Biographical information
Somewhere in the Falwood 18 Nomadic
Physical description
Duanann/High Fae Female 5'4" lithe white as snow naturally green, hazel in her other form pasty white naturally, peaches and cream in other form
Political information
Performer in the Suntory Market
Out-of-character information
LovesickSiren 5/18/23

“The poor little duckling did not know where to turn. How she grieved over her own ugliness, and how sad she was! The poor creature was mocked and laughed at by the whole henyard.”


In her natural form, she has straight, dull white hair, pasty white skin, freckles, and a long scar on the left side of her face stretching from her hairline down over her lips to her chin. Her left eye is a cloudy white as a result and she is blind out of that eye. Across her nose and cheek there are small, semi-faded burn scars. Her arms and neck also have burn scars on them. The only parts of her body with no burn scars are her legs, but she has smaller, thinner scars on the outsides of her legs.

She is small and thin from years of bad treatment but that does not mean she is without curves. Her actual chest size is much smaller than in her glamoured form, and she has never had a thigh gap (even before she was taken by the Market).

In her cursed form, however, her snow-white hair was thick and wavy, her skin creamy, sunkissed, and unblemished. Her eyes were hazel and her facial features were completely symmetrical. Her body was lithe and curvy, everything even and full. She had a large bust and backside, with which her clients were always fascinated. Some even said she looked perfect.

Duannan Affinity

She has not fully realized it yet, but she has a knack for drawing near the brokenhearted and downtrodden. Before her accident, she had rather a skill for soothing the soul and mending broken hearts, but now she is too consumed by her own broken heart to notice anyone else's.

Celestial Alignment

She was born under the moon and is a Lunar child.

Elemental Alignment

She is of air. She can never be suffocated, but that does not mean others haven't tried. The winds whisper secrets to her, if she chooses to listen.

Skills and Abilities

Like all Fae, she is very clever. She can defend herself pretty well, and knows how to put on a performance. She can never lie, so instead she relies on half-truths and silence.



She has been rejected her entire life and attributes her rejections to her ugliness, believing if she was only prettier and more well-mannered people would adore her. She is nearly always self-conscious and she's a worrier. Some might consider her whiny but she has a sort of strength about her that only the downtrodden have.She has built walls around her heart and yet she still craves love; she wants to be loved and she also wants to have somebody to love, whether its a lover or a child.

Her biggest flaw is her inability to look in the mirror, both literally and figuratively; because of her fear of what she might see.Her biggest fear is fire. She's deathly afraid of it but has learned to pretend not to be and to put a tamper on her fear. But she can't light candles or fires and if fire gets too close to her she'll have a panic attack. Her greatest strength (buried deep) is her understanding. Her domain leads her to the heartbroken and downtrodden, and even though it has made her pay for it, she still has a talent for connecting to people, and making them feel seen and understood. It's been something that has earned her a reputation among her clients in the Suntory Market- they nearly always felt understood and happier after leaving her company.

Biography & Lore


Ethir was born beautiful under the Twin moons, to a loving Fae mother. Her mother told her her father had died before she was born, but Ethir didn't care, since she had everything she needed in her mother.

One night, when Ethir was 15, she was sleeping when suddenly a candle caught fire on a curtain in her mother's room. It spread quickly and burned her mother alive. Ethir hadn't seen her mother die but she had heard her screaming. Ethir ran down the halls of her home, receiving a few minor burns in the process. She fell through an unstable part of the floor, and it tore a gash on the left side of her face. Combined with this injury, the smoke left her blind in her left eye.

Once out of the house, she tried running to neighbors for help but the Fae valued their beauty and Ethir had lost hers in that house to the fire. She was covered in ash and soot, part of her hair was burned away, she had burns across her face and arms, and the gash on her face was bleeding, her eye swollen shut and leaking blood.

Wild with grief and ashamed of her ugly appearance, she looked for someone else to help her. She was recruited to the Suntory market by Orion, a selfish, scheming, mortal human. Through the binding agreements/contracts of the Fae, Orion was able to take her true name, and with some innate magic abilities of his own, he changed her appearance so she became stunningly beautiful. But the cost was her freedom.

In the Suntory Market, her life revolved around her beauty. She slowly lost all sense of self and grew more attached to her glamored form, especially as she received more attention. Orion grew wealthy off of her, but Ethir never got any of the money people paid for her. In the three years that she has been with the Market, she has hardened to the world, changing drastically from the soft, innocent, care-free young girl that she had been. In three years she aged 300.

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