1. Maric

    Private Tales Light At the End of the Tunnel

    Vinra - Allir Reach The wheels of the wagon turned, and turned. The sound of them bumping against the misaligned cobbles seemed an almost constant racket, one that had followed him for he had no idea how many miles. He'd hated it at first, then come to love it, then returned to hatred once...
  2. Empyrean

    Fable - Ask When Fates Align

    This art belongs to me, please do not use without permission Raea was never fond of crowds. It wasn’t that she didn’t like people—no. She loved people, for all their complexities. People did not like her very much, she decided. She was a strange, golden-eyed girl. Too pretty to be beautiful...
  3. Sandbox Matthias's Spellbook

  4. Isaac

    Fate - First Reply The Ash of Industry

    Amroe This was a city of desperation. A city of prosperity. A city of misery. A city of industry. Smoke seemed to hang within the air, the thick and acrid emission of dozens upon dozens of what the locals dubbed 'Factories". Amroe was the first of it's kind in this world, the first to have...
  5. Andrei

    Private Tales Tenants of magic

    Andrei pressed his digits against the tabletop's smooth surface, running each fingertip across the smooth, wooden surface. Hours had gone by in waiting, and he grew increasingly bored, if not concerned for the well-being of his soon-to-be guest. "Goodness, he is taking a while." A sigh...
  6. Orion

    Fable - Ask Magic, and The Study Thereof

    The clamber of hooves against the dirt path that steadily became more and more overgrown was like a relaxing drumbeat to Orion's ears, the sound of live crunching against the grass and roots that encroached upon the once busy road was a nostalgic reminder of the trips to and from his...
  7. Ánië Táralóm

    Fate - First Reply To Change One's Fate

    Screaming. Ḩ̵̨̛͇͚̳͖̻̳͙̥̟̭̰̜̗̟̱͌̎̀͊͋͛̊͆͒̂̀͋̀̾͊̊̇͠͝o̴̡̧̡̧̢̹̦̮͎̗̦̺̤̱̩̺̰̖̹͇̭̼͖̟͓̝͈̹͍̰̞͍͚͕͙͒͒́̓̂́̉̈́͑͒̀̈́̽̈́̓͗͛́͋̃͒̔̎̾̂̑̈̈́͘̚̚͠ͅw̷̞͍̹̣͚̻̦͉̞̘̻͔̜̝͈͈̞͇͐̄̓̍̾̃̽̃̋̽̏̒͑̊̆̀͛́̎͗́͒͑͑͜ͅͅ...
  8. Charity Briarthorne

    Private Tales Thief in Training

    The door to the archives crashed open as Charity entered in her usual chaotic manner. "Ah, Ms. Briarthorne. How are you?" Cleo greeted her warmly. "Its nice to see-" Charity spun to face Cleo as she began to speak. "Where's Gwen?!" she demanded. "She's out back in the archives," Cleo spat...
  9. Selina Della Altas

    Private Tales The Ritual Eye

    "You're horrible, ya know that Selina?" "Shut up!" "I mean, what did they do to deserve this?" "Shut up!" "And now look at us... We're running through the fricken woods being chased by a bunch of meat heads?!" "I said shut up!" Selina jumped over a log as she bolted headlong through the forest...
  10. Selina's Spellbook

  11. Lapis The Hidden Dragon

    Open Chronicles In a New World

    At a glance, Lapis looked like an ordinary man. However, the glowing necklace he held dear still concerned the lad in his prime. With a sigh, he grabbed his bag and headed out. "Take care lad, I've grown quite accustomed to your stat here." "Don't be sad Mr. Bishop, I promised I'd come back and...
  12. Sandbox Volta

    Electroalchemy abounds! A town of storms and lightning, where metal is banned and knowledge takes flight.
  13. TTamark

    Open Chronicles Introductory Lessons at The College of Eternum

    Steve was so exited of course some lessons had been given to members of the Eternum long before there was a college. Heck there had been lessons before they had even gotten on the boats that token them to their new home, back during the great exodus. But this, This was the big leagues. Finally...
  14. Grand Khordon

  15. Autumn Whispergrove

    Open Chronicles A Collegiate Inquiry

    /Elbion Portal Stone/ "Whoa." Elbion was gorgeous. Despite the damages on some buildings from a previous attack she'd learned a little about, the city took Autumn by wonderful surprise. She looked around the moment she stepped out of the portal stone and while overwhelmed, was extremely...
  16. S

    Open Chronicles Disappearances

    Fallinol Syvis slipped off her horse with all the grace of a falling boulder. Heavy riding boots crashed against the dirt road, her legs bending as she attempted to get some measure of feeling to return to them. "I hate horses." The Professor said quietly to herself. She had always preferred...
  17. Kala

    Private Tales Supply & Demand

    Elbion Nicodemus Kala stood on the street corner, a coin slowly running over her fingers. There was a lantern nearby powered by some sort of magic, but the Tiefling stood just outside of it's range of light. In the back of her pocket sat a card that had been supplied to her some weeks ago...
  18. Nina

    Private Tales Bookworms

    Books filled every nook and cranny as far as the eye could see. Holding on to the railing, Nina gazed five levels down, to the torch-lit mysteries of the First Level, and two levels above, to the immense clear-glass star-shaped mosaic set alight by sunset. The mosaic was technically the ground...
  19. Archived Dueling Wands

  20. Arcane Focus