Hath Charosh

Hath Charosh

Biographical information
Aberresai Savannah 25 On the move
Physical description
Orc Male 6'8" Below average Dark grey Black Dark olive
Political information
Hunter Charosh Kardidua Charosh
Out-of-character information
Raigryn Vayd 18-09-2018 Gabahadatta
Hath is an orc hunter from the clan Charosh. His people are a small clan that is relatively nomadic. During the summer months (the savanna wet season) the tribe is almost always on the move to find water sources and to follow their game. Hath is often on his own for long periods during the summer, crossing paths with other members of his tribe occasionally and to report back on his findings. In winter (dry season) the tribe typically heads south to a settlement they have built north of Falwood. Every year the humans of Vel'Anir build farmlands closer to their winter home.

Hath never knew his father well, but his uncle (Ghrek) had a strong hand in his development. Hath followed his uncle in becoming a hunter and scout. By some of the more civilised human cities he would only be considered a young adult. For a roaming orc group he is considered relatively experienced and will often lead a small group on hunts in spring and autumn.

The tribe often splits and is held together more by mutual interest than a strict hierarchy. Hath travelled far east on one occasion and has visited Bhathairk with a small group. He did not like the city and found that packed crowds in particular make him anxious. He does not like cities. He does not like boats.

Hath does speak the common human tongue, but it is broken.

He is skilled with bow, axe, spear and sword. He is one of the more skilled archers in his clan. Hath can make arrows and fletchings of a reasonable quality and will often trade at smaller human settlements for quality arrowheads if he can't take them from human hunters that stray into his path. He favours the axe for cutting down armoured opponents. His axe appears to be magical. At least it has orcish markings that can glow when the weapon strikes something hard. Like most things worth having, it was worth killing the past owner for. It doesn't need sharpening and hasn't broken yet, but Hath hasn't discovered any other useful aspects yet.

Spending long periods alone he is used to silence. It can take a long time for him to become talkative in the presence of others. He is a cunning orc, but not a deep thinker. He cannot read or write and is confused by the concept in general. He can recognise the orcish symbols that correspond to most of the clans he knows. A useful bit of knowledge when finding one carved into a tree when scouting.


Taller than average for an orc, but more lanky in his build. His hair is usually quite long and swept back and occasionally braided. He normally keeps a beard.

Skills and Abilities

Tracker: tracking animals, good night vision and sense of smell
Cunning: but not particularly intelligent
Agoraphobia: he doesn't like crowded cities
Marksman: good shot, not a tournament winner, but pulls enough poundage to snap an elf in half. In a mild cross winds can hit a target at twice the range of most elven archers


Hath has a habit of speaking relatively slowly. He takes time over his words and rarely speaks hastily. He has a very dry sense of humour and it is not always obvious when he is deliberately attempting to be amusing. Hath can be easily frustrated by something he does not understand.

Biography & Lore

Hath was far west of his tribe when he reached a settlement in Amol Kalit where the Steelheart Company had made camp. After an altercation with the guards regarding a license for hunting not having been provided by the local sultan he was apprehended and marched out. The Company gave him work, scouting alongside the half-orc Scabhair ri Eine [1]

Travelling north to Elbion alongside Scabhair with a recruitment draft for Steelheart they ambushed a group of raiders on the road, before being chased away by mounted men. When they reached the walls Hath was given another taste of human speciesism and was warned to take care around the guards. They climbed high to get a view of the College of Elbion and Hath was treated to the view that Scabhair took in when she needed to escape the hustle of the city.

The pair narrowly avoided trouble with some drunk locals and Hath barely stopped himself from putting his fist through the walls of an inn.[2]

They visited an old friend of Scabhair's. Pern worked at a blacksmith and Hath needed more arrowheads. He was taken aback to find that the orc spoke none of her people's language.[3]

Hath had very nearly used a particularly expensive spice in cooking some prey out in the wild before Scabhair informed him of its value. They met an old apothecary running a back alley store to sell them on. Unfortunately a member of the Order of the Steel Coin believed they had stolen a cargo of his magical reagents. He attacked the pair in an alley, refusing to listen as Scabhair attempted to talk him down. Only the shock discovery that Hath's axe could shatter magical constructs gave them the opening to cut the assassin down. Realising the danger they were in, the pair decided to abandon Steelheart and head east to rejoin Hath's tribe for the winter.

Travelling east, Hath met Mabess and her tribe in the shadow of The Spine.[4] He stayed with the tribe for a while and was involved in wiping out an infestation of gnolls.[5]
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