Scabhair ri Eine

Scabhair ri Eine
{skawir ryeine}

Biographical information
Taagi Baara Mid-thirties
Physical description
Sidereal Elf-Orc Lady Taller than you Lithe… for an Orc Red Silver Gray
Political information
Aiforn Scout
Out-of-character information
Netherworld [1]


To an Orc, everything about Scabhair looks off. From her skin to her stature, the woman doesn’t seem entirely a member of her tribe. Her red hair makes her stand out even more, and though she keeps it long it does little to obscure her oddest feature yet; pointed ears. The uncertain image resolves into the truth, then – Scabhair is a mutt. The weird offspring of a weirder coupling, not quite one and not quite the other.

Skills and Abilities

Beyond her years: Scabhair is a keen intellect lucky enough to have been nurtured. Her mind is a rare marriage of tribal wisdom and college knowledge, which gives her both an edge and the element of surprise.
Parthing shot: Like all Aiforn, Scabhair learned to ride before she walked. Astride her gathamhr, few targets can outrun her – it’s rather difficult with three arrows lodged in one’s back, after all.
Mongrel: Hers is a blood that is torn between the warriors of the steppes and the peacemakers of the forests. She belongs to neither, and is reminded of the fact often enough.
Overthinker: There are orcs of action, and then there are orcs like Scabhair, who can ponder the best way to approach a situation so long that it has passed by the time they manage to make a decision.
Bitches love scars: And if that counted for anything, Scabhair would have a woman on each arm. Instead she's stuck with a long, curling mark trailing from her left breast all the way down to her right hipbone, puckering flesh to a discolored white.
Claustrophobic: A crowded inn is uncomfortable. Below decks on a ship is just about manageable. Crawling through dwarven tunnels? Forget about it.


Sharp mind, sharp wit
Self-confident but stubborn
Organised, values knowledge
Outgoing, oftentimes standoffish
Straightforward, appreciates honesty
Fair to a fault
Torn between intuition and logic

Biography & Lore

Born to an orcish mother, Fuildoiteainn, and an elven father, Vahrkrdež.
Permanently at odds with her aunt and the Chief of her tribe, Mhatharra.
Raised in the Aiforn tradition of mounted archery, beast-taming, and living with the land.
Left in her late twenties to get a 'proper' education in Elbion with her father's help.
Completed her college studies with distinction.


Scabhair travels and hunts together with a gathamhr lioness called Inodeirr. It's her second companion and the daughter of her first, Simhealgaire. She grew up with Simh, learning to hunt alongside the beast when they were still mere cubs.

Inodeirr came later, after Scabhair returned from her studies in Elbion to find that the companion of her younger years had died. She set to taming one of her cubs despite the fact that Inodeirr was much older already than what Aiforn practice dictated.

Determination won out over the scars in the end.




  1. Sands of Glory
  2. Out of Place
  3. Meditation in an Emergency
  4. Why did it have to be snakes?
  5. School's Out Forever
  6. Fire from the spine, smoke darkens the sky
  7. Infestation
  8. Culture Shock
  9. Stuff Like This Happens to Everyone
  10. 500 Days of Summer
  11. The Great Rites
  12. Return to Bhathairk


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  2. ^Per Haagensen
  3. ^Bayard Wu

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