, suddenly collapsed, she was poisoned. The king has grown desperate and has now called for your aid. As a reward for whoever can save his...
  13. Smiling One

    LFG Lost History

    MESSAGE FROM EKON LARKIN PROFESSOR OF HISTORY AT THE COLLEGE AT ELBION "When you're a History Professor you read a lot of horrible stuff. From wars, pogroms, to genocide. I've read and listened to first-hand accounts describing every bloody detail of the sins that the people Arethil of...
  14. Vanya Valentine

    LFG - Quest Of Monsters & Men

    "So then, shall we begin?" And here i am, finally with a finished character. Only thing to do now is get the ball rolling so today i am going to revitalize an older idea i had from a while ago. The idea for this specific RP is not entirely complicated due to it not being fully fleshed out but...
  15. Asuego 'Susanna'

    LFG -chants- witch hunt -chants- and other rp ideas/plots

    1) The apple of the thread, A witch hunt! Probably I won't even post that much at the start in this one since my witch won't even be taking that much of a strong role here (mostly that of an 'antagonist', well '' because it's all so morally gray, would be cool to see how other's deal with...
  16. A

    LFG Campaign RP: Fool’s Gold Campaign RP

    Hi there! So, I was thinking of a good rp, and I need a few people who will tag along. Story: In our land, it is told of a place, filled with riches beyond our wildest dreams. Many have craved it, many have wanted it, many have searched for it, and many have killed for it. Our group learns...
  17. Serratia Delacour

    Open Chronicles A Foolhardy Quest

    The Spine. The location where many are lost, never to be seen again. The place where strange and beautiful legends are rumored to reside. The area where a cold frost-bitten wind blows. That was her journey's destination. Serratia Delacour scoured the shelves of the store for Littlerush Oil...
  18. Gerhold

    Quest Deep Within Castle Amirault

    Gerhold's eyes ran through the contract's details once again, caring not for the myriad of other offers pinned to the notice board. The pay was good, even if it was to be redistributed among, at the very least, two other sellswords. He wasn't one to take on contracts which allowed room for...
  19. Severin Bellerose

    LFG - Quest The quest for the Áerdyn Codex

    Áerdyn is, I presume a monastery between Ffalwood and Alliria that holds many divine magicians and monks under their ranks, if it's still around or not...who knows, maybe it was sacked. :eek: Well, whatever happened, it is/was also the place where the Áerdyn Codex/Book of Áerdyn originates...
  20. Tybalt the Grey

    LFG To Kill a Demon (Party Recruitment)

    We were once a simple fishing town trapped between the trade of Belgreth and the Gulf of Ryt. The lake bore us a blessed bounty and in the winters we gave in tithe to our gods. But now the winds bring a deep chill, and the shadows of a winters noon bring talks of the strange. There are whispers...