Private Tales The Start of Something Odd

A private roleplay only for those invited by the first writer


Character Biography
The Initiate's lips drew into a thin line. He didn't have any response for that. And sometimes, that was for the best. He stared straight ahead, expecting her to continue. It was nice to vent sometimes. He knew that all too well.

When the tears fell, he was caught by surprise. If he didn't know how to respond before, he certainly didn't know how to comfort a crying woman. With the grace of a fawn, Elias just patted the Guardswoman's back as she let her sadness out.

Ellory Ashford

The Investigator
Character Biography
Jillian threw Elias a sad look as she watched him try to comfort Ellory.

"She and her sister were close even with her being at the Academy," the bartender told Elias. "Guard family using their pull, ya know?" She finished drying the cup that she had in her hand then went to grab a glass of water for Ellory.

Ellory continued to cry for a good three minutes before she finally grabbed the glass of water and drank some.

"I...should..." Her words were so slow between the drinks and the tears. "Go...home," she finished.