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Religious information

Tychan, also known as the Emissary of the Gods, is the cosmic god of war. He is a major god of Celestialism.


Tychan was created by Astra while using Aionus as a base. She did so after she found the need of a loyal enforcer and arm to reach out to the other gods’ domains. Within Tychan is a primordial star Astra had been saving for eons.

Most depictions across Arethil give Tychan a similar appearance as Aionus. This biggest difference between the two is that Tychan does not have a mask. Instead, the primordial star that Astra embedded in him shines through his head.

While Tychan served Astra on Arethil, he showed a level of compassion toward mortals above what other gods gave them. There are numerous stories of his efforts to protect the life created by Astra.

Among all the gods, Tychan was considered to be physically the fastest. As such, he normally served as the messenger of the gods and gave their directives to mortals. In order to improve his ability to perform his duties, Tychan taught mortals a Common language.

In addition to his roles, Tychan would support mortals in their diplomatic efforts and protect them as they journeyed across the world.

During the Noxomarchy, his efforts greatly reduced the mortal casualties. He is credited as saving civilization from its downfall during the war.

The reason for the many contemporary languages of Arethil is due to the departure of the gods. Without Tychan’s guidance, many Races and kingdoms began developing their own languages and writing systems. Tychan also regularly does not have a recognized Voice among mortals.

Tychan normally gives his favor to diplomats, messengers, and those that sacrifice their lives to guard innocents.

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