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So I know we have a decent number of pirates here, but I also know a lot of them are Captains or independents which can sometimes make it confusing to get a lot of them gathered together. So I was thinking why don't we create some sort of Council of Prominent Pirates? The name is a work in progress.

Also, this is the wrong account, sorry.
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Hey there! I created the Wardens based off the Cerak At’Thul core lore and have been running stories with them with writers: Autolycus, Elide, Iren Brightmane, Iskra, Nicomo, Keres, Ubnara Debadn, Aiari and Izoldë

They basically are the ones in charge of the fortress of Cerak At’thul while pirates use the black bay below and the city of Cerak as a port of home. Would love to mesh the two concepts if you’re down!

This is the correct account for this.

I would love that. My pirate mainly operates out of Teth, but maybe these two groups are opposed or just two factions within the Court of Tides.
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