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The Supreme Monarch
Character Biography
The enemy is at our gates! 5000 Kodan troops besiege Sovereignty Castle, cutting off its contact with the outside world. 5000 more march to reinforce the besieging army, and mount a decisive assault on the fortress. The 1000 troops of the Sovereign Order sits within the fortress, ready to defend it until the last man, and the council waits on the mercenaries it hired to aid the war effort. The war the order had long prepared for is finally at their doorstep, but the question remains, will it surmount the odds, and emerge victorious? Or will it fall, and be forgotten in the pages of history.

With Koda declaring a war on the martial order that has occupied the castle on its western border, the Sovereign Order is caught under siege, suspiciously well-prepared. Join the Sovereign order as a member proper, or as a hired sword fighting for your pay. Or join the Kodan military in sieging down the fortress.

Looking for anyone who might be interested in playing out this kind of thread. (Anyone interested in playing a character in the upper echelon of the order can get to me, and we'll put 2 and 2 together)
Hello there!

Now isn't that somewhat of a familiar face. I've been looking to get back into hobbies and such, so plunging my character into the heart of an intense battlefield sounds like a perfect chance to do so. May I partake? My Tharraleos will have no objections laying waste to those who oppose the Supreme Monarch. It could even remind him of his younger years battling at the behest of Tenebris the Sinful haha.

Show me where the dotted line is and I'll happily sign away my Griff ;) Thanks in advance for your time and consideration!
Great to have you kicking up a mess with me again. The Thread's already up at

Feel free to jump in anytime
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I think I've incorporated Tharr properly. Definitely let me know otherwise.

Also, I've been thinking of a way to involve my newest creation into the mix. Archontikos would serve as great opposition, though it may be a bit nuanced given the type of character he is. I'm open to any and all suggestions.
Archontikos sounds like a tough opponent to beat, but I'm always in for a challenge. How do you suppose he joined the Kodan army?
Apparently he might be a tad too powerful and is currently under investigation by the moderators. Incorporating him into the lore could be tricky anyways.

In regards to the Kodan army; I can't say I know anything about that faction nor could I really find anything. But Archon is the "burn the world down" type, so joining a legion like that would help further his conquest.

All still rough draft ideas. I feel like Tenebris may be a better fit though and is much more reasonably powerful while still being a formidable opponent. I'd just have to get his profile up and running. For now I don't mind just sticking with Tharr. Any antagonistic forces probably won't be introduced until later anyhow
the kingdom of Koda is a faction I made up specifically for the order's main plot, so there's nothing about it out there.

Koda's casus belli is 'defending is territorial integrity and liberating its western border, which has been occupied by a foreign band of mercenaries', so I don't see Archon fitting in with them, if he's more of a massacre minded individual.
Ah. Doesn't seem very likely then. Twas merely an idea. I may still find some way to incorporate the Lordly Lion at some point in the future. Or any other whacky creation I end up forging heheh