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The Fae Courts are the organisations that many fae belong to.

The fae (alternatively known as the fey, faeries, fairies, or fair folk) is a broad term used to define a variety of magical creatures and beings. Applying to both sentient and non-sentient species, this umbrella term is broad and open to interpretation and regional variances.

By definition, fae are entities that utilize the ley lines as a source of magic, often being magical in origin or nature. There is no one set rule to what is and isn't fae, and even fae themselves do not wholly agree on proper classification for some creatures. Some, however, are defined by several other secondary qualities. True names, laws of hospitality, an inability to lie, a sensitivity to iron, the ability to glamour, the Sight, and immunity to charms and curses in particular are often present in a variety of fae.

Parlours are bodies governed by an individual deemed the strongest of that region. The measure and criteria determining the "strongest" varies, from wit to physical prowess to magical aptitude. Parlours exist within parlours, and where this concentric process ends exists a single entity ruling over it all.

Courts have far more structure. By election or birthright, a ruler sits at its head wielding a varying degree of authority over their dominion. Beneath them will be nobles who hold their own territory and property. Courts generally offer greater security to the fae living within them, but come with far more intrigue and politics.

There are many courts and parlours, all vying for land, subjects, and power. A few, however, have survived the passage of time as unshakeable monuments. Parlours, like Spring and Autumn, allow its members joint fealty to one of the much larger Courts. This is especially true for the Sluagh, whose members are from all corners of Arethil.


Fae Courts

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