anirian guard

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    A land once ruled by Dragons and Gods opens, but not every secret of Arethil's past is safe to uncover.


  1. Jürgen Kaiser

    Open Chronicles The Attack on Fort Endurance

    He lay dying on the ground. And though it seemed so distant to him, the thudding footfalls and knucklefalls of the creature--that beast, that grinning thing--as well as the shouts and battlecries of his fellow Guardsmen came from further inside the interior courtyard of the fort. His name was...
  2. Alakir

    Fable - Ask The Road of Condemnation

    The path from Vel'Anir along the Cortosi coastline was long, and it hugged the shoreline. When the tides went out, the path stank and some of the Guardsmen gagged and pleaded to march further inland. They were summarily denied. Alakir watched the moon reflected in murky waters as it slowly rose...
  3. Vittorio

    Open Chronicles They Who Carve.

    "Must I be tasked with this, Himmary?" "Are you not at all bothered by the fact that you're still an apprentice at your age?" "What difference does it make? If anything I am to be underestimated." "It isn't about that. Shut the hell up and move out. There'll be other Dreadlords there so...
  4. E

    Fable - Ask Escort Duty

    Somewhere Between Vel Anir and Alliria Donric Mannir | Colette "My father owns the biggest plantation in all of Anirian Territory, bigger than House Pirian. If he saw me traveling like this it would make him sick to his stomach." Ein gripped the reigns of his horse so tightly that his...
  5. Lazlo Harkon

    Completed Disgrace of the Damned

    Eleven years ago, Four Years after Quartreville, Vel Anir Lazlo Harkon was a dead man. He hadn't eaten in twelve days, or drank water in seven. His eyes were sunken and haunted, and his hair was disheveled. Yet, when the jailer shuffled across the room and unlatched his door, he looked...
  6. Talus

    Fable - Ask The Less Dead

    Vel Anir - Outer Slums It had been raining for two days straight now, never letting up even briefly. Some called it the Cortosi downpour, an annual storm that was often hailed by farmers as the reason they could grow anything at all. Talus had no idea about that of course, he wasn't a farmer...
  7. Talus

    Private Tales The Pointy End

    Fort Kel - Colette Talus was unsure if he liked life in the military or not. It was different than it had been at the Academy, different than it had been with Fenrith. Parts of it were pleasant enough. He had gotten some officers quarters, his own bed, a closet, even a lavatory. Better than...
  8. O

    Quest The Battle of the Blades: The Assault

    Owen lay in his bunk below deck. The swaying of the mighty warship, the Braun Virak, on the waters of the Cortosi Coast. The berth was tight and cramped. Bunks made to be lean and three high. In his hand he held two dice. Shifted them around. Watched absently the different numbers as they...
  9. O

    LFG - Quest The Battle of the Blades

    The great war machine of Vel Anir has been awakened. And it has a clear objective: Rescue Kristen Pirian, and annihilate the forces of The Master of the Blades. Hey everyone. VigiloConfido (Anima) here. I've been preparing a big battle thread. Approximately ~1000 vs ~1000. Anirian Guard...