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Thanasian Princess
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"Peonies or orchids?" The question came to Orissa as she marvelled at the fitting of dragon armour on her Ransa dragon, a gift recieved this morning at the Royal Palace. It had been fashioned in the smith's style, but complimented well with the blues, greens, and purples of Pixaelys. Orissa crooned at the gentle dragon, running her fingers over the dragon's helm.

"Must I answer it all myself, or can this wait once he arrives?" Traditionally, it would be her mother and chosen ladies of the court to plan a royal wedding.

The eclipse had faded, darkness now reaching the sun's light, and after a week since the events that polluted Thanasis, it was hard to remember that the Royal House of Aeldren had announced a union with the House Araelor. It was to give the people hope, something to look forward to after the eclipse and attacks, and many had taken interest in this pairing.

"No, I suppose not." Her lady maid responded, closing the book she had been taking notes in, on behalf of the Queen. "They should be arriving soon. We ought to go meet them, Your Majesty."

Orissa had only met Jensen once before, unaware their families had been making such plans for their futures when she came to his aid on the coastline, battling an unknown colossal creature.

The Princess leaned her head against Pix's neck and sighed deeply, mustering the composure to ease the light blush that came to her cheeks.

"Mother will have a coniption if I am not dressed for the occasion." She murmured to her dragon, but the words seemed to be an answer for her lady's maid.

With one last look at Pixaelys, Orissa smiled and looked over the spine of the armour Danika Araelor fashioned. It had been an engagement gift, and fit so well with the Ransa dragon, Orissa had shown her bonded off to her brothers if they had the time to spare. "The days are getting warmer, perhaps I change into something to compliment the weather? I daresay there will be a picnic planned for myself and the Araelor male in the royal gardens..." A chance to get to know him, as if she had not met him already.

He probably did not remember her aiding the Valimir medic in keeping him alive on that coast...

As the Princess spent a good hour getting herself cleaned and ready for this momentous day, fanfare heralded the arrival of the Araelors. There would be an exchange of pleasantries before the families took to the gardens, mingling and conversing until Orissa was announced to the group, a small smile on her lips as she crossed the lawn and bowed her head to their visitors.

She had changed into a blush coloured dress, a much different look to her riding leathers she had met Jensen in a week ago. Orissa smiled, leaving her face warm as her brown eyes found him. "You look much more recovered."
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"Could you not have waited to see if... I don't know. I survived before marrying me off?"

Jensen winced as one of the servants helped ease his foot into his freshly polished boots, whilst another held out the impeccably tailored frockcoat his mother had selected.

"Nonsense! We all knew you were going to be fine," his mother plucked an imaginary bit of lint from the jacket once it was on and smoothed her hands down his arms as if to reassure herself he was alive and standing there before her. From what Danika had told her, his mother had been a wreck when he had been first brought back to the city barely clinging to life. She hadn't left his side for days. The marriage had been her way of assuring herself he would pull through.

"You look perfect," she whispered and gently cupped her sons cheek, tears welling in her eyes. Jensen took both her small hands in his and brought them to his mouth, pressing kisses to her knuckles.

"You've done an amazing job considering I look like a battered corpse," his words had their desired effect for she laughed and swotted him away before finally calling for the carriage.

He was still too early on in his healing to have clearance to ride again but that didn't mean he was without his other half. Valathor took to the skies as soon as the carriage set off and lazily winged his way towards the palace. Jensen would have much rather met the Princess from atop the dragons back. He hated how the whole situation had been arranged and had been mortified to hear from Danika it had been the Princess herself who had basically stopped his insides from becoming outsides. How was a woman to be wooed after that?

Jensen was rather glad for his mother to take the lead as the families met. A few of his other siblings had also joined - the ones his parents thought could behave at least. Danika had ended up sequested with two of the Prince's and he found himself woefully alone until the lady of the hour appeared. Jensen had never been the bashful type around women but he found himself tongue tied as she curtseyed and returned it with a bow of his own.

"I... suppose anything is an improvement on trailing intestines," he flashed a grin and rubbed the back of his neck. "I haven't had a chance to properly thank you for... saving my life. And apparently not being too put off to agree to marry me."
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Orissa smiled.

"I am glad that my mother and father had such faith that you would clean up nicely after I saw you last when they made the arrangements." For Jensen's actions that day were brave, enough to have his name in the ears of the royal family after all the debriefing. Orissa herself was not present at home when the beginnings of a match were being made.

"Join me for a walk?" The Princess whispered as their mothers started up a conversation about wedding themes and such. She would like to be a ways from them, wanting to get to know her husband-to-be a little better before they could begin to listen to the talk of marriage.

She would take his arm if he offered it, guiding him towards a stone bench before a small water fountain in the wall. It offered a light score to their conversation as Orissa smoothed her dress and sat. The Princess smiled again. "I was relieved you recovered so well, but there is so much Ransa tears and stitches could do. How is your strength? Please! Sit!" She insisted, making room for him.
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Jensen winced as she corrected his phrasing. Did she resent the match? Did she have a bow that he didn't know about and the marriage announcement had ruined some great love? He rubbed the back of his neck. Danika would know what to say, but Jensen could only follow dutifully as she asked for a walk and offered his arm.

Each step brought more pain but he had suffered worse. There was only so much that Ransa tears could do and his injuries now were not worth the waste of such a precious commodity. Time would heal the rest, the healers said. He found himself smiling when she echoed his thoughts only a moment later.

"It... comes and goes," he admitted and took a grateful seat beside her. He had learnt when Danika had laid near to death not to lie to healers. "I still have a lot of pain in my back, and my legs, but the healers said it should fade with time and some exercises. They say if you hadn't been there I likely wouldn't have been able to walk even if I had ever woken up."
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Orissa scrunched her nose, listening to him what the healers advised him. Since bonding with a Ransa dragon, Orissa took it upon herself to learn how to heal. It had been the most difficult thing to expose herself to, but she weathered through the wounds and bad smells, the gore and ugliness to it all. If she had a mind of war tactics, then she needed to steel herself before a gutted body.

"I admit, as soon as I recognised you, I thought to myself..." And the Princess twisted her frame, fingers going to pluck a few leaves from before the water fountain. "This family does not need to suffer again." She began to rip the five leaves into pieces, watching them wilt naturally in the sun. It was the medical training she learned that then took hold of Jensen's hand, perhaps a little too forward for someone of her station, but she began to coat the pieces of leaves over his hand, no doubt letting the moisture cover his flesh. Soon, his hand would have some better mobility, and Orissa delicately placed his hand to rest on the space between them.

"If I had stayed, I could have brought everything I needed to help you recover better... but the Gilded Wings were not too happy with the stunt I pulled." For the Princess they were sworn to protect had gone where none could follow.

The Princess looked up, brown eyes meeting hazel. "It is called a laelys plant. Named after a dragon that was bonded to the botanist that discovered the plant when we first settled here in Thanasis. In this age, most think of it as a decorative shrub, but you would be surprised how many are planted all over Thanasis. I suspect even in your own gardens they would have them. They make a good paste, and soothe muscles and joints for an hour or two..."

But she did not want to simply be his healer.

Orissa smiled at him, "I told my mother and father I only wanted one marriage, and that it should count. My brother Kaveh has three wives, and I could not think to myself how one could simply..." She faltered, trying to find the right words.
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Jensen could barely lift his lips to form a smile at her words. Danika's near-death was still a matter that woke him in sweats in the middle of the night. Through the bond he sensed Valathor's questioning touch and knew if he asked, the dragon would fly to his side right now to provide comfort. The Princess's odd choice to rub a... plant into his hand was an almost welcome distraction. Forgetting the fear and pain of that night, a bemused smile finally reached Jensen's eyes.

"Never had a girl massage me with a plant before on a date," he chuckled and turned his numbing hand over curiously. As she spoke he could feel the numbing agent seep deeper into his skin and he found himself able to stretch his fingers with no discomfort. "Not that this is a date... Well... I guess, in a way..." he chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck nervously and was once again relieved when she saved him from putting the other foot in his mouth by changing the subject.

"Royal traditions are hard to break," he said with care, mindful that pissing off the Princes - all of whom had multiple wives - would be a one way ticket to being thrown out of the Sky Vault. "My mother said it was within your right to pick other husbands down the line if you so wished..."
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Jensen's chuckled words had brought a blush to her cheeks, but with her complexion, it became difficult to tell that he had charmed her.

Instead, she met his gaze as she spoke with a small smile. "It always made no sense to me for a Princess or Queen to take multiple husbands. For a Prince or King, however, they are not the one bearing a child. They will have multiple wives carrying them..." Orissa began to peel the laelys from his hand as the ripped pieces had begun to dry. Her fingers moved slowly and steadily. "I am certain of my one and only choice, and that is you, Jensen Araelor."

The Princess gently took his hand again and massaged it to keep the blood flowing, returning him his hand back to his lap once she was done.

"This meeting is a formality, an acknowledgement that we have agreed to this union, but I would like to take this opportunity to get to know you better. When we first met, we were two riders side by side. Today, I am Orissa, Princess of Thanasis, and one day you will be Jensen, Prince of Thanasis. Before that day, I want to know my husband-to-be a little better." If she had been born the type of princess that only cared about pretty dresses and fine parties, not at all involving herself in the safety and service of Thanasis, she would have simply accepted this arranged marriage.

But she had been brought up seeing her brothers seek out what interested them, and Orissa too wished to get what she wanted.

"Tell me... about your family."
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Prince of Thanasis. Jensen could feel his palms already sweating and hoped that the Princess couldn't feel his erratic pulse as she massaged his hand. Being a noble was one thing, but he and Danika had worked hard to be more than their surname and their parents legacy. Now he would have a title even more prominent. People would look to him in a different light. He felt too much of a child for such a responsibility, undeserving of the beauty before him. He swallowed the lump in his throat.

"Ah... my family," he winced as a spasm of pain went up his arm as she hit a particularly sensitive part where the nerves had not yet fully healed. To stop her from worrying over it he brought his other hand up to rest over the top of hers. "Well... We are rather boring I suppose amongst the other noble families. No dramas or politcking.... well apart from my Weird Uncle Ben, but he is no bother. Lives out in the Wylds," he chuckled. Weird Uncle Ben was of course, naturally, Jensen's favourite Uncle. "My parents are very passionate about agriculture and nature and spend most of their time helping with that in their semi-retirement. Aside from Danika I have seven other siblings," he grinned. "All of them more trouble than me."
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A fluttering sensation was felt in her chest as his hand came to rest ontop of her own. Orissa did not remove them, nor did she draw attention to it. She had not thought how it looked that her hands had rested with his own; that had been the medical training in her to soothe, but his hand over her own?

The blush rose to her cheeks, again, subtle on her complexion.

"Seven!" She gasped, shocked and surprised by the number of the brood he was part of. "Well, you probably already know how many siblings I have... Kaveh I am the closest with. I wish he was here so I could introduce you to him." But it had been this way for many years. Orissa could not recall the last time she saw all her brothers in the same space, and nothing awful had been said or done. "Perhaps another time." She smiled, her hand reflexively squeezing his.

"Forgive me for asking, but with your parents' interest with agriculture and nature... is your family's estate outside of the city?" With a large family like that, and however many dragons bonded to those of their House, she could not picture them all living here in the city. "Oh... I suppose you reside on the Wall, do you not?" She winced, sheepish in her forgetfullness that Jensen served in the military.
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Jensen laughed though it quickly descended into a hacking cough that made him wince and rub at his bruised ribs.

"I don't expect you to remember all the notes your parents gave you on me if it was anywhere as detailed as what I was given on you," he gave her a lopsided smile full of a boyish charm that had won him more than his fair share of kisses in the past. He rested one of his arms along the back of the bench upon which they sat and allowed himself to relax into a less noble sitting position, with one leg crossed over his other thigh.

"My family have an estate here as do all the Houses, but it is mostly Danika who lives there now with my grandmother. My parents prefer our country estate, which is where they hide my wild little brothers and sisters until they're more... House Trained," he chuckled again at his own joke, one he often shared with his twin. "I split my time between the wall and the city - neither I nor Valathor like to be away from Danika and Sylvraxis for longer than we need to be. They're from the same clutch of eggs, so they are rather attached to one another."
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For one that had learned to heal to better understand her bonded dragon, she wished to help those that ail.

But for Jensen, the man she helped bring back from the brink of death, she wished to take away his pains like she were a god, not princess. Her hand twitched to help him, leaving his hand at his lap but then he gave her that smile. It looked utterly goofy on him, but what struck her most was how handsome she found him. She felt her heart flutter, stunned into momentary silence as his arm came to rest behind her, and Orissa had to hold her breath as he changed the way he sat, his thigh coming to rest against her own.

Slowly, she turned herself to give them inches apart.

Clearing her throat, she managed to catch him speak of his home, and then the mention of his sister brought a smile to her face. Turning her head, she spied Danika speaking with her elder brothers. "Yes, I have read that some dragon species like to bond with those that understand them best. A deep connection, I find, is of the utmost importance. Trust in one another."

There were many siblings of Jensen's present, as Orissa had encouraged both families to be in full attendance, but the missing shape of her younger brother, Kaveh, was notable to her. It had been a foolish thought that they may all set aside their differences and be there for her on this day, but perhaps what she thought as rivalry was not the basis of it all...

"Pixaelys too had a brother from the same clutch. Unfortunately, before I was born, he had been brought down by Jarlax. His rider was caught first, and the pain crippled their bond. Made the Ransa vulnerable... but Ransas bounce back the quickest, they say." Two years after the bonded rider before her naturally passed, she became bonded.

"Once we are married, I do not wish to keep you here at the palace at all times. I expect you would wish to continue serving at the Wall? Seeing you work that day... duty suits you." She tried not to look to him for long, lest she fell into the trap of his pretty face she had not noticed until this close, outside of an active operation. Of course, Orissa would need to find a way to be comfortable with this arrangement and produce children, as was her duty.
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Jensen's face grew a little more serious as talk turned to their life post marriage. From what his mother assured him, the negotiations between his parents and Orissa's had ended at the marriage. They had not assured one another of a certain number of grandchildren, or agreed upon where the pair would live. He knew it was the only kindness his mother could give him once his father had set his sights on the Princess as a bride for his son.

"I would continue in my duties at the Wall, yes. At least until my father passes," he said, taking care with the words he chose. His work on the Wall was beyond a mere 'wish' or some fanciful hobby for a noble. Danika had sacrificed her future, her body, for the defence of the Wall and Jensen would be damned if he pissed that away. "When he dies, it'll be a discussion with the family who wants to take over the family businesses," Jensen was loathe to hitch his wagon to the title. As eldest it would be expected, but if one of his siblings proved better at it... well, it wouldn't take much for them to get him to pass it over.

"And... you? Would you want to stay at the Palace when we wed? I have my own estate but I understand if you would prefer to stay close to your... ah... charming brothers."
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Orissa, too, had no real way knowing of her own family's succession, as each of them were free to reach for the crown. What she knew between her brothers, however, kept her from taking it lest something awful transpires between the feuding brothers. Not taking an interest in it was her way of making a choice.

She peered at Jensen, now considering his question. "Well, perhaps I ought to give it more thought, but it would be better for us in marriage if we were away from the royal palace." She gave him a smile, turning her attention back to her family conversing with his. "I still have duties here in Thanasis, but that is why I have the Gilded." In truth, she would ask her parents, and maybe even Kaveh, their advice on her future residence after she marries.

"Besides, no matter where I may be, I still intend on supplying tears to all medical units. I suppose you can assist me in that if you are on the Wall a lot..." Ah, how did one broach the subject of asking their intended how often they will be home? How they are to fulfill the marital act? A flush came about her cheeks as the Princess cleared her throat, averting her gaze to the small fountain behind them. "Although it would be expected of you as Prince to return home for a duration of time every now and then."

Orissa did not want to keep him from his duty. Especially not after seeing how he worked on those shores a week ago. She did not worry about his wellbeing, not when she had every confidence she was able to heal him completely... So much knowledge was in her, and perhaps it gave her strength to be with him now, knowing she was not just a titled marriage for him. She was more than just a Princess.
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Oblivious to the more intimate topic the Princess was attempting to bring up, Jensen ploughed on in his happy, carefree manner.

"The Wall grants leave, I'm sure I'll be about every few weeks. Though if you're travelling to dispense tears maybe we might miss one another at times. When you're due to the Wall I'll obviously make sure I'm not on some reconnaissance beyond," he scratched at the stubble on his chin as he pondered how many favours he might need to begin accruing.

"These... Royal duties. How many of them do you think we would have to do? It's just a few ceremonies right? Cut a ribbon... kiss a few babies?"
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Orissa's cheeks blushed furiously as she danced around the subject, and he had not picked up on it. "Well..." She chuckled, now debating on coming to this topic another time. "In fact, there are a few engagements I attend as Princess. I do not seem to be as social as other Princesses in the past..." She dreamed of all the parties and soirées as a girl, but the moment she bonded with Pixaelys shifted her entire scope of her future.

"I... spend at least five days a month typically at the Wall, helping educate dragon health and healing. I can extend that time.. and spend it with you..." Gods, she wished she brought herself a fan. "I would like to see what it is you do on the Wall. I am not permitted to travel beyond the Thanasian borders, only if my guard are with me and Kaveh with his bonded." A behemoth dragon often dissuaded many predators.

With that thought in mind, it was always curious how one of her three felines now appeared. Gracefully and silently, Dashing slinked out from wherever he had been hiding and pounced right into the space between the Princess and Jensen. "Oh!" She laughed, running her fingers through his ginger coat. "How could I forget?" Orissa cooed down at the cat. "Dashing would insist on living wherever I will be. My other two cats seem to be more family orientated." But not the young feline now settling between the two. She liked to think he was like Kaveh, something she kept to herself but whispered to his wives who all agreed with the Princess gleefully. "A gift from Yurelia. Three cats bred by the royal family there, gifted to me on my twenty-fifth nameday."
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"I'm sure they would let you go if you were with me. Fiance or husband has to count for something, right?" Jensen chuckled nervously for the truth was he didn't know how Royal protocols worked. Nobles - especially those from the Great Houses - carried a lot of weight behind them, often becoming commanders high up, but they were not treated in the way Royals were. Noble blood was far less valuable and if one died there was often several others to take their place. The thought he might lose that precious freedom by marrying into Royalty made him a little nervous.

Jensen blinked as the cat leapt up boldly between the pair but was quick to smile as the ginger feline rubbed his head against Jensen's hand. The noble obliged and scratched behind his ear coaxing out a loud purr.

"He would be a most welcome housemate," the cat purred as Jensen slipped his fingers beneath his chin to continue the scratching. "My Lady I care little about where you would like us to live. You can decorate the house an outrageous pink for all I care. What matters most is that you are happy. I don't want you to feel lonely when I'm away so whatever we can do to ease that... I'll endeavor to do."
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Jensen's hope to appeal to her happiness in their marriage had left Orissa speechless for a moment. She stared at him, stunned that he would hold her happiness paramount. A lot of arrangements did not cater to such a thing, and Orissa had thought to make him happy as a way to make up for her being royal not going to disrupt his normal life too much. He would not know that she spent days discussing with the King and Queen that she would like to compromise, to be less of a nuisance. She would have done it with any other prospective suitor they put towards her.

"Jensen..." Orissa smiled at him, touched. "I confess, I am unsure what will make me happy. Marriage is a new venture, one I have only seen my brothers participate in so many times..." She let out a nervous laugh, turning to see her older brothers now withdrawing to speak amongst themselves.

"To marry me and become a prince... I tried hard to ensure your new role would not change everything of the life you live now. What will make me happy is to see you..." The princess turned her rich brown eyes upon him, getting slightly lost in his gaze. He looked weary, and she felt a little apologetic he had be brought to the palace so soon after his healing. "See you happy too."

She dropped her gaze, letting her smoothed and shining dark hair fall to cover the blush of her cheeks as her hand strokes the spine of Dashing, the loud purrs starting up again at the attention paid to him. "We do not need to plan every aspect before we marry. I have a penchant for organising and planning. To always be prepared for whatever outcome."
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Jensen found his shoulder relaxing as she proclaimed they did not have to get every aspect of their life sorted in this short meeting of their families. His father had warned it might come to that - that he would need to plead his case like any good merchant would need to plead their business plan - but it was a relief to see the marriage would not be conducted as such completely.

"Well then, as we both only want to be happy I believe this is a good match," he gave her another of those disarmingly charming smiles before his face grew serious once more.

"My only other condition, Your Highness, is that before our marriage I would wish to take you on a... date. I know it sounds foolish, what with us being engaged, but I struggle with the idea I'll be standing at the alter waiting for a relative stranger to join me. I would like to get to know you, if you would let me, so at least it is a friend I see walking down that aisle towards me."
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Oh, merciful gods!

Orissa found herself trapped in that smile of his, and the way it made his eyes crinkle just so. She had not noticed how gorgeous Jensen was when she had been mending him, but he had proved to heal and appear to be a handsome suitor despite the signs he was still in recovery. Colour rose to her cheeks, with a heat that seemed to occupy her face a lot in his presence.

"A... date." She repeated slowly, a nervous smile on her face. "Well, of course, that would be best... and makes perfect sense..." Was this meeting not meant to do just that? But the Princess realised even with this being what she considered as an informal meeting, it still held the eyes and expectations of a visit to the Royal Palace.

Yes... perhaps being away from the family and grandeur of the palace would serve them better. "And where is it you wish to take me, Jensen Araelor?" The smile that softened on his face was infectious, and Orissa found herself eager to hear his plans. The fact he had the idea and brought it to her attention was favoured by her, finding the idea of something of a surprise to her to be fascinating.
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Jensen wondered if he had over stepped the mark by asking the Princess for some quality one on one time. Perhaps she felt safer and more comfortable in these more formal situations. Even if his mother had pitched this little get together as an informal gathering, he could tell from the way his family held themselves that they were not relaxed. It was only his youngest brother, barely eight, who seemed to be having any fun by chasing one of the palaces Kesh dragons about, his own infant dragon bounding along at his heels.

The warrior grinned when she finally relented though and his shoulders relaxed.

"Valathor and I have found a great many places on our travels, far off the beaten path between here and the wall. I'm sure I know a spot or two suitable for a Princess,"
he winked, clearly not willing to give up the secret entirely. "How about three days hence? I'll pick you up from here so your guards don't fret."
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She shouldn't look too amazed at the idea of her guard being left behind, but even she knew there would at least be one guard patrolling and not disturbing the pair. It was her father's insistence that she choose a Malennis rider bonded to the famed Moon Dragons, and oftentimes Orissa believed Sirine was everywhere with her bonded, unseen.

It could not hurt to order the rest of them to remain here...

"Something with a view, perhaps?" She smiled, prettily too. It was how a princess always smiled. "I daresay I do not always get to see much of the lands... and to do so, I will have to persuade the King and Queen in letting me go with you... without the Gilded Wings." Orissa winced softly, looking sheepish in a way of apology. "Leave that to me. I am very good at wearing them down. My brothers too."

The Princess sat taller, proud of herself. Even if her brothers were at odds, they never laid guilt upon her to choose a side. Of course, they probably thought her too soft, too healing to understand the blood feud between the princes.

"Three days from now will work. I have to journey to an outpost up north the day after."
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"Just a view? Princess, come with me and I shall show you the world," Jensen lifted her hand to gently place a kiss across her knuckles, though his eyes never left hers. He could perhaps relax properly when they were alone, and he hoped she could too. As much as he loved the pretty perfect smile, he was itching to see what it looked like on her face when untamed. Longed to see surprise and awe and unhindered joy on her face. He knew there was a wildness about her somewhere or she wouldn't so passionately fight to do the healing duties she carried out.

"For now, we should probably rejoin the party. I - ah - hear your brothers enjoy pranks?" Which was the Queens way of laughing off how her sons sent assassins into one anothers beds. Standing he held out an arm and guided her back to the main party.
For three days, all she could think of was the brush of his lips to the knuckles of her hand, and the hazel eyes that captured her attention as he kissed her hand.

She thought of that when she spent a good hour of dinner that evening discussing this date to the King and Queen to agree to it, and thus agreed to one of her Gilded Wings to be in accompaniment. It was exactly as she thought would happen, but the main thing for her excitement was to spend time alone with Jensen.

There in the midday sun, she caught a shimmer in the corner of her eye. There was nothing there, but she wondered if Sirine Malennis and her Moon Dragon were taking laps as they waited for the Princess to be on her way with her betrothed. Many of her lady maids told her not to stand in the sun and wait for the man, but Orissa liked the warmth it gave. It looked like a nice, clear day, and the evenings had begun to retain some heat. She was sat in the landing area, which was much too small for Rayvath, but perfectly sized for her to sit on the white limestone and giggle at the antics her dragon displayed as the Princess brushed down the ribbons the Ransas were known for.

"Your Highness, the Tsonye and your intended are in sight." Called a lady maid, but Orissa did not move from her seat until she saw Jensen and Valathor make landing.

Her stomach and arms, fingers and chest, felt as if flutterbyes were a mass of wings fluttering in the wind and kissed against her. Nerves filled her with excitement, and Orissa got to her feet to approach the newcomers. Dressed in finely made and designed riding gear, her long hair had been braided in a thick plait down her back. Unsure of how to dress for such an occasion not of her planning, the only royal addition to her otherwise casual appearance was the necklace she wore. It was made of glass, forged in dragon fire, and depicted the dragon egg her Ransa had hatched from a century ago.

"You are early!" Yet she smiled widely, glad for it.
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"The winds favoured me, Your Highness," Jensen called before swinging his leg over Valathor's neck and dropping to the ground. It was not as smooth as it would be when fully healed, but even compared to the last time she saw him Jensen looked a lot better for the days of rest between. The green Tsonye dragon eyed up the Ransa dragon and stretched a long neck out to gently snuff at the other, committing the scent to his memory. Had her bonded dragon been something like her brothers, Jensen wondered if Valathor would have been so friendly. But Ransa dragons were treated with respect it seemed even amongst dragon kind.

That, or Valathor had actually listened to his strong lecture on being nice.

Once in front of the Princess he elegantly bowed then took her hand to press a kiss atop it.

"I think the leathers suit you, Princess," Jensen grinned up at her before straightening and offering a wink. Dressed similarly in riding leathers that looked well worn and felt buttery soft from the time in the saddle, Jensen looked far more himself than he had three days prior dressed in a suit. His jacket remained undone and he hadn't bothered to button the top two buttons of his shirt, revealing a glint of metal he wore about his neck beneath. "Ladies, thank you for allowing me to steal away your Princess for a few hours," he said cordially to the ladies in waiting clustered behind the Princess and gave them too, a bow albeit more shallow as befitting their rank. Then he tucked the Princess' hand into his arm and walked her to her dragon.

"Now Princess, are you sure you can keep up?"
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Gods, he certainly knew how to make her heart flutter.

Her hand was graced with his lips once again, renewing the sensations it had brought her the first time. She could hear the ladies giggling amongst themselves as Jensen greeted the Princess, and even more so as they stared and whispered at his appearance. He looked like a healthier version of the Ascendant she had saved the life of near two weeks prior, but there was something so... attractive about his casual look that benefited him immensely.

Orissa was glad he did not wish to waste time before he escorted her to Pixaelys, the very dragon's tears being what saved him when Orissa had desperately and quickly stitch him up.

"That entirely is up to dear Pix, here. What say you, my friend? Shall we see who indeed is quick?" It was enough to make her not think of his comment on her leathers, for his observation had given her a strong blush at her cheeks.

With his help, not that she needed it, she was now pulling herself up to take place in the saddle, peering down at the red headed betrothed down below. "I am quite excited to see what it is you have planned for today, Jensen Araelor."
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