Dauner A. Light

Dauner A. Light

Biographical information
??? ??? - (Looks 21) Sovereignty Castle
Physical description
Human-Demon hybrid (Half Incubus) Male 6'2 Black Dark brown (Cream white when in berserk mode, Red when in demonic form) Light brown
Political information
Supreme Monarch of the Sovereign Order
Out-of-character information
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Dauner is a sword master and grand sorcerer, who, after uncountable years of training, created and perfected the art of lightning swordsmanship. A demon, who, after millennia of cultivation became a demon emperor, the likes of which the world had never seen before. And an exile, who, after 7000 years of fighting, surpassed the level of a void emperor and was the first to successfully break the void, after facing off with the void majesty himself, leaving a terible grudge between the two. One the latter would see avenged if and when he could.

After losing everything he had and the peaceful life he once enjoyed, he honed his skills with the intention of claiming vengeance for those he'd lost forever. Afterward, he spent eons fighting for his right to exist, a fight which forever left the world scarred. In the end, he was betrayed and cast into the void, from where, after 7000 years of confinement there, his new adventure on Arethil began.


He has a Light brown complexion and short, wavy, black hair. He usually dresses in fitting black pants and a short-sleeved, slightly tight-fitting, black shirt tucked into his pants, with an unbuttoned black jacket over his shirt. His natural charm is his most noticeable trait, gotten from his demonic heritage.
He has an athletic, albeit a little plain, build, which easily makes him recognized as “weak looking” when fully clothed. However, with his jacket off, his slightly tight-fitting shirt displays the outlines of his well toned body, which complement his natural charm.

Skills and Abilities

  • The Seven Virtues: These refer to the foundational principles that make up his identity as a demon king, and the powers that come with it. Each virtue represents a power that can manipulate the world's principles, but at a steep price.
  • Nihility: Having spent thousands of years in the void, Dauner has gained the ability to blend with space itself, temporarily erasing his existence from the world.
  • Lightning Physique: Dauner possess the innate lightning physique, or body of lightning. This greatly enhances his strength, dexterity, agility, endurance and stamina, and enables him to imbue lightning into his attacks.
  • Lightning Sword Style: Taking advantage of his lightning physique, Dauner created a set of unique sword techniques that utilize the properties of lightning to deal more damage to a single or greater number of opponents. These require metallic energy, though, and would easily destroy most swords as a cost.
  • Berserk: Dauner will go berserk after losing a lot of blood. This doesn't do much for his strength, but his speed doubles, and so does his thirst for blood. The downside of this is he loses his reason and goes on a rampage, killing friend and foe alike.
  • Bloodlust/Killing Intent: Dauner can exert his killing intent on his opponents. This afflicts fear onto them, and can cause hallucinations of being killed on weaker opponents. If uncontrolled when used on much weaker foes, it can cause death.
  • Stealth: He is able to move rapidly without making any sound.
  • Soul Contract: Being a demon king, Dauner has the ability to sign soul contracts, where the other party would sell their souls to him and agree to be his servants forever. The newly acquired soul slaves are branded with a mark which grants Dauner control over them.
  • Cunning: Having made use of the political game to achieve his goals more times than he could care to count before, Dauner knows how to use words to create just as much damage as he could with the sword, and sometimes even more than that.


  • Ordinary Sword: Dauner always has two swords on him. The ordinary sword, strapped on his hip, is a normal iron long sword that can be purchased from any blacksmith. This is the weapon he uses the most, and often has to get a new one after every serious battle, as his ability destroys the metal, turning it into scrap iron.
  • Reaper's Bane: The reaper's bane is a single edged sword which he carries on his back. It is a cursed blade made of mythril. This is a sword Dauner had used to slaughter over ten thousand enemies during the course of his revenge. The sword can not only devour souls, but also carries a curse which would devour the consciousness of one with insufficient willpower. Dauner only uses it when necessary, since even he can't properly control it.
  • Armor: Being a speed based fighter, Dauner only wears plain cloths, as armor only serves to slow him down. His shoes, however, are laced with tiny traces of metal which provide the metallic energy for his movement techniques.


Surface Personality

Dauner is easy to get along with for those who don't outright try to kill him. Chearful and friendly at most times, he is free-spirited and open-minded enough to listen to others.

He is loyal as a friend, but his enemies would know him as decisive, ruthless and sadistic.

Dauner is smart, and he doesn't try to hide it, safe for when his playful personality has him act like an idiot. He is calculating, and always bases his decisions on reason after weighing the benefits and loses it could bring him.

Dauner has a playful personality, and often acts childishly. He is someone who seeks the most fun alternative at all times.

Loves looking cool:
Life and coolness always walk hand in hand. At least for Dauner they do. Dauner loves looking cool in everything he does. He knows he can't always look cool, but he still tries to whenever he can. To him, his aesthetic is just about as important as breathing.

Core Personality

The Seven Virtues:
Dauner's personality has long been shaped by the precept of the seven virtues, which he cultivates. Though he sometimes intentionally doesn't let it show, at his core, his personality is defined by the virtues of pride, wrath, sloth, envy, gluttony, greed, and lust. He typically manifests these personality traits in a covert way, so as not to draw too much attention.

Although he doesn't in any way let it show, the thousands of years of loneliness have left their mark on Dauner. He typically prefers hanging out with other people than being by his lonesome.

Betrayed more times than he can count, and having the fact that he is currently on Arethil as a reminder of that final betrayal, Dauner is unable to trust anyone in any capacity. He however arrogantly trusts enough in his ability to salvage any situation, to the point where little matters can be easily delegated to others.

Goals and Aspirations

Having learned of, and accepted his demon side, Dauner has made it his primary goal to one day ascend to divinity and become a demon god. However, that is a goal that might take him hundreds to thousands of years to achieve.

During this time, he seeks to ensure that the sovereign order one day stands uncontested within the land of Arethil.


The Sovereign Order
A new rising military power within the Allir Reach, the sovereign order aims to gather enough power to become an unrivalled existence on Arethil.


Dauner is currently raising a demon wolf as his mount. The beast, named Gallios by its master, towers at a height of aproximately 6 feet, and possesses an impressive build.

Biography & Lore

Dauner is the last survivor of a rich merchant family. He lived a life of luxury without ever having to do anything on his own for the first 14 years of his life. However, everything changed when his family was annihilated, and everyone was hunted and slaughtered. In order for him to survive this tragedy, many sacrificed themselves, leaving him to fend for himself, alone in the world.

From that day, he trained himself tirelessly in preparation for the day he would get his revenge. He shed sweat and blood, fending for himself on the treacherous streets of the city. He always guarded himself against others, not affording an ounce of trust to anyone.

Just like that, he spent 7 years training. When he finally reached a decent level of strength, he embarked on his journey of revenge. He encountered many dangers as he sought to uproot a powerful family from the shadows.

It was during this time, uprooting one family after another, and destroying one country after another, that for the first time in thousands of years, he learned to trust someone else. A friend with whom he shared a common enemy. After a long struggle, he finally was able to lay the head of his family's murderer at their grave.

However, his friend, whom he had shed sweat and blood with for many years, betrayed him. Because he was too strong for them to kill, he was lured into a magical formation, which banished him into the void.

Dauner once again began relentlessly training as he sought a way out of the void. The years turned to decades. The decades to centuries, and the centuries to millennia. But he neither forgot nor gave up. Whilst he trained, he was forced to survive the ferocious attacks of void beasts. At first, he ran away and hid. But eventually, he learned to become one with the darkness of the void, and acquired enough strength to keep the void beasts at bay.

Finally, after relentless efforts, he successfully broke the void and escaped his dark prison, at the expense of millennia of void energy he had stored in his body. By the time he opened his eyes again, he was in an alien world.

He later recounted his experiences since entering the void in a journal. He called this book, "Chronicles of The Heavenly Demon".


Dauner after arriving on Arethil joins a merry band of adventurers to clear out an old ruin (Old World Clues | Ongoing)

Dauner gets entangled with a knight, a paladin, and a young woman leading a goblin tribe (The Red Cloak | Ongoing)

Dauner, along with a vampire and an elf, uncover a plan to dip Alliria in madness (Rise of Darkness | Ongoing)

Dauner finds himself in the middle of a siege on the city of Alliria, by a horde of undead, orcs and necromancers, led by a dragon, the Emerald Death (The despoiling of Alliria | Completed)

Dauner founds the Reaper's Den, a mercenary guild in the outer city of Alliria, as a starting point for building his empire in the criminal underworld (These Criminal Delights | Ongoing)

Dauner meets with one of the leaders of the Areck slums in Alliria, Dominic Valentino, and share a conversation to decide the direction of his expansion (The Watering Hole | Completed)

Dauner decides to write down his experiences, from his time in the void to his time on Arethil (Chronicles of The Heavenly Demon | Ongoing)

Dauner stumbles upon an interesting group in the tavern one night after a tiring day of work at the Reaper's Den (From One Mercenary To Another | Ongoing)

Dauner finally decides to leave Alliria, and explore the world of Arethil (Striking Out | Ongoing)

Dauner stumbles upon a plague in Castle Silverrock, and, intrigued by it, sneaks into the castle to investigate it (Escape From Castle Silverrock | Ongoing)

Waking up, washed up on the shores of Fallwood, Dauner sets out once more, in search of a means to ease his unending boredom (Winds Of Time | Ongoing)

Dauner and his newly acquired mount stumble on a village being raided by undead hounds in Fallwood. (Some Unholy Obscenity | Ongoing)

Dauner accepts a request to help cleanse the evil that haunts a mansion just outside Vel'Anir (Keep Going and Don't Look Down | Ongoing)

Dauner leads the subjugation of the spectral demons that have occupied his new castle (Welcome to Sovereignty Castle | Ongoing)

Dauner works with Kristen Pirian to uncover a plot of the desecrators and stop it before it's too late (In the Pursuit of Power | Ongoing)

Dauner attempts to assassinate a high ranking noble of Koda to help the war effort (A Whisper in the Dark | Ongoing)
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