Private Tales Bones and A Beating Heart

A private roleplay only for those invited by the first writer
Val gave over his hands willingly, that drive for knowledge surging back.
"Fascinating..." he said in a hushed tone as he watched and felt her (literally) work her magic. Val had been given time already to figure out the bard and bartender's tricks. "Trick" was a generous term as well; the bard was likely a petty mage from Elbion, entertainment magic being fairly low level, and the ability to affect temperature to such a minor degree was extremely simple.

What Perrine was doing was far more complex, more precise. Synapses in Val's head began to fire as his magic and mind labored to understand the depths. He began to chew his lip, cognition fighting hard to overcome intoxication. The gears were locking together, he just needed a jolt to get them turning.
"Please, by all means."
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It was with his consent that she concentrated on his skin, eyeing the very spot she would turn his skin to a light wound that would match her own. Hers itched, but she paid no mind to it.

"My magic is only done by my hands." She explained, glancing up at him. "So I learned hand to hand combat more than wielding a weapon. I can do more harm that way." It was a glossed over fact about herself that many did not think on. "But can you feel that? Your heartbeat?" Perrine could feel it, the blood working at his hand almost throbbing as it began it's natural healing. It had taken her longer to pinpoint while inebriated, but once she found it, she concentrated on it. She quickened it, building a heat that warmed him all over.

"Watch..." She instructed.

His hand would tingle, the wound throbbing almost but the shallow cut began to piece itself back together. Redness faded to his natural complexion, and all remnants of the wound removed, as if it were truly an illusion. Perrine did not release his hands.
"Let us see if you have learned a thing or two." She grinned.
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There was a stinging in the location that Perrine focused her magic, but Val barely flinched. The alcohol numbed the pain, and his intrigue far outweighed his sense at the moment.

"That I can..." he answered. Just as quickly as she'd caused the scratch to appear, she willed it away. Mechanisms in Val's head tumbled over each other, the teeth of metaphorical gears aligning themselves more precisely as they began to grind against each other. His eyes worked over his own hands, then Perri's, flicking about as though observing an invisible equation in the air.

Thuh-thump. Thuh-thump. Thuh-thump.

"...And...yours," he murmured. It was slower and less potent, Perrine would notice that much, but just as she'd fixed the abrasion she'd caused on Val, Val now worked to fix its mirror on her. "I think I'm getting the hang of it!"

His announcement came with a glance up towards Perrine, then a double take as he noticed the light-blue hues of her eyes, and the softness of her hands. His expression softened somewhat before he shook himself and refocused on the task at hand. Internally he cursed the rum and his own foolish ways, externally playing it off like nothing had happened, hoping that Perrine hadn't noticed the slip up.
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Perrine knew how to listen to the internals of one's body, and as their gazes met, she felt that shift in him. It took two heart beats of her own before it felt as if it skipped a beat.

The Proctor dropped her gaze, inspecting her hand with a small smile.
"Well... at least you achieved the easiest test. I do not think I will trust either of us to try and mend broken bones after the drinks we have had." And finally, she slipped her hands from his, placing them on her lap unseen by him. She began to fidget, aware of something.

"Curious, but also such a fascinating gift. The quickest observations and you, too, can have power at your fingertips..." Perrine arched a brow, forcing the new subject to concentrate on. "How long does it last for? Does it vary on circumstances?" She pulled a hand away from her lap and cupped her chin, leaning forward as she changed her expression to something resembling cool, calm, and collected.

She was Perrine Urahil, unfazed by handsome faces and smooth talking... unless they looked like Val, it seems....
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For all the curious techniques Val had borrowed over his years, he couldn't recall ever having one that let him feel another's heartbeat like this one did. When Perrine's heartbeat shifted it was heart not to notice. She pulled back after a time and Val fought off the urge to be suddenly embarrassed, another feeling he'd not felt in quite a long time. Best just to play it off, surely.

"Ha, quite. I'm glad I passed the entry exam, Proctor," he teased her with a wink. Perrine easily slid back into the ebb and flow of their previous dynamic, and so would Val.

"I'm flattered you think so, but it's not nearly as impressive as it may seem. The magic I duplicate is never as potent as the original, merely a pale imitation," he explained, honoring their previous agreement. "But I can keep it as long as I like, as long as I don't swap it out for something else. I only have so many...slots...yes, that's a good word for it."

The venom in his veins was still coursing away, making the room sway and everything a bit more humorous than it actually was.
"If I want something new, something else has to go. And there are lots out there to try, so most magics don't get to stay very long, but..." Val paused and looked over his drinking partner once more. He felt a warmth and a tightness in his chest, and he couldn't help but breathe a gentle laugh and smile, taken with the sight of her. "This one seems special. I think I'd like to keep it around a while. See what happens."
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"This one seems special. I think I'd like to keep it around a while. See what happens."

Perrine found herself staring, under the spell of his laughter.

Kress, that rum was potent.

She lowered her gaze to the table before her head moved to hide her face.
"Healing comes in handy when you least expect it. I have a small clientele that are privy to my actual talents and have me manipulate their skin to retain some semblance of youth. I can teach you that another time." Not that he needed any changes to his face. Perri dropped her hand to the table and braced herself for meeting his blue eyes as she brought her head back up.

As soon as she was to return to her office, Perrine knew what she colours she would be mixing to get the hues of the Pirian's eyes before her.

"My, the night seems to have slowed." She suddenly felt such an awareness of herself, seated before Val and under his gaze. Her hands went to fiddle with her empty glass, a small smile tugging at her lips without her control. "I think the Academy can wait for me until morning. Hopefully, I sober before then..." She scrunched her face, amused that she had finally taken some time to relax and not think of responsibilities. Would she sleep more than a couple hours this night, or be a creature of bad habits yet again?
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Val cocked his head. Was that...bashfulness? Sure, he'd only met the woman within the hour, but she hadn't seemed the type. It was...honestly rather cute. He set an elbow on the table then rested his chin in his palm.

"I'm always eager to learn. Though of course that does imply I get to see you again," he ribbed once more, feeling less smug and more...Kress, what was that? Satisfied? No, that wasn't it. Comfortable in the moment and yet longing for more. He couldn't quite put it to words, especially not as he was now.

Val's eyes remained locked on his company, instinctively drawn to committing her features to memory now. That subtle smile that she seemed to be trying to hide, the fiddling with her glass, the fidgeting. Was she nervous?
"Not headed back tonight, then? Given any thought to where else you might stay?"
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Was that the alcohol heating her cheeks to a rouge, or perhaps the rhythmic beating of her heart that increased the moment he turned his stare upon her. She could not give herself strength to bring her eyes to meet his, even as he spoke about meeting again. How she would like that, to have purpose and reason to return to Vel Anir.

"I thought some lovely establishment nearby would have lodgings." Perrine dared to lift her gaze, peering at him through her long lashes. "I would not want to return to the barracks in the Medical Wing... then I would have to talk to colleagues and I am not feeling up to conversation with them..." The glass balanced beneath her forefinger, the little dregs of rum coalescing at the bottom.

"Not when I am thoroughly enjoying my conversation with you. There is much more I would like to know about you, Percival Pirian." Perrine smiled, a coyness taking hold of her features.
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Val had heard tell of some divine entity that fired arrows through the hearts of men, bewitching and endearing them to the hearts of others. He hadn't ever believed in such stories before, of course--tall tales, all of them--and until this night he'd never leant any credence to them. When Perrine finally met his eyes once more, however, it was as if lightning had shot through his chest. Perhaps he'd finally met with the adoration's archer, and perhaps she had long blond hair and soft blue eyes.

"Ah yes, colleagues, certainly a most terrible fate!" he laughed away the nerves that tugged at the edges of his confidence. For some odd reason, her use of his full name didn't give him a pained moment's pause like it usually did. Even intoxicated and quickly becoming infatuated, Val was careful not to jump to conclusions. For once, he allowed himself a morsel of sincerity.

"I admit, this has been perhaps the best conversation, the best company, I have had in a long, long while. For however long you wish, until you depart to your lodging, I would indulge you..." a spark caught his eye and his own smile returned with gusto. "...Lady Perrine."
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Perri righted her glass and slid it slowly to the side, bringing both hands to the table so that her fingers could fidget before her. "My, you are a sweet talker." She laughed, ducking her head a moment to give herself reprieve from his intense stare. They were hypnotic, almost, trying to draw her in closer and even that short of a distance was a trap. Perri very well could have fallen into those cool depths... and that was much unlike her.

"Well, should we finish this bottle? It is only half full. Or perhaps we take a wander to the streets of Vel Anir? I think a second opinion of where I should find lodgings is in need... with my wits not at all with me presently." Perrine wondered if those eyes would still make her stir under the cloud of night, but if those moons shone brightly without obstruction... "I would like to paint you, one day." She blurted.

Whatever spell that had been casted upon her fell the moment she sat up straight in her seat and touched her blushing cheeks.
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A hearty laugh escaped Val as Perri went right back to her nervous antics.
"Well, I'm not usually quite so sappy. It would seem you have a way of bringing it out of me," he replied, more than happy with the effect he seemed to have on her.

"Well, should we finish this bottle?

"That depends entirely on how awful you're intending to feel in the morning. This stuff isn't exactly known for pleasant mornings after, you know. But then, there's nothing stopping us from taking the bottle with us. I say we wander; perhaps we can rally, collect enough wits between the two of us to find a place to rest..." he went on and trailed off, Perrine's sudden confession catching him momentarily off guard.

"My my, that's certainly a new one," he said as he stood from his chair and rounded the table. Aionus' stars, what a reaction; in that moment Val couldn't recall a cuter woman. In but a moment he stood next to her, hand out to help her to her feet. "You've no reason to be embarrassed, my dear. I'm quite flattered. Rather certain I'd be honored, actually."
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Perrine peered up to the tall male, standing beside her and offering his hand to escort her to stand. A nervous smile blossomed on her lips, hand reaching for his and moving to join him. She allowed herself this moment to see him up close, to note the inches her had on her, but Perri liked that she still looked up at him.

"I like your eyes." She decidedly announced, staring into them. They were piercing, but the longer she stared, Perri could see the differing hues that possessed the irises. "I would start with those."

Perri did not release his hand. Her magic tingled at her fingertips, transferring to his own so that she could feel his heartbeat. Did it beat inconsistently like her own? His mere... presence made her nevous, unsure of why exactly, but it was beginning to thrill her.
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