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Aionus, also known as the Sentinel, is the cosmic god of time. He is a major god of Celestialism.


Aionus is considered to be one of the primordial deities of Celestialism - along with Astra and Drakon. One popular sect believes that he is one of the first deities born from the abyss.

Depictions of him are numerous throughout Arethil. Several monuments still stand and paintings from the Age of Wonders are still circulating through the aristocracy. He is normally depicted as a man made of stars and constellations with his armor being the only solid piece of him.

Despite being a primordial god, Aionus is a permanent member of Astra’s court. He normally served as Astra’s Sentinel when called to her temple on Mount Dincia.

When not at Astra’s temple, Aionus ruled the western most lands that are now the ‘Aina O Ka La islands. Early in his rule, Aionus saw how the mortals of Arethil abused time with magic and the harm that it caused. To prevent the destruction of the world, Aionus bound all the Races to the Third Law of Magic – effectively preventing any mortal from utilizing time magic.

In exchange for forever binding mortals to time, Aionus created the Portal Stones dotted across Arethil. During the rule of the Cosmic Pantheon, all major cities had a functional Portal Stone. Despite the ability to transport people anywhere, Aionus created the initial Portal Stone network to always take people through his capital city of Aina. So while wealth and trade increased exponentially in Arethil, Aionus and Aina became exceptionally wealthy.

In addition, Aionus taught the Races on how to manipulate the movement of matter with magic. All telekinetic spells are said to originate from Aionus – and mages that pray to him are usually specialists in telekinetics.

When the War of the Dark Ones, the Noxomarchy, began, Aionus defended the west. Seeking to gain control of the Portal Stone network, the Dark Ones concentrated many of their forces on Aina. The devastation resulted in the collection of islands that are now ‘Aina O Ka La.

To end the war, Aionus proposed the plan to use the Portal Stone network to banish the Dark Ones to space. With the power of the rest of the Cosmic Pantheon, Aionus achieved this. Yet, the cost of doing so was the deactivation of all Portal Stones on Arethil and the departure of the Cosmic Pantheon from Arethil.

Since leaving Arethil, Celestialism canon recognizes only one Voice of Aionus that has spoken for the god. Other claimants to being his voice in recorded history have been declared heretics. Telekinetic magic used in his name still worked.

Aionus normally gives his favor to telekinetic mages, guards, Portal Stone mages, and merchants.

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