Letters To Myles - The Return Trip

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Maho 'Jerik' Sparhawk

A Shadow
The Empire
Character Biography

It is a difficult task indeed to write how much your reply has meant to me. It brings me hope and relief to find that you have found your feet with the Elves; i know i never did! However i feel about the Falwood, it taught me skills that always took me wherever i needed to go, and i know that learning from such prestigious Sorcerers must mean everything to you, since you were so eager to train. It was about time for you to realise your true potential, and go as far as i always believed you could.

I have concluded the majority of my business here, and have decided that i shall meet you in a short while. I have a lot to explain, and we'll have plenty on the way back to Elbion. It would be good to visit there again, since you can enlist to become an officially recognised sorcerer, giving you status across Arethil. Although i know you're not seeking social-standing, it's always good to have a badge of honour to show how truly far you've come. Knowing the progress you've made has given me great determination, and i am thrilled to see you after this long while.

You are my greatest inspiration.

See you in a short while,
Maho Jerik Sparhawk.


Seeking knowledge is always a constant journey.
Character Biography
Maho Sparhawk


I am glad that my training is still satisfactory to you and I hope to prove to be a useful asset and companion along your travels. You must have tons of stories and I cannot wait to hear them all! The Elves have been more than hospitable with me and although I will miss their serenity; it will be nice to travel on the road again.

Elbion you say? I have heard stories about the prestigious College and even more tales about the city itself. Enlisting to become a recognised Sorcerer would be.....more than I could thank you for. I could actually offer my services and be acknowledged throughout Arethil? What a badge of honor that would be! During my stay here, I have been ever vigilant in maintaining my knowledge about Arethil and on a side note, my Elvish is still maintained as well as my Runic translations. Should we stumble across any more, that will not be a problem in the slightest.

I cannot wait to shake hands with you again and travel the long road with you,
Myles Widogast