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    A land once ruled by Dragons and Gods opens, but not every secret of Arethil's past is safe to uncover.


  1. Kjaran Mak Aodha

    Fable - Ask The Butcher's Bill

    Kjaran wept. He'd awoken with a start to find himself on his knees amidst the dead. Some of the bodies still squirmed and moaned, the sounds pitiful. The aftermath of a battle was a terrible thing. They'd left Ulrikstead two days ago, a collection of the local huscarls and mercenaries hired...
  2. Helia Glacies Kyxo

    Roleplay OOC The Kingdom of Mardania and the Ice Princess

    An ailing king, a princess with a frozen heart. A city with an uncertain future and uncertain people. The royal faction, the noble faction, city guilds, and the citizenry. An open court awaits the bickering, plots and scheming of cunning politicians and clever representatives. A king with no...
  3. Lord Skavius Drytail

    Open Chronicles Expansion

    Jared couldn’t see anything through the black sack that had been shoved over his head hours ago. It was quiet now, but before then there had been muffled voices and strange chittering voices yelling. He knelt on the ground with his hands bound behind his back. The floor was wet, he could feel it...
  4. White Swallow

    Open Chronicles False Sanctuary

    Deep ultramarine sky shifted green towards the horizon that spanned across the sky. The last remnants of sunlight were long gone, now replaced by a thousand stars of many golden hues. The lights in Jaleyaana to the west and Seluca to the east twinkled just as brightly, while the extensive gulf...
  5. Neremyn Virvyre

    Private Tales To war, we must idle

    "Dahkness...dahkness as far as the eye can see…” The crone uttered with dried lips peeled back, revealing teeth of various shades and a single canine molded in gold. Ere found the comment somewhat ironic given that the aging woman had only one eye to top off her unique ensemble. “Darkness?” He...
  6. Kjaran Mak Aodha

    Quest TGNW: Is fearr rith maith ná droch sheasamh

    "Better a good run than a bad stand" The day was cold. Kjaran spat on the ground and leaned on his shovel. The ground was still hard and only begrudgingly yielded to the metal spades. They’d dug a shallow grave, enough to cover the score of corpses from their band. They lay side by side in...
  7. Ceit

    LFG - Quest The Great Northern War

    The Caesar sat on his ivory throne— His iron legions came. To break a king in a land unknown, And a race without a name. Far from merely being Orcus on his throne, Menalus the ruler of Molthal has begun to look south and westwards again. His legions were repulsed from Belgrath the previous...
  8. Seska the Dragonslayer

    Quest The Fires Undying

    The wind howled outside, shaking trees hard enough to keep the snow from accumulating on them. It wasn't much of a blessing, though, for the wind howled hard enough to snap branches and uproot those too weak to survive such a colossal storm. The ancient Sidhe staggered onward, eyes...
  9. Thren

    Open Chronicles The First Wave

    Taagi Baara Steppes - West Thren scowled slightly as he peered down into the small valley below. Bright blue eyes swept over hundreds of corpses, dozens of different banners, and men doing the last of the dirty work of the small skirmish. Their task was a grim one, and the Barbarian did not...