Private Tales Sins of the Father, Part II: Patricide

A private roleplay only for those invited by the first writer


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"I'll make sure his presence is noted in Vel Estren when we arrive," Ralene said as she mounted up. Estren was a city south of their current location and just a half day ride west of the Academy. The proximity was convenient and the alibi was solid. Mars had given her several days to do the mission, so the timing was right.

She reined her horse around to give Alistair a glance, "We should keep off the main roads for now. There's a hunter's trail we can take to the other side of Bristwood Forest."
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"Wonderful." There was no enthusiasm to the word.

Liliana didn't give much of a fuck whatever these two would be getting up to. As long as they were both seen and word of Alistair not being here spread it didn't much matter to her. "I will be traveling to the city."

She stated plainly, gently drawing on her reigns.

"Cousin Elise must be informed, and by the time you return..." Slowly she trailed off, a smile flickering on her lips. "Well, everything will be as she guaranteed."

That much, she was sure of. Elise did not commit to anything without ensuring it would go right. Liliana knew that better than most. "Do try to survive whatever it is you're doing. I would hate for my efforts to go to waste."

Liliana said, bidding her goodbyes as she lead her horse down a fork in the road.
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Alistair mounted his own horse and once again called out to Liliana one last time. "Thank you for your help, Liliana."

He felt like he should say more to her. He was confident in her and her cousin's ability to handle this situation. They were doing all of this to help him and could only just say thank you, but at the same time, saying anything else felt like it would just come out shallow.

Hopefully, Liliana just knew that she had an ally if she ever needed any help. He was sure that she or Elise would call on that favor one of these days, but that was likely some time from now.

Alistair turned back to Ralene and forced a smile on his face.

"Alright, next stop, Vel Estren. Lead the way."

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