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Nairth San'Seya

The King of Spring -- Preservation Through Action
Character Biography
The winds of change were blowing more recklessly with every passing day. Events that threatened to shake the lives of The Spring had long been in motion, and only now did that reality begin to set in on its people. Life is beauty. Those were the words that he'd lived by for ages, generation after generation he was fueled by his love of life, the beauty that it created on this planet that all beings roamed. Nairth San'Seya was a being of incredible strength, to be sure. However, that strength meant nothing without the air that filled his lungs with every breath, without the grass between his toes and the sun at his back.

Now though, all of those gifts were in danger, and even the King's power only barely held the balance. He spoke often and passionately about his love for the world, and now the fates had sent him a trial through which his love would be tested. The tall, silver-haired Fae was perched so precariously on a thick branch protruding from just one of the many trees that sprouted up from atop the towering stone bastion of Grovehaven Castle, a cacophony of sounds-- chirps, calls and barks alike echoed underneath him as the citizens of the growing city surrounding his home lived without worry of pain or death by the tip of a blade or arrow.

His bare feet dug against the bark of the limb, perched precariously near the edge. Nairth enjoyed balance exercises; if one could control their breathing, they could remain perfectly motionless, taking only a single breath every minute. It was a difficult skill to learn, but San'Seya found it to be relaxing. These precious moments of peace were increasingly rare, and far between as of late. That a day had come without the scent of corruption in the air had him more at peace than he'd felt since Athbhliain; a welcome distraction though that had been.

And a distraction that he had evidently not seen the last of.

Nairth could feel her presence long before he could see her, that aura that he'd bathed in at the celebration weeks prior. Maphesa had been an unexpected but welcome attendee to that gathering, and she had captivated Nairth with her words, charm, and allure. Neither of them stayed in Athbhliain long, choosing instead to leave in one another's company for a night of more private revelry. Rapturous as that night had been, The King did not expect to encounter her again anytime soon.

They were Fae, after all; Connections tended to be casual, and fleeting.

The hitch in his breath, as he realized who it was, was enough to throw off his balance, and he slipped from the branch and floated harmlessly down to the earth once more, toes meeting the dirt as he clutched at his robe and lifted it to avoid stepping on the pristine cloth. How unbecoming, He thought to himself, Losing your composure over a woman.

Perhaps he was more stressed than he realized.

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Once again, Maphesa had found herself bored, and the problem was as dreadful as it ever was. There was little going on at the Dawn Court, or at least, nothing that caught her interest. She could simply head out and socialize as she did most every day, but that had been the pattern so often that the plans hardly satisfied her. Restless and idle, the impulsive duanann sought something that could entertain, but little came to mind. If she would not be entertained within the court, perhaps something intriguing might be found beyond it.

Maphesa could not think of much to do, until the Spring Court came to mind. It had been some time since she’d seen King Nairth at Athbhliain , whom she had gotten to know rather well during the festival. After discarding plenty of other ideas to spend her time, she’d decided upon one that could hold her fancy. she set off for the day, turning to the ley lines to take her to the destination she’d just decided on.

* * *

Upon her arrival to the Spring Court, she found it to be rather serene and quiet. The only noise came from wildlife and the rustling of leaves in the wind whenever it picked up. For a moment, Maphesa wondered if she was in the right place. Though she knew this was the Spring Court, and knew Nairth would be there... this just wasn’t as exciting as she’d imagined. Perhaps she could add some. The place, to her, so clearly seemed to be in need of it. Today then, the excitement would come to Nairth and surely the king would be so pleased for the surprise. Maphesa would've been, and she couldn’t imagine anyone else feeling any different.

Slowly she made her way through the dense forest, following the guidance of her own senses. Naith must be nearby, and the indescribable hunch led her towards him. She found herself by the base of a tall tree when she lost track of it. Pausing where she was, Maphesa looked about in search of the next direction she ought to travel. She would not wonder long, as the king himself floated back down to the ground before her very eyes, which lit up at the sight of him. It was always wonderful when whatever she sought was delivered right before her.

“Nairth!” She spoke, her lips curling into a smirk upon the sight of him.

“What a surprise, no?”

Nairth San'Seya
Nairth's golden hues slowly rose from the lush ground beneath his bare feet to meet that of his unexpected visitor. The air in his lungs left him in what was not quite a sigh, but certainly an expression of how the Spring King viewed this impromptu reunion between them. "Yes. Quite." He murmured in response, bringing his hands together behind his straightened back, standing tall as any proper ruler should. "You'll have to forgive the lack of revelry for your arrival, Maphesa. I wasn't given word you were arriving." As if he expected such a thing from a Fae with Maphesa's history. Telling anybody where she was going would defeat the purpose of the trip, would it not?

Around them, lesser Fae that served San'seya scrambled towards the gates to the castle, readying for a potential guest. Hospitality towards outsiders was an important part of Spring's tenants; Love of life did not restrict itself to their court, and if she was to stay for any length of time, a meal would need to be prepared, and the springs would need to be warmed.

Nairth himself looked far less concerned. An aura far more restrained and withheld than the one he'd exhibited at their previous meeting surrounded him. That meeting had been at a social function, where he was encouraged to interact with his kind, to unwind and relieve the stresses that filled his body. Today, they were in the Spring Court's land. His land. His kingdom. Nairth's top priority was the wellbeing of his people.

Maphesa was a friend, but she also had a reputation. It was that which made him wary.

"It is nice to see you well. I admit I've considered seeking you out since our last meeting." The King eventually softened a bit, stepping forward to reach out and place his hand on her shoulder, tilting his head as he took her in again. "My duties have not eased my burden, and the weight of many fall upon my shoulders. More now than ever." He spoke in general terms, but it was clear his meaning was to tell her his Kingdom was not as peaceful and quiet as it seemed.

"But what do I owe this honor to?"

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Maphesa stood before Nairth, twirling the tip of an ebony lock between her fingers while he straightened his posture.

"You'll have to forgive the lack of revelry for your arrival, Maphesa. I wasn't given word you were arriving." Spoke Nairth.

“Oh, I didn't give any.” She cheerfully replied, utterly nonchalant in her response. Hardly out of unawareness of formalities – She simply didn't care for them. Why, she didn't know she'd be arriving here herself, until the impulse had struck her mind and spurred her to travel across the ley-lines on a whim. That she ‘felt like it’ was her most beloved reason for doing most anything.

Other Fae began to fuss in the background, hurrying in commotion over their unannounced and entirely unexpected guest. Etiquette among Fae was an important aspect of like within the courts. Though Maphesa was unconcerned with the efforts required of hospitality, she did greatly enjoy the hospitality. Whatever effort they expended was a most meagre price for her presence. Nairth however, appeared a touch more serious than expected. His demeanor wasn't quite as it had been when she'd met him in Leogaire, though he didn't seem displeased to see her. Perhaps there was something he was worried about? If so, it was a good thing she was here to take his mind off whatever it might be.

"It is nice to see you well. I admit I've considered seeking you out since our last meeting." Nairth said.

“You have, hmm?” Maphesa playfully replied. Though pleased at the words, she was far from surprised. She couldn't imagine any dissatisfaction from a drop in by someone as delightful as her. She added, a touch prideful of her decision on how to spend her day.

She hadn’t been incorrect in her assumption that Nairth had been preoccupied. The burden of rulership weighs heavily. Though she was not ignorant to the requisite responsibility, Maphesa herself had little awareness to what degree. She’d shirked such inconveniences such as duty and obligation years ago, and what she’d walked away from paled in comparison to what a regent had to handle.

“The crown weighs heavy upon the regent whom dons it, no?” She replied, tracing a finger to his temple to accentuate her point.

"But what do I owe this honor to?" Nairth asked.

“Well I’ve contemplated the same, and thought I’d act upon the whim today.” She straightly replied, lips curling into a smile with a tilt of her head.

“And just in time to provide a needed moment of distraction.” She added, ignorant to the added pressures presently plaguing Nairth. Unable to empathize with the weight of duty, she did have sympathy with the inconvenience of handling it – provided that she actually liked the person dealing with it. And she certainly fancied Nairth.

After all, how bad could taking one day off really be?

Nairth San'Seya
In hindsight, Nairth supposed he would have been more surprised by any other answers. Maphesa was a woman of instinct, after all. It was that, among other things, which had drawn him to her in the first place. She did not allow herself to be contained or controlled by anything, and that freedom was what he'd sought. Of course, he'd found that and more in the night they'd spent with one another, but Nairth could not shirk his duties forever.

No matter how appealing the idea of doing just that was.

As much as he hated to admit it, Maphesa had a way of appealing to his less responsible side. The way she so casually dismissed his obvious worry, raising a finger to his head as she raked her eyes across him so cocksure and playful. Despite his best efforts a small smile would tug on the corners of his mouth as she blatantly declared her intent to steal him away once again.

"While I'm certain you have quite the idea of how you could 'distract' me..." He muttered, leaning forward to place a feather-light kiss upon the corner of her lips in a small display of his affection. "I do wish, in this instance, that you'd consulted me. Things in this forest are far more unstable than they appear, Maphesa."

If only she knew the trials Spring currently faced... but even if she did, she was not the type to worry. Her intentions in coming here were good, albeit perhaps a bit more selfish than she made it sound. If she'd wished for his company, he certainly had no problem giving it. "But... what is done is done. Far be it from me to turn you down when you've come all this way." Nairth relented, sliding the hand on her exposed shoulder down the smooth skin of her arm, until it fell back to his side.

Turning towards his castle, Nairth beckoned her. "No doubt my subjects have already begun preparing a bath and a bed for you." He linked his arm with hers, just as she'd done to him in their last meeting. "I will tell you of what has happened, and you may enjoy yourself as you see fit."

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She flashed a smile at the king's sweet words, once that remained as she gleefully accepted and turned into the affection. Though, all was not of warm welcome, and the distraction Maphesa mused about added an apparent issue to their meeting.

Planning ahead of time never went so smoothly for one as impulsive as Maphesa. All too often, she'd abandoned whatever she'd arranged, in preference for whatever she preferred when the time had arrived. She'd become somewhat known for that by now, as one often does for spurring plans without notice. He surely knew it too. She didn't expect any surprise, and didn't receive any.

"I do wish, in this instance, that you'd consulted me. Things in this forest are far more unstable than they appear, Maphesa." Spoke Nairth, and Maphesa made a subtle pout that was wiped from her expression after the briefest of moments. His words implied that it carried poor timing – alluding to a present situation she'd assumed existed, yet still had to learn more of.

Why, to her that seemed like the prime occasion for her presence. The trials of ruler ship were not something she could do much over, but the stress of ruling was. To say she knew little of the former was an understatement.

"But... what is done is done. Far be it from me to turn you down when you've come all this way." Nairth relented, and she turned to him as he did. “I'd no delusions my sweet king wouldn't. Whyfor this instance, though?” Maphesa asked, and though she didn't receive her answer, she did get the assurance that one would come, along with Naith's offered arm which she readily accepted.

Arm in arm, the two made their way back towards the castle, her gaze turned towards Nairth. All while she wondered what it was he needed distraction from. By his account, her visit had carried peculiar timing, yet her only clue that something might be amiss were his own words. But answers would arrive soon enough, and for now Maphesa was content as they strolled together.

Nairth San'Seya
Nairth did not keep her pondering for very long-- He waited until the massive stone doors to Castle Grovehaven slowly closed behind them as they stepped into the massive Grand Hall before continuing to walk. The hall was immaculate, constructed from stone and wood gathered from the earth by Nairth himself, shaped and molded by his magic into a mammoth chamber lined with long tables in rows of three, strewn with feast and drink. Banners bearing the mark of Spring hung high from the ceiling, woven from leaves and vine.

There was a bit of commotion at the tables, Spring Fae of all standing and rank feasted upon the food provided, a place for all in his court to enjoy themselves, so long as they abided by his rules. At the end of the Hall, two spiral staircases rose to an upper level, where bubbling hot springs underneath windows that beamed down the sun light spotlights lined the walls.

"Because, my dear Maphesa, I would have liked to guarantee you safe passage. It is an increasingly rare commodity in these forests." He replied, leading her between the tables towards the staircases behind them. "A strange evil has been attempting to snuff what I've created here, and our struggle is an arduous one. A parasite, capable of corrupting and twisting the life that I bolster."

It hadn't been appropriate to speak of the Dark One at the festivities earlier; He'd attended said gathering to forget about this trial, not dwell on it. Now, though, the woman whose touch and affection had melted his stress on that day was now in the midst of its very source.

Narith stopped once they reached the dias that rested between the staircases, unblinking his arm from hers and stepping in front of her, his hands resting on her arms as his golden gaze scanned over her once again. To have such a beauty be corrupted would be an inexcusable failure...

"It doesn't matter. You're in the castle, and it's safe here. I am... I am glad to have you within reach today."

It sounded as if there was more he wished to say, but a small pixie fluttered in through one of the windows in the ceiling, descending towards the pair. Particularly Maphesa. She spoke in a light, sing-song voice as she performed a floating curtsy.

"Will Lady Maphesa require a room tonight?"

It didn't take long for the two to arrive at the towering doors, passing through to head into the palace itself. Spectacular in it's splendour, the decor caught Maphesa's attention the moment she saw it. She looked around the vast interior that awaited her, sculpted with care and precision to both serve as quarters to dwell in and as a display meant to impress.

Yep, it checked out. With all the banners and carefully woven vines overlooking well sculpted stonework over an area so vast, she had to admit the placed looked pretty decent. The effort required to build it was more than suitable to impress, but effort was lost on Maphesa. She only considered the end result, and the exquisite decor was certainty suitable enough for her graceful presence.

“Most impressive. It must have taken many sculptors to build.” Maphesa embellished, in a tone that sounded more delighted than her unspoken assessment implied. It was more than adequate, and though she exagerate the sentiment she expressed was true. Were the palace tacky, she'd have been as forthright bout that, too.

Within the palace, Nairth was now forthright about the troubles that had been distracting him so. The Spring court was apparently locked in battle against an evil force in what was a struggle to survive. It was all awfully dramatic by the sounds of it, and the very sort of thing a King could not ignore. Meanwhile the halls held an atmosphere of revelry that seemed absent of the mention concern. Still, it didn't seem like it was present at this moment – she'd been fortunate to not encounter it on her way there. It may not have been the best timing, but it didn't seem all that terrible to her.

Nor did it seem to so Nairth, who stopped to reassure her before the winding staircase.

"It doesn't matter. You're in the castle, and it's safe here. I am... I am glad to have you within reach today."

“As am I to be here, nor do I doubt my safety in your domain.” She replied, and it would have been all she had to speak, if it didn't seem that Nairth had more to say. Maphesa simply wore a smile while she pondered what might be on his mind for a silent moment, until another descended from the ceiling to deliver a sudden and unrelated question.

“Yes, please.” Maphesa replied, hiding her annoyance at the interruption out of what meagre manners she had. Whether she'd actually need a separate room was irrelevant. She wasn't about to turn down the offer.

Nor was she about to question Nairth in the company of another. With privacy intruded upon, Maphesa simply waited with a forced smile of feigned happiness, all while waiting to be rid of the lesser fae interrupting them.

Nairth San'Seya
The Pixie bowed her head of bright blonde hair towards Maphesa, her tiny body glimmering in the sunlight raining down from the massive windows above, before turning to address her King. Nairth quickly raised a hand to stop her before she started. Perhaps the lesser were fooled by his companion's attempts to conceal her desire to be alone with him, but San'Seya had picked up on it quickly enough. "That will be all, Isadell. Dismissed."

With a flicker of light, the pixie departed, leaving the pair of them standing alone before the dias of his throne once again. Nairth slid his gaze back to Maphesa with a small smile. "You did well enough. I half expected you to start swatting." He teased her lightly, sliding one of his hands into her own and turning back towards the spiraling staircase. "Come, then. We won't be bothered in my chambers."

The King was far too used to having visitors to his castle on business or seeking hospitality from his court as a whole. It hadn't truly set in his mind until she'd gotten that irksome look on her face at being interrupted that Maphesa had come today for him and nothing more. The thought admittedly was one that brought a bit of warmth to his gut, at the very least.

"I actually constructed this place myself in the span of a night." Nairth took the rare opportunity to boast to her as they ascended, smiling fondly at the memory of the bright faces as they'd entered those massive doors for the first time. "I used my power to shape the nature around me into this grand castle, atop the Grove I called home before my coronation. Beneath this castle lies a lake, brimming with ley energy. That water is channeled through the walls of this castle, and out into the city. This entire place is full of life."

It seemed some time before they finally reached the tower atop Grovehaven's centerpiece, but before long they stood within Nairth's own chambers. Another throne sat before a wide balcony that overlooked much of the Spring lands. Long tables lined the wall, with personal effects such as books, keepsakes, and various other baubles and bijou placed neatly atop them. Silken curtains surrounded one corner of the large chamber, a bubbling pool with water from the ley-lake beneath the castle warmed and ready for bathing, and a sizable bed laden with emerald dressing not far.

"Make yourself comfortable." Nairth gestured to one of the cushy-looking lounge chairs that sat across from a mural painted on the wall in black, contrasting against the polished stone. It was a massive tree, foreign words written on every branch, which branched even further as the mural wrapped around the room completely. "I apologize if I seemed at all cold to you. As I said before, there is a parasite preying upon us as of late, and I won't have you put at risk..."

He almost said it as though it were his choice, but he knew better.

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In short order, Nairth had bid the pixie silent silent before she could even speak. Maphesa’s smile widened slightly in transformation from formal to genuine. It widened even more at Nairth’s notion of swatting the thing away, which he made once she was well out of earshot. It was a temptation she had to resist when in another’s court – she might be so brash with those lesser fae in the Dawn Court, but venturing out required substantially more decorum. The suggestion Nairth followed with was rather appealing, and the look Maphesa wore was her wordless response.

"I used my power to shape the nature around me into this grand castle, atop the Grove I called home before my coronation. Beneath this castle lies a lake, brimming with ley energy. That water is channeled through the walls of this castle, and out into the city. This entire place is full of life." Spoke Nairth.

She followed him up the flight of stairs, hearing the response to a comment she'd formerly made. Rather than have the palace built by commissioned stone-shapers, he had done all the work himself. She'd normally have associated such a thing with destitute or wyld fae – a task she considered to be typically undertaken out of impoverished poverty. Maphesa hadn't expected the splendour of the halls she roamed to have been crafted personally by the king himself. Purportedly all within a day, no less. Why, it was a testament both to his talent, and to the inferiority of the lesser fae.

“It is, and ever much so. The secenery was lovely on the way over, and the decor within is far more splendid. Quite the feat, to accomplish all this in a day's time.” She responded, an arm extended outward in reference to the palace interiors. His boasting told Maphesa clear where his ego lay, and now that she knew she made sure to give it an according stroke as they continued to trek up the winding stairway.

Before too much longer, the two had arrived at his chambers. Having never seen within before, Maphesa had wondered what it might look like, and she received an answer to this too when they continued within. The halls outside were designed for guests, but this but of architecture was designed for himself. Bookshelves and curiosities lined the walls, which were rather far apart in such a spacious room, holding plenty of furniture and ameneties within. Maphesa briefly left his side to glance at it all.

“Oh? Well I could tell you had quite a bit on your mind.” Maphesa readily admitted, though the reassuance still pleased her. She wandered over to the lounge chair Nairth gestured to, pausing as she stood beside it.

“And I've no doubt you'd see me safe. I see no reason to fear, nor ought your subjects under your care.” She affirmed, devoid of all understanding of the threat that plagued them. Hers was a life carefree, where problems such as this were never a cause for her concern. Naith however was a king, and with the crown comes the responsibility of leadership. Maphesa duly knew this – she simply couldn't empathise with it.

Such issues were meddlesome to her only because they interfered with her plans for the day. But despite the stated complications, she was still here with Nairth in his bedchambers. As ever, Maphesa had what she'd sought after.

Nairth San'Seya
The King was not a fool. Nairth knew well that Maphesa's concern for his court, land, and people was middling at best. That she entertained such topics was only as a pleasantry and show of respect to him, the only Fae in this forest that the former Magnate truly cared for. Both of them knew why she'd come, where her desires lay. Of course, his own did not stray far.

Try as she might to pull away at the vines of responsibility that ensnared the Duanann she'd shared a night of total freedom with only some months ago, it was impossible to completely dispel that storm of uncertainty that swirled behind his golden gaze. With her words alone, she would not find that careless Fae who'd so boldly swept her away from Athbhliain.

Even so, San'Seya would not shy away from her. Her aloof attitude towards the perils and woes of spring was the same that brought him solace amongst the turmoil. In Maphesa was a woman who could offer him comfort without constant reminder of the looming darkness, who could warm him without talk of doom and conflict. She was a gateway to his careless past, and he unashamedly reveled in her unaffected presence.

"Of course, you can handle yourself well enough..." Nairth mused as he slid across the room to approach, the worry on his face combated with a coy smile that tore the conflict on his features asunder. "...Which is why I suppose I should be thankful nobody got in your way getting in. Next time I'll throw a ladder down for you to climb so you don't have to be greeted by every Fae in the castle, perhaps?" He teased, reaching out to slide his fingertips along Maphesa's jawline.

"In a way that only you could manage, you've entered the Castle and whisked me away to privacy in a matter of moments. It's a rare feat, but I expect no less from you. The question I have now, is..." Nairth leaned in, pressing his lip softly to the tip of her pointed ear with a knowing smirk upon the corners of his mouth. "Is this where your motives end? Or is there something specific you sought from me today?"

Were it not for the fact that she was so presently interested in Nairth, she'd not have even the slightest interest in it. Such an attitude was far and distant from truly caring, and the state of his realm hardly the cause for concern. Everything would likely be sorted out anyway, she rationalized. Even if they wouldn't it wasn't her court.

Just as the Summer court, the people, their prosperity and the balance of this realm were all concepts considered completely disposable by Maphesa. Were it not for the fact that they held something she presently wanted, and if it were to be destroyed she'd simply seek out a new interest. Attachment was utterly beyond her.

And yet, so too did she understand formality and manners, having exploited both to obtain what she'd abandoned in her former court. A display of both was require for an extended welcome, and that was required for another romp with the realm's handsome king.

“Why, a shortcut to your bedchambers?” Maphesa replied with a grin that grew wider as he drew his fingers across her chin. “You truly are a guardian of the realm, protecting your subjects from me. She added teasingly. Not that she minded the observation, nor could she deny it's accuracy. But by his words, she was exceeding his expectations. Which implied that she was more patience than she actually needed to. Well, if other fae took issue with the way she dealt with them, that was their problem.

"Is this where your motives end? Or is there something specific you sought from me today?" Nairth asked.

His question made her pause. Not because she actually needed anything specific, but she mulled over whether there was something else she desired from him. Now was clearly the time to ask. But, Maphesa had nothing, and hadn't much in mind beyond a tryst with him. She had no political ambition, now that she'd seen the dull reward that success in the endeavour yielded. There was plenty of material gifts that she wanted, but she expected she'd receive those anyway, and it was much less fun to make specific demands.

After a cursory moment of thought to ensure she didn't have a single request to make, Maphesa simply smiled and drew closer to Nairth, her nose inches from his.

“You know my motives wander where they will. You're the specific something I seek today.” She replied, moving a hand onto his shoulder with a widened grin.

Nairth San'Seya
A grin of amusement settles on his lips at Maphesa's words. Their relationship was not a complicated one. Maphesa was not of his world, not of his beliefs or tenets. She would never be one of the Spring; contrary, Nairth would never depart it. "When the day comes you finally lose your patience with my people, we may very well find ourselves standing on opposite sides." He mused quietly as she slid a hand to his shoulder, drawing him in to stand with his body flush against her own.

Maphesa followed her own wants and needs. There would come a time when such desires no longer involved him, or were to his detriment. It was simply life's way, the bends in a neverending path. Their kind lived such long lives, after all. "Until that day comes, I am content to give you what you want, and I will revel in that piece of myself that you've taken with you." Those words were barely whispered against her lips as they pressed to her own, the hand on her jaw sliding to cup her cheek softly.

That this bond between them was not one that was likely to go beyond where it currently sat put San'Seya at ease, strangely, Maphesa had no desire to join him, to be at his side as a ruler and live within his home. All that she wished was to warm his bed, to bask in the simplest of pleasures that a man and a woman could share. To a Duanann who so constantly lost those whom his heart yearned for, a lover that he could keep separate from the madness that his life had become was a boon.

Their lips parted, and The King's hands roamed, meeting at her shoulders where they found the fabric of what she wore. More words, as soft as silk, fell from his tongue.

"My Kingdom can survive one day without me. Yet I find myself wondering if I will survive another moment without your warmth."

Nairth allowed his hands to tug at the garments concealing her from them, exposing her smooth skin to his golden gaze as he stepped forward to push them both back toward his bed. Again his lips found hers, and then they roamed to her jaw, her neck and collar came soon after. Every curve and dip of her body met his touch as they fell upon his mattress.

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In the Dawn court, the lesser fae didn't trifle her. They had all learned to stay far away from Maphesa.

Unwavering loyalty to one's subjects was a concept she had hardly considered until now. She didn't care for it, but she cared even less to protest. She knew it would do no good - Nairth was bound to side with his subjects. He was their king after all.

That he was the regent had been an enticing quality of Nairth’s. The position carried prestige with it, and the rank supreme above all others was titillating. She had arrived expecting the welcome of an honoured guest, and he had not disappointed her in the slightest – a feat more challenging than she'd ever admit. Though she was also aware of the burden of responsibility such a title and position held, she hadn't thought about it much. Such inconveniences were simply no fun to fuss over.

"When the day comes you finally lose your patience with my people, we may very well find ourselves standing on opposite sides."

If it came to that, he'd have to choose between her or the crown. And he'd not choose her without further convincing, by his own admission. And for what? Even if he chose her, he'd no longer be king. It would be tragic to have put in all that work for absolutely nothing.

“And that would be quite a shame...” Maphesa smirked playfully. She didn't intend to stir them into such a conflict, no, but neither did she intend to restrain her behavior beyond what she considered appropriate. And that was a low bar to meet. Perhaps relations between her and the Spring Court would degrade to such a degree.

If so, that was both a future problem and a Spring Court problem. And Nairth agreed that it was the former:

"My Kingdom can survive one day without me. Yet I find myself wondering if I will survive another moment without your warmth." He spoke, his tone sweet and telling of his desire, as did his hands. Maphesa slipped a hand to his shoulder as his hands moved about to disrobe her and pull her dark dress off the alabaster skin beneath. Once free, she pressed ever closer into the kiss before they descended upon his bed as an intertwined pair of bodies moving to the slow and sensual rhythim of their shared desire.

Maphesa had attained exactly what she'd sought.

Nairth San'Seya