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With the rider and beast closer to Soleil, she would have seen a tremendous amount of scars and even some fresh wounds all over both. A few arrow shafts stuck out from the rider and beast. The glowing crimson eyes stared at the Initiate. The lizard snarled.

“Get on, the Blood Lord is waiting,” the rider told Soleil.

A name that might be familiar to Soleil, as it was spoken about sometimes in the Academy. The Blood Lord is a First Level Dreadlord that leads the Blood Army of the Urahils.

Likely, she was the most powerful blood mage within Vel Anir.

And Archon Isbrand was her older brother.

When Soleil would follow the rider, they would speed off and back toward the Fellowship camp. Several elven bodies could be seen on the way back – two mangled corpses of particular note sitting next to the stream Soleil passed earlier.

Once back in the elven encampment, Soleil would see a few more elven bodies strewn about. Several tents were on fire – including the one where she witnessed the attempted blood ritual. The count of elven bodies was far fewer than even the numbers Soleil would have seen before - and there was no sign of the Seer or Othellian Clear Sky.

The cackling of an elderly woman could be heard deeper within the camp. The rider would bring Soleil toward the source of this laughter.


Which would eventually reveal a site of a woman with aged, silver hair standing above an elven archer on his knees. On a bench in sight of this scene would be Aelita and Joel – with one less arm than before. An elderly man performed healing magic on both to tend to their wounds.

The woman spoke to the elf in his own tongue. With a face of disgust, the elf spat on the ground and told her, “I say nothing, you Anirian pig dog.”

The elderly woman tilted her head and stretched out an arm.

“Fine,” she told him with a smile as she curled her fingers and activated her magic.

The elf’s body contorted into a shape no living being was meant to take. The sound of bone snapping into multiple pieces pierced through the crackling of the burning tents. A gurgle of pain escaped from the elf’s mouth before that was silenced with death.

After that, the woman – the Blood Lord – turned to see Soleil and the rider.

“Oh, the last child,” she said as she looked at Soleil, “Get down from there and tell me what happened. I’ve already heard from the others, but a third story is always good.”
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Soleil looked around with a slow trailing gaze among the devastation on display in what was once the Fellowship camp. And she delighted in seeing the fallen elves, in seeing the crests of House Urahil. What a surprise! Where they had been running to find safe haven among Anirians, so it happened that fellow Anirians were advancing toward them! They had been running away from the help. A strange circumstance, but one that was visible only in hindsight. They did what they had to do in the moment.

Everything they did was right. Because they—the three of them, as Soleil could see Aelita and Joel just then—were alive. Joel missing an arm? Bad luck. But he wasn't dead.

And there stood the Blood Lord. Yes, her reputation did precede her, and Soleil knew of her, had her catalogued in her mind amongst the most powerful of Dreadlords.

Soleil trilled her tongue in response to the Blood Lord's command, and then slipped down from the beast and stood deferentially before the Blood Lord. Her smile was grand and pleased at the whole situation.

"Captured," Soleil began. "Taken here. Elves? Tried to sacrifice us. Killed Hargrave and Gianni. Failed with us. We killed them. We ran. Aelita slow. Joel slow. Me? Only Silas faster."

And that was it. That was the whole of her story, and she looked mightily satisfied by it.

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“Few words?” the Blood Lord questioned with a raised brow.

A few soldiers arrived with two bodies wrapped in ash-stained cloth. Hargrave and Gianni. An elder man in a crimson robe followed the soldiers.

“We’ve found the source of the blood magic and the two dead Initiates, my Lady,” the old man with a hunched over back informed the Blood Lord. He was definitely not cut of Dreadlord cloth.

The Blood Lord walked over to the corpses and lifted the cloth to gaze at each of their charred faces.

“Put on the record they fell in battle, just like the rest,” the Blood Lord announced, “Bring them with us, for the Legion.”

The old man and other Blood Legion soldiers’ chests swelled upon hearing the words of their commander. They obliged.

Pointing at the three living Initiates, the Blood Lord told them, “You’re to follow.”

Gesturing to the old man, she continued with, “You’re to answer any of the physician’s questions.”

Aelita and Joel silently nodded to the Blood Lord’s order.

After saying that, the Blood Legion would set fire to the remaining elven tents and toss the elves’ bodies into the flames. They would then depart and begin the journey back to Anirian lands.

During the journey, the physician would ask for details on everything – from the elven ambush, to the Initiates’ time on the run, to their experience in the camp. For what Soleil would have seen, Aelita told the truth of their time together.

And the physician would especially try to pry any sort of detailed answer from Soleil. The results of which would create an opinion about the Initiate for the Blood Lord and Blood Legion...
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Soleil was all too happy to indulge the physician during the journey:

"Bad mission. Or bad commanders. Stupid Guardsmen. Anyway, Fellowship trap. Ambush! Many dead. Maybe commanders too. Deserved it. Anirian forces scattered. Disaster! But not for me. Me?" She trilled her tongue with glee. "Clever. Know when things go bad. First to run...only because Joel slow."

"Fuck you," the boy Initiate retorted hotly.

Soleil continued as if she hadn't been interrupted. "Run for days. No problems on my own. Not even rain. Came prepared. See? Cloak. I evade elves well. Then I find Aelita. Then us caught. Sometimes, two not better than one."

After a precisely one second pause, Soleil burst out laughing as if that were the funniest joke in the world.

"Elves take us to camp. Hargrave? Gianni? Joel? Already there. Whining."

"We were not whining, double fuck you," Joel interrupted again.

"Still whining. See?" Soleil said with a smirk. "Elves? Plan to kill us. But me? Brilliant plan. I get free of cuffs. Kill elves. Free others. We kill elves. Then we run. Aelita? Joel? Bad luck. Also slow. Elves almost catch them again. But not me. Elves? Never catch me. Only if with other Initiate. See? Sometimes, two not better than one. Big lesson. Academy teaches that. Academy right."

Satisfied, she smiled at the physician.

“I see,” the physician replied to Soleil as if taking a mental note.

His questions were directed to Aelita and Joel as well. Joel seemed far more irate about the situation than Soleil. His emotions painted his answers, though the facts remained truthful about his capture and the events he witnessed within the tent.

Because of all the chaos, it appeared Joel either neglected to mention or just was not fully aware of the magic Aelita and Soleil used. The words he used were just “a cloud of sand” and “beams of light”.

The physician would ask Aelita of her experience as well, which she seemed to give with some passivity. No blame thrown at Soleil, nor anything like the emotion Joel displayed. The events before the ambush and what Aelita would describe after their meeting in the cave would align with Soleil’s memory.

Though the answer to one of the physician’s questions, “And how did you cast your spells in the tent? Before Joel was sacrificed?”

I just… felt like I wanted to live,” Aelita told the elderly man, "And I was able to cast it..."

And she would neglect to explicitly mention the fact she used blood magic. A fact Soleil might be able to reveal, even if nothing in the Academy explicitly forbade it.

After hearing all he wanted from the Initiates, the physician returned to the Blood Lord’s side and spoke to her.

Eventually, the Blood Legion and the Initiates would reach what appeared to be an Anirian Guard camp.


The legion would stop at the edge of the camp, and the Blood Lord approached the Initiates one last time.

“How fortunate you’re not one of mine,” the Blood Lord said as her eyes looked down upon the Initiates.

“I’d slay you three for being the weaklings that you are,” the Blood Lord declared.
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Their troubles were over. Their troubles with the Fellowship elves, at any rate. The sanctuary they sought, an Anirian camp, a place devoid of any knife-ears, lay just before them. Only they had the Blood Lord herself between them and their respite.

Soleil stood as all smart Initiates do before Proctors—rigid, deferential, stolid. Inwardly, however, she was smiling. Dearly did she enjoy being underestimated. Dearly did she enjoy watching confidence become a poison. Dearly did she enjoy simply waiting her turn.

The loud and boastful, the ones who spoke too much, the ones whose pride sat in their mouth like a bridle and whose ego jerked them about as though it were reins, these were always the ones to make mistakes, to be sloppy, to die first. The silent let their enemies have their moment, and they had the patience to await theirs.

Soleil didn't need to say anything to the First Level Dreadlord before them other than the obligatory:

"Yes, Blood Lord."