Biographical information
Unknown location at the Spine ~45 years
Physical description
Orc Female Tall Stocky Dark brown Tangerine brown Pale olive
Political information
Ashlander clan Tribe leader
Out-of-character information
Nidraak 12.09.2018/ Orig. concept: Oct 19, 2013 ~ 8-9:00pm By LittleTamarin

Mabess [mɐβe̞s]. WIP


Skills and Abilities

+Cooking Want to send your taste buds to heaven? Maybe find another cook. Her food is tasty but not that good.
+Leadership Mabess is a born leader.
~Riding Nothing spectacular. A bit skittish of horses, Rides giant felines due to their tendency to stalk and remain quiet at all times.
-Climbing Too heavy to properly climb, but also never had the need to other than scale mountains-
-Swimming There are no deep bodies of water in her vicinity, and if there where she would have no need to ever learn that skill.
-Illiterate Her culture doesn't write, but it uses symbols that denote certain meanings.
+Navigator Knows the stars and sky with heart. Remembers well where she goes and where animals tread.
+Survivalist If she finds herself alone in the woods, she won't just drop dead.

Appearance & Inventory

Mabess is a tall she-orc and at the peak of her physical fitness. Her thick matted hair is of a dark neutral brown colour.


[x] Wolf cloak
[] Formal orcish women's clothes
[x] Casual women's clothes
[] Traditional tribal leader garb
[x] A set of hair jewellery out of bones
[] Knapsack
[x] hunting satchel
[x] Hunting knife
[x] Combat Axe
[x] waterskin
[x] rope
[] scissors
[x] a crudely drawn picture from her son
[x] giant eagle feather

Biography & Events



Mother: Mabeles Father: Borgus Crowfeather
Current husband: Gromnar. Former husbands: Voratyr, Hyorhal, Former lovers: Morbaba (f), Ro'Omran
Children: Arda (f) Suran (m) Graella Gaddon + more


this here is to document her opinion and relationship with other characters

-Graella [Deerly loved] Darling daughter, her little twin cub warrior. Apple of her eye.
-Hath Charosh [Intrigued] Rather liked and Hath is always welcome to her tribe ever since he helped save her tribe from Gnolls. Though finds him a bit simple at times, nevertheless, Mav sees him as a good warrior and warband leader.
-J'Darak Moghahk [Unsurr] Finds him rather simpleminded and overly brutal,a start opposite to the ashlander warrior code. Though sees him to be good natured to the Ashlanders, allowing him residance within the tribe.
Though finds him hanging around Graella troublesome :knife:
Scabhair [Sympathetic] Has not interacted with her all that much, other than being grateful for aiding the ashlanders in getting rid of of the gnoll infestation. Though her opinion on her warmed up since the great rites, yet it's not her place to be nosy bout other orcs affairs.
-Name [feeling about] description
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