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The Supreme Monarch
Character Biography
Sovereignty Castle
Outer Walls


A loud noise echoed through the Sovereignty Castle as yet another rock came crashing into the walls. The noise was drowned out by those of soldiers manning the walls. The ballistas on the walls were actively firing at the besiegers, together with the archers on the walls. Commanding the defenders on the outer walls was the apostle of wrath, councilor Clark Orson himself.

"Magic archers, blow up that battering ram. Hurry up and get rid of those ladders. Not a single one of these fuckers can step foot on these walls" Clark shouted as he too ran about, overseeing the defense.

A few hours later, the besiegers fell back, as night began to fall. Injured soldiers were rushed into the castle infirmary to receive treatment, as debris from the trebuchets' strikes were cleaned off the wall. They had made it through yet another day under siege, losing only a few men this time. The Kodan too was beginning to see that the castle won't fall so easily. However, everything would change once Duke Siegfried's army arrived. All they had to do was drag things and weaken the order until then. The Sovereign Order, on the other hand, needed to overpower the besiegers and strike a decisive blow before Siegfried could take the field, or defeat would be the only guarantee for them.

Throne Room

"These guys are really getting carried away, aren't they?" Dauner spoke, from atop his throne. He was dressed in his usual casual black outfit, making it hard to imagine he was the man who held the title of Supreme Monarch of the Sovereign Order.

To his right were four of the seven councilors, namely, Ayana Alys Elleran of pride, Vershek Midas of greed, Otaen Axebraid of gluttony and Nika Semenovna of envy. To his left, were the remaining three councilors, namely, Clark Orson of wrath, Sophia Wright of sloth and Aizuki Sato of lust. They were in the middle of a discussion on how to handle the Kodan army that was at their gates.

"It's already been eight days into the siege, hasn't it?" Dauner continued.

"Yes, my lord" Aizuki answered. "The mercenaries from Alliria, the Reach and The Spine, will soon be arriving. Everything is going according to plan, so I believe we're ready to implement project Sovereignty" she finished.

"How goes the situation on the walls?"

"The soldiers still stand ready to defend the stronghold with a zeal. Morale has yet to take any hit whatsoever" Clark responded.

"And Siegfried?"

"Our spies report that he passed away from illness yesterday. It seems they have yet to discover he was poisoned" Otaen spoke up. "I must applaud your skills, my lord. This news must have hit them like raging bull" he laughed lightheartedly.

"Very well. With Siegfried dead, the reinforcements will be delayed. In the meantime, Clark, prepare a group of elites, and ride out under the cover of night. Take fire elementalists with you and burn down the enemy's siege engines, and their food stock. Ride back to the castle as soon as you're done, and do not engage unless you absolutely have to. The rest of you. You are to immediately begin preparations for the Sovereignty project, and the establishment of the sovereign domain"

At this, everyone got to their feet, clenched their right hands into fists and placed them over their hearts, while placing their left hands behind their back, and said in unison, "All hail the great monarch. May he rule in absolute sovereignty"

With that they all took their leave.
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Secluded within the training field of the grandiose structure was Tharraleos. A veteran warrior with centuries of battle experience and a vessel bred for combat itself was one of the newest initiates of this Sovereign Order. Given his inherent expertise, the humanoid beast had breezed through training, but hadn't accomplished much of significance quite yet. Though after his performance on the battlefield a few hours earlier, there was little doubt he became a blip on somebody's radar.

Hundreds fell under his might who opposed the Supreme Monarch. Or at least as much as he could remember. His inhibitors were released at one point and the unrestrained ferocity of his titanic quadrupedal Rampant Form was unleashed, so it could've been in the thousands for all he knew. The entire experience sent a tinge of nostalgia from his days as a slave to Tenebris the Sinful. The one who bestowed him the very essence of Pride currently dwelling within him and the one responsible for forging the Griffin into the harbinger of destruction he was today.

Currently the heraldic hybrid was seated with his legs crossed and back straight in what seemed to be a meditative stance. His pawed hands were clasped on his lap while his lengthy composite tail lay beside him. The wide variety of gashes and bruises across the entirety of his body certainly told a story of bloodshed. His fur and feathers were tainted red and still reeked of the entrails of his prey. With his eyes closed and rhythmic exhales releasing from the nares of his beak, Tharraleos appeared to be in some kind of recovery state. Though the ever attentive beast would still have finite senses that would keep him alert of any potential visitors.
On short notice, Clark began to select elite warriors from the order's ranks, to accompany him on his mission. Most of the units just happened to be golden knights, with a few silver knights in the mix. But what was most surprising, was that he decided to add someone of much lower rank on his roster. A new initiate, who had only just joined the order a few months prior, and was weeks away from his triannual assessment, through which he could officially graduate into a full-fledged squire. It was none other than Tharraleos.

His achievement in the defense of the castle these past few days has eclipsed that of his fellow initiates, and many a squire as well. And all this without having opened up his haer circle. This went a long way to show how much potential he had, which was also one of the main reasons Clark added him to the list. To observe his current capabilities, and future potential, up close.

Rising up the ranks in the order had only two requirements. Strength and wits. A few years was more than enough for the exceptionally talented to rise to the top, irrespective of race or social status.

As Thar would be in his meditative trance, a squire would approach him.

"Initiate. Lord Apostle Clark has summoned you to the Council Chambers" he would say, ready to lead Thar to where he was needed.

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Keen golden eyes would already be fixed on the Squire as he made his entrance. Almost as if he was anticipating the company. With only the most subtle of winces, the grand beast would rise to his feet calmly battling the agony that plagued the entirety of his body. It had been decades since he was this sore, which wasn’t entirely the most unfavorable condition for the battle crazed warrior. He was feeling rather proud of himself, and his irises randomly glowing purple every so often was a physical indicator. The vainglorious semi-sentient construct within his being was rather satisfied with the results as well considering many of its armaments laid siege to the enemy.

Very well.” his booming vocals would respond along with a nod of his plumaged head before following the soldier along the various hallways. As he continued forth, he pondered the name he heard mentioned. The Apostle of Wrath, as he recalled, one belonging to a high rank group comparable to the Knights of Sin he was formerly a part of. His suspicions of garnering attention turned out to be true and now he couldn’t help but wonder what awaited him. He was so lost in thought that he hadn’t realized they reached their destination and Tharr had abruptly found himself in a room with dozens of eyes staring him down. The pressure he felt was unnerving and he found himself frozen on the spot momentarily. Swiftly retaining his composure, he would avert his attention to the one he recognized as Clark.

My Lord. You have called for me?” the heraldic hybrid would state, extending a leg forward and lowering his head to kneel before the sovereign councilor; an old habit from his former years of enslavement. Despite his ravaged body, Tharraloes was more than ready to follow through with whatever was needed. He very much welcomed any opportunities to display his might. His sublime regeneration had at least gotten him through the worst of it and he wasn’t far from being back to full strength.

In the initial phases of the code named, 'Project Sovereignty', Ayana didn't have much to do aside from working with some of the other councilors in consolidating the power and influence of the order. To this aim, she now headed towards the council chambers, where discussions would be held on how to accomplish their tasks.

Safe for Otaen, who was busy controlling the flow of information into and out of Sovereignty castle, and overseeing the repairs of weapons and armors of the orders knights, Nika, who was busy supervising the enforcement of strict internal security measures, and routing out of spies, and Aizuki, who was busy forging official documents from Koda, the rest of the council was present by the time Ayana arrived.

"My, I didn't think you'd still be around" she said to Clark as she took her seat.

"There's this interesting initiate I'm having my eyes on right now. He's pretty skilled" Clark replied.

"Do you suspect him to be a spy?"

"No! I wouldn't dare. I trust Nika's work, and if he was a spy, she'd have already hunted him down. Well, you could say I'm a little curious about him" he said.

Upon arrival at the council chambers, Tharraleos would be temporarily stopped outside. A few minutes later, the guards at the door would be asked to open it and let him in.

“My Lord. You have called for me?”

"Indeed" Clark would respond, as he scanned Tharraleos. "You may rise"

"I hear you did remarkably well during the last few days" Sophia commented. "You have great potential, and I'm certain you'd be climbing up the ranks in no time" she added.

Of all the councilors, Sophia was the only one who radiated a warm temperament almost at all. She was just about as nice as any councilor could ever get. If one were to find the councilor most opposite to her, it would be Ayana. Let's just say her loyalty to Dauner was so fierce, it was hard for many to deal with it.

"Just like Sophia said, your talent for battle has left me impressed. Considering you're still an initiate, I am required by the rules to obtain your consent before including you in any military operation. Would you like to join us on our excursion outside the walls? You can consider it a pre-graduation examination" Clark said.

The grand beast would slowly rise to his feet as requested. Whether this was out of caution, from his aching body or even dramatic flair wasn't entirely known. His plumaged noggin would stand tall and he'd situate his body astutely straight with his hand paws interlocked behind his back. He watched those who addressed him intently and any that played close attention would notice the Griff had yet to blink since entering this room. A habit from his laser sighted focus.

"It is my honor to serve the Supreme Monarch." Tharraleos would initially respond, crossing an arm over his broad chest momentarily before returning it to his backside. Their praise had certainly resonated with the sinful essence the warrior was a host of. Once more, Tharr's irises would flash a vibrant purple and would pulse a number of times almost akin to a heartbeat. He felt a pompous grin tugging at the corners of his rostrum, though he suppressed it to at least appear externally modest.

"I accept the task bestowed upon me and am grateful for this opportunity." The avian feline would continue with a firm nod. Just then he decided to utilize the handful of reserves he had collected over the past few moments as a way to prepare for the oncoming skirmish. They would dissipate later well before needed, so it was best to use them now.

Materializing across the entirety of his form appeared to be a protective barrier. Composed of opaque hardlight of similar hue to the pulsing of his eyes, only his face was seemingly exposed by a transparent, sharp angled visor. Even his wings would be tucked away within. Designated the Armor of Arrogance, this was one of the numerous armaments the Pride construct could forge. Even more of the warrior's hidden armory would reveal itself as Tharraleos dangled his arms to his sides, where in his right paw would manifest a sword and in the other what looked to resemble an Aspis. The Glorious Gladius and the Shield of Chivalry would complete the knightly ensemble he seemed to be going for.

"Consider me at your disposal, my Lord." Finished Tharr with an heir of confidence in his tone. As if expending this power chipped away a bit at the modest exterior he was displaying. While he was composed on the outside, his desire for purpose was booming within and any chances to display his might was always welcomed.

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Though unnecessary, Tharraleos' display of his abilities, certainly help a councilor or two pay notice to him even more. What with his irises flashing and an armor materializing. They'd hope these would prove a valuable asset to the order, and prove their worth on the field of battle. Less it be no more than party tricks for entertainment's sake.

With Tharraleos' answer in, Clark clapped his hands together.

"Great!" he exclaimed, looking over to Ayana, who in turn simply nodded. Then his gaze back to Tharraleos. "You are dismissed. You are to join up with the rest of the team on the outer east wall, and await my arrival" he added.

At this, a squire would walk in, stand at attention, place his right arm across his chest, and his left hand behind his back, both hands clenched into a fist, and finally with his head slightly raised, he'd say, "Glory in Sovereignty". This was the standard method of salute within the order, as established by Dauner himself. Most initiates, however, took time to learn it, but they all did in time.

The squire would then proceed to lead Tharraleos outside and then onto the outer east wall, from which they could see the trees that covered the side of the hill, all the way down into the valley below, and then even more, but shorter, hills. There, the rest of the team, which was made up of 4 silver and 15 gold knights, stood ready to deploy. The squire would perform the salute once again to the higher ranked knights, before taking his leave.

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With the team assembled, Clark took the lead and descended the wall using the rope. The rest followed close behind. After walking through the dense jungle on the side of the castle, Clark and his team reached the valley below, placing the enemy camp was in sight. Swiftly, while maintaining their stealth, they cut down the soldiers patrolling around the camp. They then put on the armour of the soldiers they killed, disguising themselves and infiltrating the camp.

After the patrols, they started taking out guards with fast, decisive strikes, making sure not to cause too much noise and alert the enemy. With the way now clear for them, they marched on through the camp, disguised as soldiers on patrol, until they had positioned themselves in different parts of the camp. Clark had personally headed to the army's grain storage, which he, as one with fire attribute haer, set ablaze using an advanced fire spell. This served as a signal to the rest of the team, which then began unleashing flames upon the tents.

Soon enough, the army awoke to the burning camp, but it was too late. Their food had been engulfed in a sea of flames, and any attempt to save it now would be suicide. Their siege engines were now nothing more than firewood, as the raging flames burnt them to the ground. Their tents were burnt down, with hundreds of the soldiers that once slept within, now being devoured by merciless flames. Chaos overtook the camp as everyone tried to put the flames out, but alas, to no avail. While Clark and his team had already escaped back towards the castle gates.
Amidst all the chaos, fear crept into the hearts, of the Kodan soldiers, as from the distance, the sound of galloping horses could be heard, coming from the castle. A volley of arrows, and more fell to the ground, now but inanimate corpses. Taking advantage of the chaos, Dauner himself led a contingent of knights out into the valley to surround the Kodan camp, while Ayana commanded the archers that unleashed hell on the Kodans in the form of volley after volley of arrow.

Seeing all hell break loose, the Kodan soldiers attempted to flee and regroup, but the chaos gave Dauner and the Order an advantage they weren't planning on losing. The knights led by Dauner slaughtered all who tried to escape the encirclement, with ferocity and brutality. However, over a hundred men still managed to escape. That wasn’t good for Dauner’s plan, so he instructed the knights to hunt down those who had fled.

By the break of morning, the flames on the Kodan camp had died out, leaving behind nothing but ash and burnt corpses. Some of the knights had to stay awake all night to make sure the flames didn’t skip the camp and burn down the forest.